Pro Golfer Brooks Koepka Breaks Down Golf Scenes from Movies

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Pro Golfer Brooks Koepka Breaks Down Golf Scenes from Movies

Pro Golfer Brooks Koepka Breaks Down Golf Scenes from Movies

Professional golfer Brooks Koepka breaks down golf scenes from movies, including 'Happy Gilmore,' 'I Love You, Man' and more THE PLAYERS Championship tees up this week, March 12 – 15, at the iconic TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

To watch Brooks Koepka and all of the top PGA TOUR athletes in THE PLAYERS field battle it out for the largest purse in all of golf be sure to tune-in to Golf Channel / NBC.

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- What's up GQ Sports?It's Brooks Koepka andthis is The Breakdown.[upbeat music]My favorite golf movie's "Happy Gilmore."Man, it's a fun movie.Everybody gets a good laugh out of it.Obviously, "Happy Gilmore's"a little bit different,but it can be fun.You can laugh at it sometimes,and sometimes it reallyjust doesn't look realistic,and it's kinda fun forgolfers, I guess, to laugh at.First up, my favorite golffilm, "Happy Gilmore."[air whooshing]- Maybe there's a way to enjoyyour grandma's possessionsfor another half hour.[golf club thwacking]- Oh my God, you got ahold of that one!- I'd like to see you try it.- The mover guy?That looked realistic forwhat you'd think he'd do.That looks like a wooden shaft.That looks like it's,well it's supposed tobe his grandma's clubs,so I guess it fits in with the storyline.Totally realistic,definitely gonna go throughall those trees, everything.Still going.[glass crashing]Because of this movie,I think every kid hasdefinitely done this.Hit it and they practiceit for a long time,but there's no way he's that consistentthat he can keep hitting it in that house.I can promise you that.I couldn't even do that with a wedge.And then Adam Sandler,obviously in this one,it's always fun just to kinda goof aroundand then to make it kinda realistic is,hey everybody did it.Everybody my age did it.I'm sure everybody, everyadult's definitely tried itat one point if they played.You ain't gonna hit the ball.

[laughs]I can promise you if Idid that for everything,I wouldn't hit the balland I would have no ideawhere it's gonna go.So, obviously you liketo keep your feet plantedand keep it as easy as possible'cause the game's hard enough.Next up, "I Love You Man."[upbeat guitar music]- [Man] I never have abeer until the ninth hole.- [Woman] Maybe we can change that rule.- Keep your head down, fluid.- I have recognizedgolf courses in the pastand it's quite fun tolook back and be like,"Man, I've been there, it's cool."There's one at Chateau Elan,or what was it, Druid Hills,where there's a golf cartscene where they crash it.I forget what movie, butI remember seeing it.I was like, "Oh man, I've been there."I've played there, that was pretty cool."- Fluid.- [Woman] Okay.- [Man] Great c'mon, you got it.- That's exactly wherethat ball went.

