The Killers tease new tracklist for new album
The Killers tease new tracklist for new album

The Killers have teased a new tracklist for their upcoming album 'Imploding the Mirage'.

The rock band announced in October they will be releasing a new album, when they first teased fans with a list of potential track names.

A photo was shared on Instagram at the time showing names such as 'Blowback', 'Party People', 'When Dreams Run Dry', 'Dying Breed', 'Caution', and 'Man + Woman', which sparked rumours they would be on the finished record as they were all accompanied by large ticks.

Now, the 'Mr. Brightside' rockers have shared an update on the mysterious list on Twitter.

The new post shows a division between 'A LIST', 'B LIST' and 'C LIST', though only 'Man and Woman Enough' shows in the B list, while no text is visible under the C list.

Under the A list, previously announced tracks including 'Blowback', 'Caution', and 'Dying Breed' are visible, alongside new names such as 'My God', and 'Fire in Bone'.

Following their 2017 album 'Wonderful Wonderful', their sixth studio LP will be released in Spring 2020, along with a huge stadium tour for next summer, which will mark their biggest ever concerts in the UK and Ireland.