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Saturday, 31 July 2021

Noon Anchor 12/20

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Noon Anchor 12/20
Noon Anchor 12/20
Noon Anchor 12/20

Again today at noon on cb?44!

An overnight chase and standoff leads to the arrest of two people in evansville?

The newest developments we're learning?


Lawmakers aren't budging on their stance for a pending senate trial?

We'll show you the potential hold up and what's next in the impeachment progress.

Good afternoon.... welcome to 44news at noon.


Erran huber?

Two people are in the vanderburgh county jail after a chase leads to a standoff in evansville?

Officers arrested jeffery currie and portia walker in connection to that incident.

Police attempted to stop currie for a traffic violation but he sped off?

Running inside a fountain avenue home.

Swat units were called in?

To force the wanted felon from the home.

"we identified the subject to be jeffrey currie who had a felony warrant for his arrest we had to call swat out to execute that search warrant and after trying to talk mr. currie out of the house we had to deploy other tactics to get him out of the house."

Officers shot tear gas into the house.

Neighbors say they could see currie hanging out of the windo?

Gasping for air.

An ambulance was on stand by to help currie*before police took him to the vanderburgh county detention center.

He's facing a series of charges including resisting arrest.

Walker was taken into custod?

Accused of assisting a criminal.

An oaktown woman has died?

Following a crash thursday afternoon in knox county.... around 12:30 police say?


Year old karen burr was driving southbound on ?s 41?

When she crashed into the back of a semi.... the truck was having mechanical issues?

And the driver had slowed before the crash.... burr was pronounced dead at the scene.... the semi driver was not injured.... a ?poin?5 million dollar bond is lowered to 7?

Thousand dollars?

For a teen charged in a double murder over the summer in owensboro.

Authorities say chase simmons opened fire at a house party in whitesville back in jun?

Killing amarius winstead and jasper brown.

The bond being dropped by such a large margi?

Did not sit well with the victim's families.

Simmons was 17 at the time of the inciden?

But he will be tried as an adult.

An evansville woman pleads guilty to murder?

After her victims body was found near ellis park in june.... landfair was charged with murder?

In connection to the death of kimra milller.... police believe?

Three women including landfair?

Dumped millers body after the murder took place?

At a home on south garvin street in late may.... the other two women are still facing charges related to the case.... landfair will be sentenced to 45 years in january.... crews respond to a fire at the toyota plant in gibson county..... according to the princeton firefighters union it started in the ceiling of one of the welding shops?

When insulation caught fire.... the plant has their own firefighters on staff?

Which princeton fire assisted.... the two teams used saws and thermal imaging to remove several portions of the roof to put out hot spots.... developing in washington?

Senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says democrats and republicans are at an "impasse" over how an impeachment trial should run in the senate.

Skyler henry has details from capitol hill.

(track 1)a stalemate is brewing over what an impeachment trial in the senate would look like.senate minority leader chuck schumer had his first meeting yesterday with majority leader mitch mcconnell to discuss the trial.

(sot: sen.

Chuck schumer/(?ny) minority leader/ credit: msnbc) (21:32:14)"i told leader mcconnell that we would not support any trial without witnesses or documents."

(track 2) (gfx)democrats want to hear from key witnesses such as acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney and former national security adviser john bolton who did not testify before the house.but republicans are pushing back.

(sot: sen.

Lindsey graham/ (r) south carolina) (18:20:55:07)"for the good of the country i want to get this over with.

We'll allow the house to make their case.""calling the chief of staff, the national security adviser, i think is just way out of bounds here."

(standup: skyler henry/cbs news/ capitol hill)house speaker nancy pelosi says she's going to hold off on sending the articles of impeachment to the senate until some parameters for a senate trial are laid out .(sot: rep.

Nancy pelosi/(?ca) speaker of the house)"when we see the process that is set forth in the senate.

Then we'll know the number of managers, that we may have to go forward and who to choose."

(sot: sen.

Mitch mcconnell/(?ky) senate majority leader)"house democrats may be too afraid?

Too afraid to even transmit their shoddy work product to the senate."

(track 3)first daughter?

And senior advisor to the president?

Ivanka trump tells face the nation this process has focused the president and his base.

(sot: ivanka trump/sr. advisor to the president/ credit: "face the nation")"he's energized, as are the 63 million plus voters who elected him to office."

(track 4)(gfx)but evangelical christians...w ho overwhelming ly support the e waking up to an editorial in christianity today magazine calling for the president's removal from office saying: "none of the president's positives can balance the moral and political danger we face under a leader of such grossly immoral character."sk yler henry, cbs news, capitol hill.

President trump fired back on twitter calling christianity today a "far left" magazine and claimed he has done more for evangelical christians than any other president.

A man accused of abusing calves on a farm in nort?

Western indiana has been sentenced to a year of probation.

Edgar gardoz?

Vasquez and two other employees were charged with a misdemeanor for animal cruelty after video surfaced of workers abusing young calves at fair oaks farms. gardoz?

Vasquez was charged with a felony count of torturing or mutilating an animal?

But that charged was dropped.

Authorities say?

There are still felony warrants out for two other employees.

A bill that will benefit many of the nation's coal miners is headed to the president's desk.

The american miners act of 2019 protects the 1?74 miner pension plan?

Which was close to bankruptcy.

The bill will also help miners whose health care benefits have been impacted by mine closures.

The american miners act is a bipartisan effort introduced by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell.

The evansville vanderburgh school the evansville vanderburgh the evansville vanderburgh school corporation is trying to close the opportunity and achievement gap at their high schools.

