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Monday, 8 March 2021


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- today, governor tate reeves - signed two executive- orders responding to the- covid-19 outbreak.- reeves says these orders will - activate the mississippi- national guard to support mobil- testing units.- it will tell agencies to- determine which state workers - are "essential" and sen everyone else home.

- it will asks schools to begin - working with mde to develop - distance learning protocols as- we determine how- long schools should stay closed- it also asks them to continue - providing free and reduced- lunches.- it will also p rovide paid leav- for any state and local worker- who misses work due to this - outbreak.

- currently, mississippi has 12 - confirmed cases of coronavirus.- - cruise lines around the world - are suspending- operations amid concerns over - the spread of covid-19... - many cruise ships are sitting - idle in ports with no passenger- on board.

- sunday the carnival valor was - docked at the port of gulf- port where it will stay for the- next four weeks.- this is video of the ship today- one woman reported on social- media, overnight, two - people were seen leaving the- valor ship.

- today, port director johnathan- daniels told- wxxv, the surprising news peopl- did get off the ship.

- - "yes, at this time they are not allowed to- leave the ship.

We did have an- instance yesterday where we had- customs board of- protection and the vessels agen- made arrangements for two peopl- - - - to depart and actually go back- home because their contracts ar- up.

That was not under the- purview of our agreement with - carnival so we are rectify that- and we put- additional guards out there jus- to make sure that don't happen- again.

They - were able to go home.

They were- two foreign nationals going hom- to france but again - that wasn't the protocol that - was agreed to and that has sinc- been rectified " - - - danials didn't say which airpor- the two french nationals- departed from after they left - the port of gulfport, just- that they returned to france.

- - concerns over coronavirus - prompted the harrison county- board of supervisors to call a- special meeting today.- as matter of protocol, the boar- issued a local- proclomation, decalring a state- of emergency for the- county...and did a first read o- the county's pandemic plan.

- news 25's toni miles takes us t- that meeting and also checks in- with the mississippi gulf coast- chamber of commerce to- get an update on local- restaurant and business plans.- - the special called meeting- opened with social- distancing-ensuring those - in attendance were separated by- at least one seat.- then it was down to business as- the board put another safe- practice into place - - teleconferencing.

- connie rockco, harrison county- board of supervisors president:- " dr. conger is with the task force a- memorial, and he will be giving- us an - update from memorial."

On the phone: dr. nicholas- conger, memorial hospital,- infectious diseases - specialist: " we have tested somewhere between 12 and 15 - people, obviously, the- number of people we are testing- is ramping up somewhat rapidly.- we have no known- cases at memorial."

Right now, memorial is asking - those with the- coronavirus's three major - - - - symptoms, coughing, fever and - shortness of breath - to go to- their magnolia walk-in- clinic located on 15th in - gulfport.

- meanwhile, back up and- containment plans have- already been put in place.- on the phone: dr. nicholas- conger, memorial hospital,- infectious diseases - specialist: " we are isolating patients we think are high risk- while we are awaiting - - - - the test results."

Toni miles, news 25: " the cdc is recommending that any public- gatherings- or events of more than 50 peopl- be canceled or rescheduled, and- some south- mississippi restaurants are - taking their own measures - against the coronavirus."

Adele lyons, mississippi gulf - coast chamber of commerce ceo: - some restaurants are going to - just a dine-in or pick up with- certain hours, and we want to - make sure people know about - those because people are still- going to be - looking for food options and- dinner options."

While some eateries, such as- chick-fil-a offer drive-thru- only, other restaurants,- including rackhouse steak - and spirits, southern pearl - oyster house and the half - shell oyster house, are keeping- their doors open ,- ensuring they are going above - and beyond the call of duty to- ensure their restaurants are- safe.

The gulf coast chamber of- commerce will be posting local- business and restaurant plans o- their website.- in gulfport, toni miles, news - 25.

- - - - - during board meeting, - supervisors did discuss planned- weddings that may have more tha- 50 guests invited.- while no formal decision was pu- on the record, it does not- appear- private gatherings, such as - weddings, will have to be - canceled or rescheduled.- - here's meteorologist ryan mahan- with a quick look at- - - - your weather.

- - fog continues on a nightly basi- but this morning may be somewha- different as one variable has - changed.

Wind direction over- much of - the area has shifted to - northerly and is bringing in- drier - dew - pts.

This should keep fog from- forming over the northern 2/3rd- of- the area while the la coast and- adjacent waters will still have- some fog issues.

This will- change once again today as the- stalled - front will being to move north- bringing the possibility of - fog to- the area once again.

