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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Donation to get K9 officer a new bullet proof vest

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Donation to get K9 officer a new bullet proof vest
Donation to get K9 officer a new bullet proof vest

The donation was inspired by Officer Arik Matson, the Waseca police officer injured in the line of duty.

The story of arik matson continues to touch lives across our area.

He's the waseca police officer and freeborn county native shot and badly injured in the line of duty last month.

His story is the inspiration behind a donation being made to the austin police department - that will be used to keep one of their officers safe.

Kimt news three's maleeha kamal matson bullet proof-llpkg-1 matson bullet proof-llpkg-3 look live: meet rudy he is the k9 here austin police department and he plays a huge role.

If you look at his vest it's 15 pounds and it's at it's expiration date.

So if he was injured in the line of duty it might not be as effective in protecting him.

Matson bullet proof-llpkg-5 a donation of nine-hundred dollars is being made to help get rudy a new bulletproof vest.

The one he's currently using was made for a different canine - and just doesn't fit him as well as it should.

And rudy has one of the most important jobs on the squad.

He;s used as a front line defense keeping officers safe.

He also sniffs for narcotics and hunts for suspects.

That's why jenn jenkins with total fitness gym is making this donation.

Matson bullet proof-llpkg-6 " we saw a need here especially with the police officer that got shot in waseca it kind of brought awareness and we started looking at what we could do in our community matson bullet proof-llpkg-4 look live: his new vest will be roughly 8 pounds and customized just for rudy.

In austin maleeha kamal kimt news three.

/ the vest will be customized just for rudy.

That can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to even months - so rudy will get it as soon as it's done.

And of course - that donation was inspired by officer arik matson's story.

Today - we're hearing from his wife for the first time.

We'll have that story coming up a little bit later in this newscast.

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