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Sunday, 7 March 2021

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7am a,sdkhfgbad,
7am a,sdkhfgbad,
7am a,sdkhfgbad,

Your new year is a look at what's going on downtown from the ep fiber up to ask whether kim if you look carefully at the clouds.

You can see they are moving there heading in a north northwesterly action and old glory downtown.

Getting a thorough workout as well.

We do have a wind advisory that is in effect until 2 o'clock this afternoon.

Again, when advisory in effect to flash flood advisory in effect until ... nine.

Source of precipitation goes all the severe weather all of the potential for any more damaging rain were storms is now well-off towards the east role was back a little bit longer than normal.

Just to give you a idea the magnitude of the scope of this deadly deadly storm system passed through the area.

We are going to have to deal with some clouds but the wind despite having a wind advisory that will help dry up some of the oyster that still standing around out on the roadways again last one until nine wind until two and several dry days ahead.

I don't think we'll see any additional rainfall probably until the up coming weekend.

Murphy tellico, decatur and cleveland as well as scottsboro all at 610, we have got 59 and four noble corp.

Chattanooga an fort a these wind gusts though especially to drive a high profile vehicle take extra caution they have taught 40 miles an hour for good part of the morning.

Right now it's coming in and out of the north west dunlap experiencing wind gust right now 48 experiencing wind gust right now 48 mph, as we have a look at the rest of the day we are going to see clouds mixed in the sunshine.

Temperatures 63 to 60.

Temperatures 63 to 64 for the afternoon high, and if you're keeping track of such things.

W did set a new rainfall record yesterday.

That was just up until mid at that point we had recorded 3.13 inches of rain the highest one-day total for 12 april since 1979.

What 41 years ago.

Over the next seven days were looking at 63 tomorrow possibly a sprinkle tomorrow evening late.

I think i want to take that out of the forecast.

Just don't see that realistically, to realize will be pushing 70 on thursday, but at no point during the next seven days until we had sunday.

Do we see the temperatures for the afternoon high getting close to normal, which is seven we'll talk more about that as we had throughout the morning.

I believe we have dan item standing by right now with timesaver traffic actually will get with them, and appear in just a few minutes right now back to the desk ... you're right as we kick off the 7 o'clock hour taking a more in-depth look at our forecast.

This is obviously the alignment caused the damages.

The building collapses.

The flooded roadways and deaths last night.

This is sort of the lingering wraparound oyster fro that and that to is quickly heading off towards the east.

You may see a sprinkler tube that will be brief and in and out very very quickly and for the most part we stay dry until we get into the upcoming weekend.

Tellico and murphy and the blue ridge northward throug dayton all and 610 that your current reading of scottsboro was well on eagle in downtown chattanooga a tad cooler at 59 now the flash flood watch continues until nine this morning.

Partially because we had over 3 inches of rain 3.13 to be exact.

That set a new record breaking the previous record of just over 2 1/2 inche that we set 41 years ago.

The wind advisory stays in effect until 2 o'clock this afternoon.

There's a slight sprinkle chats late late tomorrow but i think that is minimal at best.

Sustained winds right now of 17 in cleveland 20 wanted dunlap and they are obviously gusting quite a bit higher coalmont it dunlap a bit earlier had wins gusting upwards of 50 miles per upwards of 50 mph 50 mph wind gusts that combined with all of the other damaging straight-lin winds assert the caused extensive damage all throughout the area will have a complete look at that coming up in a moment downtown from the epb fiberoptics whether tim that work 590.

Our anemometer is on the fritz for another little while the anemometer's instrument used to measure wind gusts of wind speeds cooler, drier air, working its way and this will help dry up a lot of the oyster that is standing out on the road and this afternoon we should see highs not too far away from where you are right now.


Here in town.

Much of the area will stay in two.

Much of the area will stay in 250s, early morning tomorrow.

Were looking at upper 30s and lower 40s than tomorrow afternoon were getting back up into the lower 60s here in town a little cooler for tomorrow night.

Heading int wednesday morning.

Most of the year it will be into the mid- 30s so you could see some frost in a good part of the area.

Again, this is tomorrow night.

Heading into wednesday.

Heading into wednesday afternoon cooler is only into the mid-50s.

It's lie closer to our typical early- morning low that it is the afternoon but we are going to see a lot of sunshine throughou the next chance of rain roles i for probably mid day saturday and then another batch of moisture will be forming back to the south west that rolls through late sunday heading int monday.

There's a lot of changes coming up over the next seven days were talking temperatures in the lower 60s today and tomorrow 570 on wednesday and then it does start warming up a little bit but again frost is a good good about much of the area for the next couple of overnight time frames.