[laughs]- Ow!- [Woman] Oh, I'm sorry.- [Man] Ow!- I'm sorry.- I think everybody has had that happen,at least been hit by a golf ball once.If you play long enough,you'll get hit by oneand it hurts like hell, man.Oh especially if you gethit on that ankle bonethat pops out.It's bad, it's bad.For her skill level, yeahit's pretty realistic.I mean, you get a lotta amsand you don't wanna go infront of them sometimes'cause you never knowwhere that ball's gonna go.Sometimes, even if you knowthe pro shanks it a little bit,you're still kinda weary aboutgetting in front of them,and is it gonna come at this time or not.So, man, I try never tostand in front of anybody.That's actually normalfor where he was standing.I mean, she just straightup shanked it, so.Yeah, he's standing in a fine spot.It's just unfortunate shehad to hit the hozzle.Honestly man, you get hit inthe right spot in the leg,we've all been there.It hurts like hell.But I'll tell you what, that shot before,it had no chance of beingthat close to the hole.So yeah, they faked it.Faked it 'til you make it, man.I mean, for somebody thatprobably never plays golfin their life, I mean, it wasn't bad.She's got a decent swing,but there's no way that ballflew more than 40 or 50 yards,and to go up there right next to the pin.I wouldn't even put it thatclose to the pin from thereso I know she didn't.- Get the ladies moving.Listen, just give me a second.- Rate of play, rate of play,rate of play, rate of play, rate of play.- Hailey, you know what,why don't we just pick it upand move down the fairway?- He's right.I mean, in fairness, golftakes a little longerthan it should and people are slow,and you just hurry up.But at the same time, [laughs]you paid, so get your money's worth, man.- Protocol, the Marshalls comeby and there is some time.- I'm done, this sucks.- Yeah, if you're on a public golf course,yeah you'll get some Marshallsthat'll roll up on youand tell you you're holdingup the groups behind youand you need to pick it up or skip a hole,or whatever it might be.You'll get some Marshallsto tell you what's going on.Usually more though, public golf course.I've done it before, whereyou got a couple peoplethat have never really played.You usually just letthem cruise by or pick upand try to maneuver your way aroundso you're not holding anybody up.- [Producer] Can you only play with peoplewho are at a high level?- No, I don't care.It doesn't matter to me.Half the time, if I'm out there playing,I'm just interested in conversation.If I'm playing for fun,I just talk to them,have conversation, see what's going on.Usually their buddies are people you knowand you're out there for five hoursso you might as well enjoy itand strike up some good conversation.That's what golf is.Golf's more of a social thing.A lotta times, you seepeople having a few drinksand talking business, what'sgoing on in their lives.I mean, you're out there for five hours,you can talk about everything.Next up, "Tin Cup."- The way I'm swingingtoday, nothing bugs meexcept insufficient applause.Give me the lumber.- Hey, I think you wannahit the two iron, boss.- I said I want the big dog.- This argument happensall the time, by the way.That's realistic.You get the argument, "No,no, no, I wanna do this."Caddy, "No, no, don't be stupid."I like that.- [Producer] How do youbuild up a relationshipwith a caddy?- He's just always thinkingstraight, you hope.We get carried away sometimes.We think we can pull off every shotand the caddy's there to be like,"Dude, this ain't the shot."You're gonna screw this up."There's too much trouble going on."So, hopefully clear headsprevail, and usually it's theirs.- It's a tight par five here, man,with out of bounds on the left.I don't think you wanna hit the driver.The two iron seems like the deal.- Well I'm not going left of those treesor right of those trees, okay?I'm going over those trees.Now give me the lumber.- Yeah, we definitely don'tsay, "Pass me the lumber," now.I mean, this movie wasmade back in the day,when it was actually wood.They could've said that now.Now, it's just, "Give methe driver," whatever it is.It's metal now, so I could see it.Back in the day, I couldsee that being normal.[golf clubs clattering]- You want the driver?[golf club cracking]Here, hit the driver, Tin Cup.- I know some caddies thatprobably should've done thatto their players.Yeah, I've seen some dumbdecisions, where you're like,"Man, if the caddy only broke that club,"it would help that guy."But yeah, I mean, I'venever seen a caddy do it.I'd love to see it happen.It'd be quite funny just tosee the player's reaction.I'm pretty sure it wouldn'tgo as smoothly as that.The caddies will definitelytry to force it down.He wants to hit a driver.The caddy wants him to hit two iron.The caddies will try to hidewhatever you're trying to hitand kind of pull that alittle bit to the side,and try to force youdown whatever it might beif they think that's the right play.- [Producer] How does agolfer pick his caddy?- All on personality.A lotta guys are using friends right now.For me, it's more of abusiness and I like that.I got a guy that takes it really serious,but we can laugh and joke at the same timewhen it comes appropriate."Tin Cup's" pretty goodman, that's realistic.That's definitely an argumentthat would definitely happenon the golf course.Next up, "The Greatest Game Ever Played."[wind blowing]I love the outfits.I mean, in fairness,it does feel like there's a lotof people that go sometimes.It feels like not an alley,but I don't see this.It's hard not to see thepeople when you're there.He's in his own world,but it's impressive.Fore, right![crowd gasping]- [Producer] Are you ever nervousyou're gonna hit the people?- It's like anything.You get comfortable with it.You know that the peopleare all standing thereand it's one of those things,you better trust yourselfotherwise you're gonnabe hitting somebody.Unfortunately, we've all hit somebody,but everybody wants tobe close to the actionand they wanna see it.If you hit it off line, man,everybody wants to be right there.Check it out and be as close as they can,and then all of a sudden,you've got this little gap going through.Hopefully make it work.Hopefully you get it out.If I'm worried about hitting the people,I'm telling them to back up.Sometimes, you just literallycan't have the people back up,so you just go over their heads.I know I'm gonna hit it over their headsif I hit it the way I want to.So, I just don't even bother.A lotta times, they're very trusting.I know I wouldn't stand there for anybody.So, but they all seem to wannastand right in front of me.But it's interesting, seeingall the old school clothesand everything, the hats.I still don't know how theyplayed in jackets and ties,and all that stuff, backin the what, early 1900s.It's way more comfortable now.It's more athletic now.I know back then it washow fancy can you dressand how proper can you look.But now, it feels a littlebit more like a sport.Obviously, we're wearing pants.Get to wear shorts now inprice rounds, which is nice,but Nike does a good job of our materialsand making them pretty comfortable.I mean, yeah, it's pretty good.I mean, it's realistic, obviously.You got the people.It kinda reminds me ofAugusta a little bit.Everybody kinda feel like you're shootingout of an alleyway.But yeah, it's definitely realistic.I definitely know this one, "Entourage."- Look, if you boys aren't up for it.- No, we're up for it,but is this gonna be like the old days,where you try to pay me backin personal training sessions and shit?- I'm on a hit series now,Mark, you green money.- Ooh.- I know Mark and TB play.So, I know that they're pretty good.Mark's pretty good from what I've seen,and Tom Brady, I mean, he's the GOAT.So, what else can you say?He's pretty good at everything.[golf club clinking]- Mother [beep], God dammit.- That's the exact reactionthat any human beingwould have with that shot.That's the exact reaction.I mean, Drama's not very good.Obviously, you can tell.You can see the balljust go straight left,but I'd be saying mother[beep] too, [laughs]if I hit that.- God dammit![laughing]- [Tom] Your brother'sgot some temper, huh?- Yeah, he's a little fiery.- It's only 'cause you guysquestioned my handicap.Totally threw me.- Oh, we're sorry wegot in your head, Drama.- That's every golfer, man.They always worry about theirhandicap and it's always,they're trying to get asmany shots as they can.So that's, I like that, it's realistic.- Why don't you give your head a break?Just call it off.- No, my head don't need a break.In fact, to prove it,let's double the bet.- Hey, Johnny.- No, don't worry about it, bro.- This happens literally everytime I play with somebody.Somebody gets down 'causethey're still arguingabout their handicap.Double the bet and it's still bad.- [beep] God dammit!I'm telling you, it's the club.I just had it regripped,man, something's up.- C'mon Johnny, let it go.You're having an off day, that's all.- I've even done that.

