The new Citroën C3 ADAS systems
The new Citroën C3 ADAS systems

New C3 also promotes an easier on-board experience.

Guided by the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, the design of New C3 highlights the ergonomics of the controls, showcasing the cars driving information and intuitive technologies.

Inspired by its customers and their way of experiencing their car, New C3 makes life easier every day thanks to its range of comfort and safety equipment.

New C3 offers no fewer than 11 driver assistance technologies that are practical for a hassle-free driving experience: NEW - FRONT PARKING ASSIST: designed for easier urban driving, this system includes six front park assist sensors that are triggered in the form of an audible warning.

ACTIVE SAFETY BRAKE: this emergency braking system limits the risk of collision.

It operates from 3mph with fixed or moving objects and with pedestrians.

If there is no driver reaction after the collision risk warning, the system automatically slows the vehicle.

COFFEE BREAK ALERT: the system warns the driver when it is time to take a break, after two hours of non-stop driving at more than 40 mph.

DRIVER ATTENTION ALERT: this system assesses the driver's vigilance by identifying the trajectory deviations in relation to the road markings.

This function is particularly suited to fast roads at speeds above 40 mph.

INTELLIGENT BEAM HEADLIGHTS: this function switches between the main beam and dipped beam lights, depending on the traffic, when a car is detected.

REVERSING CAMERA with parking sensors: when reverse gear is engaged, this camera displays the rear view on the main screen.

The view is accompanied by coloured markings, which vary depending on the proximity to an obstacle.

A real expanded view to make manoeuvring easier.

HILL-START ASSIST:this assistance facilitates hill starts.

This prevents the undesired movement of the vehicle on a slope when the brake pedal is released and acts on slopes greater than 3% by stabilising the car for two seconds.

LANE DEPARTURE WARNING: this system is used to combat drowsiness or a simple moment of inattention when driving at speeds above 37mph.

When the car crosses a white line without the indicator having been activated, the system computer triggers an alert.

The driver is then alerted by sound beeps and a visual alert when the line is crossed.

BLIND SPOT MONITORING SYSTEM: this system indicates, via a pictogram in the wing mirrors, the presence of a vehicle in one of the blind spots.

Working on the same principle as rear parking sensors, this function represents a major safety benefit, especially on routes like urban motorways.

SPEED LIMIT SIGN RECOGNITION AND RECOMMENDATION: the system recognises speed limit signs and gives this information to the driver.

This speed can be recorded as a setpoint for the cruise control/speed limiter.

It operates over the whole speed range.

The system also detects end-of-limit signs.

CRUISE CONTROL / SPEED LIMITER: the speed can be used to set the speed limiter/cruise control.