The ???c is partnering with equal opportunity schools to include more students in rigorous courses?

Becoming the first school system in the state to partner with ??s this means more high schools students are already getting college credit.

???c leaders say they are looking forward to the four year partnership?

Which will give them tools to identify students who could thrive in advanced classes.

"this is going to be one of those things that we'll look back 5, 10, 15 years from now and say "this made a difference?

This made a difference in the lives of individual kids", and when we're a community made up of individual kids, our community thrives when our kids thrive" all of ???c high schools have been selected for the 2?19 2?20 school year.

By fall of 2?20 underreprese nted students will be included in ?p and dual credit classes.

It's the end of a long chapter and the start of something new for one indiana community.

Demolition crews worked tirelessly to bring down station one of the ohio township fire department?

Clearing the rubble and most of the old structure to make way for a new building.

The fire department has essentially outgrown itself.

The old fire house's bays were not big enough for modern fire engines.


The department is not only preparing for current requirements?

But also future ones.

"we're actually working with warrick county ems, and they're going to be moving an ambulance to this location that will be staffed 24/7, 365.

That will provide greater response coverage for the county ambulance in ohio township, where we have the greatest number of ems calls occurring in the county."

Six months from now?

First responders plan to hold a hos?cutting ceremony to commemorate their new space.

We are now right in the middle of the busiest travel period of the year.... tripl?a says a record 11?

Million people are set to hit the road?

Or take to the skies this holiday season.... in evansville?

The airport recently underwent major terminal upgrades?

And travelers say?

The airport is much easier to navigate now?

Compared to many others around the country.... "im late for everything, i love this little airport, its easy to get in and out, i was late to my flight, my delta agent hooked me up so i am going to make my flight home to the warm weather to see my family, then we are off to florida after that" tsa recommends?

Travelers arrive at the airport 9?

Minutes before your flight?

No matter the size of the airport.... coming up?

We have the perfect holiday gift for someone looking for a little baby kitten?

It's furry friend friday next at noon?

Favorite day of the week here on the noon show?

Furry friend friday!

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(guest responds:) 3.

We will have an extra special surprise next week?

A new litter of puppies will be available.

(guest responds:) thanks so much for coming in.

We'll have all this info on our website.

Right now we're gonna send things over to noah?

2019 gave us a record breaking box office along with a few celebrity scandals.

Chris martinez takes a look at some of the top entertainment stories of the year.

2019 saw celebrites entangled in a nationwide college admissions scandal.

Actresses lori laughlin and felicity huffman were among dozens of parents charged with committing bribery and fraud to get their kids admitted to top universities.

Huffman plead guilty and spent nearly 2 weeks in prison.


Robert 'r' kelly spent much of the year in court?

After a lifetime documentary called 'surviving r.

Kelly' led to a number of charges of criminal sexual abuse against the singer.

And 'empire' star jussie smollett was charged with filing a false police report, after investigators said he lied about a hate crime assault.

The charges were later dismissed.

// nats&i an urban legend&.

Fans mourned the loss of several celebrities in 2?19, including rapper nipsey hussle, who was murdered outside a clothing shop he owned in los angeles.

90210 star luke perry passed away after suffering a stroke.

And trailblazing actress diahann carroll succumbed to complications from breast cancer at age 84.

// on tv?

Fans cheered as james holzhauer won over 2 million dollars in an epic 3?game winning streak on jeapordy.

The nation also learned the show's beloved host alex trebek was diagnosed with stag?4 pancreatic cancer.

// at the box office?

Several films shattered records.

Nats& musicmarvel studio's 'avengers: endgame' dethroned avatar to become the highest grossing film of all time.

Nats?we do this together, ok?

Audiences warmly welcomed disney's 'frozen 2'?

Giving it the biggest opening of all time for an animated film.

And controversy over its violent content didn't stop movie goers from making 'joker' the highest grossing ?

Rated movie ever.

// at the oscars... nats?i good?

'green book' took home best picture.

Kacey musgraves' 'golden hour' took home the grammy for album of the year... while apple music named billie eilish 2019's global artist of the year.

And 'game of thrones'?

Which wrappend up its final season?

Took home the emmy for outstanding drama series.

That's your year in entertainmen t, chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles.

Lori laughlin is due back in court in january.

She and her husband, are headed to trial for their alleged role in the college admissions scandal.

They have pleaded?not guilty?

Facebook users fall victim to another data breach...and a new year, new you excuse for another gym selfie... your consumer news is next at noon ?

Another security breach at facebook.

A cybe?

Security firm says 267 million facebook users' personal information has been exposed online.

The firm says it found user ?ds, names and phone numbers on an unsecured data base on the dark web.

Most of the users were americans.

Facebook says it's looking into the issue.

A gift at the pump this holiday season.

Tripl?a says gas prices will fall for the rest of the year, landing at a national average between 2.40 and 2.45 a gallon by the end of the month.

Gas prices in the west could see the the biggest drop, around a quarter.

Pump prices in the south could decrease 1?

Cents...and about a dime in the midwest.

And if you are a master of the gym selfie, there's a contest for you.

"muscle milk" will give tw?


Twenty self proclaimed gym rats 5?

Bucks each in the new year, for their skills.

To enter, post an endorphi?

Fueled photo on instagram or twitter using the hashtag 'muscl?mil?


Contestants must also tag and follow muscle milk.

The competition kicks off january first.

Here is a live look at downtown evansville?

Thanks for joining us... all your news and weather updates continue


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