There is - also the possibility that - some- showers could form tuesday- afternoon mainly over the - northern tier - of zones.

A cold front should b- able to lift rain chances by th- end of the week to give the are- the best chance of rain of the- week.

- marine: fog continues to be an- - - - gautier mayor phil torjusen - announced the city of gautier - has declared a local state of - emergency, in order to provide- for the health and safety of- citizens in light of the- covid-19- pandemic.

- city of gautier services will - remain open, but the public is- urged to conduct city business- through - telephone, online and through - the utility payment - drop box.

- utility bills may be paid - online, and records requests ca- be- made online.- the city of biloxi has also - declared a state of emergency,- along with bay st.

Louis, and - gulfport.

- - in response to covid-19, the- city of ocean springs is- temporarily - suspending all visitors from- public buildings.

This includes- - - - but is not limited to:- city hall, park & recreation, - public works, building- department, planning department- and rental facilities.- 911 calls and dispatch, the - police department, fire - department, and municipal court- are following normal business - hours and allowing public - visitors.

Parks & recreation- after-school's camp program - will be closed the week of marc- 16-20, 2020 as ocean springs- school district has closed.

- all city services are moving- forward as regularly- scheduled such as trash pick-up- water payment, and permits- - the mississippi high school - activities association is - suspending all sanctioned - contests and activities due to- the outbreak of covid-19 in - mississippi.- all mhsaa interscholastic sport- and fine-arts activities- competition and practice is - suspended through march - 29 and until further notice.- this suspension applies whether- or not a school is open or- closed during this timeline.- each spring fine-arts activity- and sports championship - event is being reviewed and - actions will be taken with the- possibility of new dates and- venue sites.- a decision to continue spring - contests and activities will be- made as soon as possible in the- best interests of the student-- athletes, coaches,- administrators and communities.- - spring dates for college- placement tests are being - rescheduled or postponed amid - concerns about the coronavirus.- and high school seniors may be- allowed to take advanced- placement exams to earn college- credit from home.

- the groups that give both the - act and sat tests announced - monday that they're putting off- the next nationwide - examinations.

The april 4 - act test has been rescheduled - for - june 13 while the may 2 sat has- been canceled.- - the mississippi gaming- commission told wxxv today that- all mississippi casinos will- stop gaming at midnight, hotel- stays are up to the property.

- - - - and most are not taking - reservations.

No date on when - gaming will start again.- the chief operating officer and- president of- m.g.m.

Resorts international- released this statement on- closing the beau rivage casino:- quote "our highest priority remains the health and- wellbeing of our guests and - employees.

We will work to- mitigate the impact this will - have on our employees,- partners and communities," "w will continue monitoring the- situation and announce plans fo- reopening when- appropriate."

- as the impact of the covid-19 - corona virus continues to - spread, mississippi power - assures customers of it's - comprehensive plans and - procedures in place to endure - the continuation of service.- mississippi power temporatily - suspended - service disconnections for- customers, meaning service- will be maintained until the- company can reevaluate the- policy and time frame as the- situation develops.

- the facility is also cancelling- tours and external- meetings,increased cleaning at- company locations, and- cancelled all non essential - business travel.- mississippi power spokesperson- jeff shepard says they are- doing everything they can to- serve the community while - monitoring employees health and- wellness.

- - "in times like this the last thing that people - need to be doing is worrying- about their power.

So we have - got plans in place and- an employee population that is- ready to respond all types of - siutations and- crisis and this pandemic is no- different" - - - mississippi power is- coordinating with the center- for disease - control and prevention on - prevention recommendation - s for employees health and- safety.

- - coming up...- ryan will have a full forecast- after the break.... - plus... - the gaming floors at all- louisiana casinos will close at- midnight tuesday due to - coronavirus concerns.

- - - - script- wxxv >> going through a very nice day today went outside, enjoyed it just for a moment in the front yard is soaked and sign because feels like it is not enough about going around the state.

So we enjoyed it will continue to enjoy it until it set, but we are expecting some cloud cover.

Ultimately, then, as well as the morning before w start seeing any major changes so target complaints are much what looks like this outside th front carnival cruise lines sitting in the port of golf until they can get back to doing what they do best with recruiting flickinger back to doing that sooner rather than later.

Blue sky out there wispy clouds in the upper levels.

Lower-level clouds not too big of an issue just got up again they will build and as we head into the days more warm cloudy weather.

Expect scattered showers as early as tomorrow.

Not expecting it to be a major deal.

They're certainly not any severe weather or major rain moving into the area, but we will see some showers across the area.