We have 590 downtown.

Right now it is 1 minutes after seven we are in a tank.

Unlike possible path and the tornadoes here in hamilton county.

I believe we have a nap that we are in a shiny right now talking with a little bit about the snap and what we can be looking at as far as how the path and that tornado caught th damage.

It seems like the heaviest of this happened.

Basically, if you were to draw line in its software.

This map indicates from parts of the cab county.

That's not too far away from fort payne tracking eastward over into lafayette.walker county little accounting as well.

There's a lot of different indications on this particular map, you heard us talking a little bit earlier to both gary mac as well.

As some of the other folks out in east ranger area lindsay rogers with each other in our department and amy maxwell were also talking about in the east brainerd rd.


There were a lots of homesick got totally destroyed many of those were the same homes got destroyed during the tornado outbreak in april in april 2011.

The exact same home ... 's in several cases getting totally destroyed.

We have some video that we want shiny right now.

This is rainer nino.

It was one of the hardest hit areas, a step which is telling you attending the police and the fire men have concentrated thei efforts on jenkins road and andover gap area.

I have been working there out the night.

Miller's roads have been closed while the police are still working to make sure everyone i safe and accounted for.

Try to get to a friend or relative's home in that area and closed go go around absolutely shallow from red hat near damage from the tornadoes as well.

Several trees fell on top of homes and police have blocked off again o those roads are still knocked off a reasoning atvs throughout the night able to get to all that damage and check on people stuck in their homes.

The ymca on salad from red is being used as a form shelter.

It's also a place where people can reunite with their lot.

It was a grace academy that was originally set to be the staging got grace academy.

It was wiped out.

I believe have some video that just take or how much damage done to the school and this goal k-12 school, a lot of children attend the wall in so much devastation unit that the date right there.

You can see the stadium.

Also, where people get their buy their tickets for the baseball games for the softball games for the football games just totally damaged and destroyed and were not sure.

To the extent it was the high school with elementary school as well that just a lot of damage and that entity in that area and stated for gap road unit and barrel road just really type the hardhead i know east entered elementary school also had severe damage around the night because of the storm.

Some of the roads to avoid a widget tol every cross street i go gap roa, you will stay away from that standard for gap as well as goldwater ringgold road stay away from that area little are ringgold road, particularly their at quail mountain road heading into the subdivision that is normally of very highly traveled road avoided if at all possible.

Plus, we've got a lot of issues developing on the pet until road sue drive at patent town, no traffic southbound on either stretch of roadway until road at a lot of rents closed.

Also, we are covering the north georgia area.

We know that there had their at devastation on emery county highway 286 near bagley middle school.

Some apartments collapsed homes destroyed and we are working to get more information there.

We also know there was a lot of damage in fort oglethorpe, jeff i'm receiving this information now down walker county with him really bad.

We are what you getting video where you showing the extent of the damage there as well.

Lot above the average also been reported in parts of southern polk county, so if you live up in the that area southern polk county anywhere in the polk county area.

Whether it's reliance or duck town that matter give us a call.

We would like to hear from you.

Our number is 756.

Our number is 75- 1212 756 12 756-1212 if you live in the polk county area.

Please try and give us a call a little bit about how ranches tap a lot of folks without power at this hour, a pbs told us 60 60,000 people are without power at this hour and that is just in the epb coverage area.

There's a whole lot of power outages in north georgia as well for normal corporate ringgold.

Not as many as the 4100 and try on and so absolutely.

Cleveland is at 500 folks without power.

Bradley county 3300 polk county ringgold mcmahon, the list goes on and o but please realize that the folks are out there.

They're trying to get the power sword a quickly as they can.

But just think about 60,000 people epb customers without power at this hour and how many homes they have to get to in the next coming days.

That's roughly double the size of the city of east ridge every man woman and child in east ridge and then some.

So a lot of folks are being affected because of the lack power.

Haven't heard anything about cell phone usage being hampered particular store.

Remember wasn't all that long ago cell phone usage was really type down during this time of the morning.

Within the past what three weeks.

So if you're trying to make a call please just be patient.

This is one of the situations where you need an extra helping of patients and an extra helping of caution absolutely you with and remind you that the hamilton county emergency services is going to be having a press, rents at 730 this morning when i take live and bring the very latest numbers at the date on that.

I believe we have a collar on the line right now with the we do.

Teresa is here teresa ... morning i worked that have not know an old port county all night, right, and we are without power on.

I and the road they are at fault.

I wrote block by tree beltway any injuries in your world.

Teresa, i have a heart of edina injuries right now.

What time did the power go off your call.

Power went off at 1130 at door.

An old port, and when i left it by 30 ill withou power tell us a picture for us.

