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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Kim Jong Un to unveil new strategic weapon: KCNA

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Kim Jong Un to unveil new strategic weapon: KCNA
Kim Jong Un to unveil new strategic weapon: KCNA

North Korean state media KCNA said that leader Kim Jong Un is planning to reveal a new strategic weapon in the new year, following stalled talks with Washington over concessions in denuclearisation talks.

Jayson Albano reports.

Kim Jong Un is planning to introduce a new strategic weapon in the near future.

That's according to North Korean state media, who said that Kim is planning to further develop its nuclear weapons.

And comes as denuclearisation talks between the U.S. and North Korea reached a standstill.

This week, Kim presided over a four-day meeting with top officials.

That comes amid rising tensions with the U.S. Washington has not responded to calls for concessions in order to reopen negotiations.

During the meeting - Kim accused the US of making quote - 'gangster like demands' and maintaining a 'hostile policy'.

He was referring to the continued joint military drills between the U.S. and South Korea - as well as imposing sanctions.

According to state media - Kim said there were no grounds for North Korea to put off testing its nuclear weapons... any longer.

However - Kim said the scope and depth of its nuclear weapons testing… would depend on Washington's attitude.

He also signaled that dialog with the U.S. … was still possible.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said it would be quote 'deeply disappointing' - if Kim backed out of his commitment to denuclearize.

But on Tuesday - U.S. President Donald Trump said he had a good relationship with Kim - and thought that the North Korean leader would keep his word.

(SOUNDBITE) (English) U.S. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, SAYING: "He did sign an agreement talking about denuclearization.

And that was signed.

Number one sentence, denuclearization.

That was done in Singapore.

And I think he's a man of his word.

So we're going to find out.

But I think he's a man of his word." Nuclear talks have made little progress - despite three meetings between Kim and Trump since 2018.

In recent months - North Korea conducted a series of weapons tests and engaged Trump in verbal warfare.

Kim said that there would quote 'never be denuclearization on the Korean peninsula'… if Washington continued to adhere to its policies.


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