Is Pres. Trump Winning Impeachment?
Is Pres. Trump Winning Impeachment?

A few weeks ago President Donald Trump was impeached.

However, since then, little has happened.

The government has gone on break for Christmas and New Years.

Trump is assured an acquittal in the Senate.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is delaying the delivery of the impeachment to the Senate, for fear Republicans will acquit.

Some media analysts say President Trump may win the impeachment battle, even though he was impeached.

The Washington Examiner says that since impeachment Trump has had several policy victories.

Democrats handed Trump two wins: they negotiated an updated NAFTA treaty and they compromised on a spending bill.

The $1.4 trillion bill funds critical aspects of Trump’s immigration agenda and delivers on his vision for the Space Force.

On top of that, polls show that voters in swing districts are tired, annoyed, and confused about impeachment.