Not a major issue again and much warmer weather ahead sentences ladies popping up on the before long, so warm and humid, warm and humid the last couple of weeks.

This clouds ever present will see more of those building and as we head into the night and mild and cloudy evening and right now just with patchy fog always had a whole week full of dense fog know is sadly not monday night or when i what dog was pretty foggy outside we will see more about it right now just expecting it to be locally dense or patchy but we could advisory later still seem like southerly winds still with the previous same conditions that we had last week and as we headed to tomorrow inspect" the bill jus the more expecting most got her childhood under going to be able to go out today without seemingly constant from sun up sundown, but there will be at least a few of those moving around generally himself north and will start popping up right around the itinerary as you could go throughout your whole day not be anyway.

Others will see some locally heavy showers are really just more moderate showers, but we a the last week or so.

Some of you been shoppin there was calm wednesday early morning hours becoming light and southerly throughout the day so still more like women's still.

What little wind we are seeing is southerly and assist popping up that moisture keeping that humidity.

I could not warm mois air coming in.

So here we are 75 those conditions.

I go pretty far.

Almost all the northern parts of the state, and not all that far away or some upper 40s.

At this time is a very interesting weather still is.

These can stall out right in the northern part of mississipp into alabama just gonna sit.

There's lots what were seeing old one continue to see that's expect warmer conditions to linger as we had there about the 10 days warmer than normal and by that i'm getting upwards into the use of terms like you mentioned earlier you see that in seven-day, just a moment sel- righteous, sitting just to the north of us, cooler, drier backside warm moist air on our side.

We won't see too much change to diagnosis slowly inches into the area you see another developing also starting to pick up steam.

So as we head into wednesday at front has barely moved all very similar conditions to see the cloudines of popping up here and on very likely in early morning hours i the back to what we've been seeing so not too bad of an issue just going expect those clouds and showers for tomorrow to newington warm and thursday' startups ring 79 it keeps going as we head towards the weekend up into the low 80s there the week front groups are bringing us clouds and a chance of showers unfortunately doesn' pass keep of the clouds and showers.

Although into next wee as well ... tonight there are more than 400 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the us a number that is growing along with turn in - stop the spread of the illness..

Efforts- the situation surrounding the - out break, is unlike anything - most of us have ever experience- -- and this may just- be the beginning..- jay gray has a closer look..- - insert script here- cancellations like the virus in ... wxxv >> is going to be much harder take much longer and be much worse than almost anyone is currently understanding major cities and small towns practically shutting down businesses, restaurants, even beaches, mostly empty and unwilling to gamble on the situation.

Even casinos are closer.

One place you can still find people gathering grocery stores and supermarkets in some areas shoppers why the stock of many stores don't know limited purchases, unable to keep stock on shelves.

The driver multiply for its owners will crash his overcoat spent almost 30% three weeks.

We both degrees only the beginning of the fall, and despite the weld efforts to the crowd to contact the illness is still spreading quickly.

I don't believe were going to be able t fly her ... do not ... the capacity of the healthcare system temp smell going up next to hospitals, communities across the nation.

But still wants to come next ... casinos in louisiana will be shut down amid the coronavirus outbreak health concerns.

The louisiana gaming control board announced today they are in the process of preparing a formal order directing the closure of the gaming operations at all 20 enos and date- the shut down will start at - midnight..

And last for 14- days..- with the possibility of being - extended.

- it includes 15 riverboats, one- land-based casino and four- slot rooms at horsetracks.- it's going to be a loss of $1.6- million per day, for a total of- around $22 million for the- two-week closure.

- - coming up...- with schools out amid - coronavirus concerns, the - ocean springs school district i- still lending a helping hand fo- families in need of meals.- - just in the last week,- nationally we've seen - cancellations of- sporting events, concerts, and- even political rallies.

- not to mention, the federal - reserve announcing a- zero percent interest rate this- weekend.- all this affecting our nations- economy.- news 25's lindsey goodwin tells- us how its affecting our- coastal economy, and what the - community can - do to help.

- - lindsey: "while the coronavirus might not - affect many of us directly, - we've already seen its indirect- effects here on the - coast as events continue to - cancel, kids out of school, - parents working from- home.

All this, also taking a - toll on local businesses.

- officials and business owners - are urging residnts to shop - local."

Nats inside coffee shop - lisa ryan, owner of the coffee- box: "since we've seen some cases in- mississippi, we have slowed dow- just a little bit.

We're down - right now about 71% - so it's scary."

Lisa ryan owns the coffee box i- long beach, your one stop shop- for a quick drive thru breakfas- and morning coffee.

