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Monday, 27 September 2021

Coronavirus impacting worship

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Coronavirus impacting worship
Coronavirus impacting worship
Churches are asking parishioners to make changes to their typical routine

Coronavirus there is now a confirmed case of coronavirus in the state of minnesota... here's what we know about the patient..

According to minnesota's department of health á it's an older resident from ramsey county... that's north of the twin cities.

The person traveled on a cruise ship that had a known covidá19 case.... they started to develop symptoms on february 25th.

They are now in isolation at home and recovering.

Just hours after the case was announced á governor tim walz and the department of health addressed the this is cause for concern, but not panic.

Certainly not unexpected.

The likelihood that we would see one or more cases certainly has been going up steadily in recent days as we have seen the increases in number of cases in other states as well as around the globe.

The impact of coronavirus is being felt all over the world á including our own communities.

In particular á people in churches might notice some changes in how they worship this weekend.

Kimt news 3's isabella basco joins us live with a big announcement from the diocese of winonaá rochester.


Live george... pax christi is part of the diocese of winonaá rochester.

And just a few days ago... the diocese announced parishioners should stop shaking and holding hands during mass.

Churches also won't distribute the precious blood á or wine á in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

And i'm hearing what catholics have to say.

Xxx <nats > it's lent, the perfect time for a midwest friday fish fry.

This gathering is a tangible example of faith bonding a community.

But, as coronavirus spreadsááá the physical nature of faith is changing.

Parishoners including marjorie are no longer holding hands, hugging and kissing cheeks.

"it's such a part of our worship service to be connected to the other people, strangers or old friends."

"when we do have that part of the mass, liturgy, we do still turn to one another, wave or somehow make a gesture, sometimes it's a "namaste" greeting."

Assisi heights suspended the use of the blood of christ at the end of december since the sisters can be susceptible to illness.

"we just didn't want to take any chances.

We usually do this in the wintertime for influenza or spreading of colds here at assisi heights."

Sister mary eliot crowley says faith goes beyond tradition.

"our faith has to go deeper than the consecrated bread or the consecrated cup."

"there are other ways you can participate in that, it's just different."

Sister mary eliot views faith as a deeply personal matter... going well beyond how mass is conducted.

"there are ways in which the church reaches out to the faithful and invites them into a faith that is the diocese wants to remind parishioners to use good hygeine by washing their hands before mass and using hand sanitizer.

Live in rochester ib kimt news 3.

Thanks isabella.

At this time... the bishop of the diocese says he will continue to hold mass but reminds parishioners that illness is a legitimate reason to miss service.

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