[laughs]I'm like, "Dude, this club ain't right."There's always this oneguy that cares so much too.If you go play with abunch of random peopleor your buddies, whatever,there's always the one guythat takes it super serious,and literally just eats athim alive if he plays bad.- Why don't you use this club?It works pretty good for me.- [beep] God damn [beep].- You can crack them, you can do whatever.It might not be fitted for you.I mean, for us, if it's not fitted for us,it's gonna be a little weird.But, I've never seen anyrandom guy that bought the clubstart blaming the club.Someone always triessomebody else's driver'cause the guy hits itgood and they're like,"Oh I got that."We've all been there, justnot with somebody else.I've never broken anybodyelse's club.

[laughs]I love the fact that he broke TB's.I could see that happening,depending if you get the right group.If you get really someclose guys together,I could see that happening.There's just a lot of argylegoing on right here, man.I mean, once you hit one bad one,then you start freaking out wondering why,and then it just compilesand all of a sudden,you don't know what you'redoing, where you're at,how you're hitting it there.I mean, golf's a roughgame in your head.

[laughs]It's brutal,but that's why you gottatake it out on somethingso you gotta blame the clubor you just break the club like that.You don't break yourboy's club, I know that."50 First Dates."See, everybody's tryingto "Happy Gilmore," man.Got to.- No throwing, c'mon.[children laughing]- Okay, that actually happensway more than you believe that.We have competitions.I mean, I've seen it even to this day.Guys are trying to throwthe ball on the green,on an island green, whatever it might be.I mean, it happens on tour quite a bit.Gotta have a little friendlywager every once in a while.If we're messing around, whatever,and somebody thinks they'vegot an arm like Tom Brady,then they'll try to throw it.

[laughs][upbeat island music]- [Adam] Sit, stay, shit, no![waves crashing]- Yep, I've had that before.I've been by the ocean.Man, you gotta go downthere and go play it.Guys will do anything for their ball, man.They cost like five bucks.Every time you seesomebody, they'll lose it,they don't wanna give up on it.They're like, "Oh it'sover here somewhere."I've seen pros do it and theyget it for free, so.

[laughs]- [Producer] What about his attire here?- It's perfect for Hawaii, man.Everything's relaxed in Hawaii, isn't it?I practice in sneakers a lot.I practice in sneakers,my shirt's untucked.Very relaxed, very chill.It's whatever you feel.His clothes are perfectfor a Hawaiian golf course."Sideways."- Hurry it up will you?- [Man] Nice shot.- I got a story.I actually did this in college once.A guy kept hitting into me.We were out playing and Ijust fired one back at him.I don't think he thought I was that good.It was pretty similar to thatand I fired it back at him'cause he'd done it three holes in a row.I finally said somethingand I think the guy thoughtI was just out there playing, whatever,didn't know I was good.And I hit one, I hit a bullet,and it just went right over his head.It got a lot closer than Iprobably shoulda done it,but I fired one right back at him,and man, he didn't hit into us after that.It happens on tour, even.Guys aren't doing it intentionally.I mean, sometimes, Ithink on public courses,it's a little bit different.But, I've definitely hadit happen multiple times.- What the hell are you doing?- Fun, this is gonna be fun.[golfer yelling]- That's happened, actually.I've had that happen atthe golf course before,where one of the guys just kept chirpingand jawing at the guy,and the guy finally justhad it and exploded.Pretty much identical tothat, which is quite funny.That's it, just broke down some clipsfrom some famous movies, some golf clips,and I hope you guys enjoyed it.See you on the course soon.

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