- nats- but now coffee isn't the only - thing brewing in the - lisa- and her employees take extra- precautions to- - - - keep the business running, like- social- distancing.

- lisa: "but how do we do that?

The bills are not going to stop- we still have to have - - - - payroll, i have employees who - are depending on their income,- on their tips,- so the best way we can do that- is try to come up with a plan - that works for our- business, trying to do order- online, contact- less if there- is an outbreak on the coast - - - - itself.

- lisa also says as grocery store- run out of products, her- - - - business is left without- essential ingredients, like - almond milk, forcing them to- alter their menu.

- still, she encourages residents- to help prevent an- economic domino effect here on- the coast.- lisa: "if it's your favorite place to eat, order online.

You- can take this time and still- support them, and be safe and d- all those precautions that are- needed."

Lindsey goodwin: "and of course the coffee box isn't the only - local business- making temporary changes amid - the coronavirus.

We encourage - - - - you to check with businesses- near you to see how they're - responding to the outbreak and- how - you can help support them in- this time of uncertainity.

In - long beach, lindsey - goodwin news 25."

- - - - many students in the ocean- springs school district rely on- their school lunches each day..- with the recent school closures- - - - due to the coronavirus, there - are many families unsure of how- they will feed their- children lunch.

- this is why ocean springs schoo- district special- education teacher, ann fallo, - and other voulnteers have - put toghther 300 sacked lunches- for the kids in ocean springs.- the lunches were distributed- - - - today outside of every school i- the ocean springs district from- 11 am to 1 pm.- all students are welcome to get- a bagged lunch.

- - "we all know that there are multiple familes in - our school district that really- rely on the school district for- meals, both breakfast - and lunch, so it was heavy on m- heart to do something about tha- - - - and you know in an emergency- situation like that you just- kind of see that there is a nee- and - you jump to meet the need."

- - - fallo will also be teaming up - with st.

Pauls methodist- church for their backpack - buddies program which will- distribute- food every tuesday that school- is out.

- for more information about that- you can visit the - ocean springs school districts- website.- - good news for people who live o- the seabee base in- gulfport..- two of the most popular ride- sharing apps are now allowed on- base.

- uber and lyft are now allowed o- the seabee base for the - first time starting today.- perviously, if someone living o- base was to use a ride- sharing app they would be - dropped off at the pass road- gate, and then they had to walk- over 2 miles to get back to - their - living quarters.- now, the uber or lyft will be - able to drive them right back - to where they live.

- - " so it is important in a safet standpoint and- just a convencice standpoint as- well.

But safety because a lot- of our troops when- they go out, they are encourage- to practice safe responbilites- when- they go drinking and driving, s- this gives them an easier avenu- to get on base- so they dont have to worry abou- how they will get on base after- having a couple of- drinks."

- - - uber and lyft drivers who want- to drive on the seabee base - will have to head into the pass- and id office on the base and - fill out- some paper work and get a - - - - background check.

- - we'll have one final look at- weather, after the break.

- we're shining a light on a very- specail bear today..

It's - national panda day.

Stay with - us.

- - - - script- - script later today, but you also see those clouds on the horizon, expecting to see more of that building in is this very weak and pretty stationary boundary slowly creeps towards and sobered up next 24 hours and will see at least a few showers rushing to meet up front of the closing, but still not coming close enough.

The pass-through or bring us any cool dryers, a very little changing with the overall ... wxxv >> book of the forecast fo the next week or so getting out of the sound policies light suddenly when shifting southeasterly as we have the data title range arising from where was over the weekend for about two or salinity following a bed that backed out of the single-digit ... below the dangerously so it's kind of been lingering there fo last couple weeks.

I wanted to put these on the open water becomes, is there as well with light southerly shipping easily wins patchy fog expected of them early morning hours more towards the coast and on the open water but either way it's light and calm and beautiful ou there of your cannot enjoy yourself.

Of course go to group sizes down to close like that.

Pretty nice tides with your afternoon ... 6 o'clock for tomorrow's ... mozart's gives him the forecast gets warm and humid.

There's an 80 on there for friday so were getting a pretty close legacy that they are st.

Patrick's day office with mild to damper on all that going on there.

But that's okay once you start heading in next week warm humid conditions remain with the affronted ankles of the still doesn't get reduced clouds ... show our cloud no outward "why do know what you day here for you.

Thank you much credit time to shine a light on our popular there.

Monday national panda day and are among the world is endangered easy.

There less than 2000 of them in the world early because and breeding programs are in common.

Pandas usually isolate the elves while in the world takes and i can is mainly a plan and unlike most there's don't during the winter in the moment your pandemonium so elevating


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