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Monday, 25 January 2021

Google calls on European court to dismiss antitrust fine

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Google calls on European court to dismiss antitrust fine
Google calls on European court to dismiss antitrust fine

Google on Friday called on Europe's second-top court to throw out what it called an eye-catching 2.4 billion euros ($2.6 billion) EU antitrust fine, saying there was no factual or legal basis to the inflated amount.

Emer McCarthy reports.

Google and the European Union have wrapped three days of court appeals as the tech giant attempts to overturn $2.6 billion in fines from alleged antitrust breaches.

Google has called for Europe's second highest court to throw out it out.

A lawyer for the company said the amount may be "an eye-catching amount, it might attract headlines, but it is not justified by the actual facts of this case." The Alphabet unit also argued that additional amounts tacked on to the fine imposed by the European Commission in 2017 in an effort to deter anti-competitive behavior were excessive and unwarranted.

They believe existing case law shows that Google's behavior was not anti-competitive while its market shares -- and the 13 countries where the infringement was committed did not justify the size the penalty.

A ruling is expected next year and can be appealed to Europe's highest court-- the Court of Justice.


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