Tresa tell us what you sign her around that time ... frame the florida wind blowing their garbage cans in the parking lot on olive and all over the parking lot and three down that lightning is scary when you find yourself alone.

The building like that power goes out and you are totally in the dark absolutely correct crack.

I was in it by the bathroom door met and i was like you so much for sharing this story.

Glad you're okay.

We have wrestled from cleveland online now.

Good morning russell ... get to know damage and claimant area.

I my church.

The church of jesus christ.

Our member will help out any thought water.

They say this tree power lines and everything down over there and abby's claimant area shut all tell me were road.

The church of jesus christ is on ... film betty baxter quantified three you at the church or near the church when this happened last night ... no, but we had a couple goes to church sheltered in our base not the roof was blown completely off the blood.

It will ... yeah, it certainly is.

Thank yo so much for taking the time to call us and we would like for you to join us as well 756-1212 is our number.

We will get to his calls.

As we possibly can.

Lately, this is a good time to point out the portents of havin a emergency preparedness program.

The matter whether that you and your significant other.

When you got 10 kids or whatever you have to have an emergency plan where you go in your house where you go in your apartment that is the safest place everyone used to have a drill and hopefully that will be able to minimize the loss of life.

The next time a situation like sign we are to take a quick break right now on the back wit your new plan of action is 12 now, this morning were glad to stay with ernie.

We are taking your calls right now at five at 5x 1212 75 1212.

We would hear what you saw last night, and th devastation that are seen from the norm.

We talked about power outages all throughout the nort georgia area, especially dave county down and tricking her pa evan stone who does the morning show on the line when news radio.

They're not able to fully broadcast on both of their platforms. yet what kwb news radio is on at this hour, and later, podcasting, our see here so we thank you for listening evan will be in touch with you a little bit when john on the line right now john what part of tow are you calling from and where i may be okay but i'm checking on a brain.

It was in mcdonald tennessee and i was running it.

There were about our daily damage and part of that area is still without power.

We understand and try to have an updated edition of that particular area.

As far as the power outages are concerned, i did get a message to a while back.

Leavitt was pine hill road in the mcdonald area without power, and there were a couple of trees were down on the pine hill rd.

Area and we have george on the line to george what i said you have rest ... yes ... george start that one over again.

We seem to be having som difficulties hearing ... expose ... i would even owe connie and janina just looking you whatever folk are ... the and i will i so we read the first of the know that don't down on the wood is five bouts away from all sold on the facebook google today and we were out motors helmet on and between god and wanted yan.

We had three more owner wants to leave that which you can mild ethan balls and we spend a lot of time was gone.

Only a brain george glad you came through this okay a scary situation.

Consider putting a motorcycle helmet on, just because of the weather.

That was the case for many of you last night, safety gear, always a good thing to have it as we said earlier, a safe place to go in your home when something like this ... you know you're talking about hand making sure you have a and how and what it is for your family and situation like this and i know chip touched earlier on the weather radios making sure that happened.

I was ready to go when some like this happens and you were really not out of disease, and yet unfortunately to have not by a long shot.

Robin is joining us next robin good morning and welcome show that like that now seen of her place nursing home on a that on standifer gap road ... we do know that while the route i'd like to go there.

How to add.

I think i okay we have a press conference i'm coming out 730 and we will make sure and see if we can get that question answered.

And again it standife gap standifer place nursing will check it out.

We certainly will robin.

We thank you for your concern with the so-called lately were less than four minutes away from the press conference.

We do have time squeeze in kohler to 756-1212 is our number again 756 again 756- 1212.

Looking at the list here 4100 people still without power and try on in somerville and that is a big chunk of that area and invade county 1974 people still in the dark.

No power george powerlite is working on getting that resolved soon as possible.

Just like the folks in the pvr for our outages here in southeast 60,000 people without power.

According to the hours of the patient that they know they're doing their best to mak sure to get your power back on allen's urine is now by telephone.

Alan warning good morning little better morning for your growth or my health.

I live in the interview area.

Not georgia and from what i understand, were all our still without power.

Whatever was k through my property owner would also understand i have seen many ... my brother lives in ringgold an i believe it got a lot of what do you think there is you look out your window or your friend or what damage you see surrounding ... a lot of leon's bottlebrush you know, we have had a moment out of the trees and it uprooted one of the marjorie look and luckily the good lord and allowed the fall out of the way for mild it's resting on war back for my home and across the back of oil and monitors household of no one you know your home ... that is correct.

Likely it was my bedroom and my wife.

It will everything was going on.

I mean it's ... sounds like a very blessed absolutely.

We haven't gone awry some time now.

She is calling friend the law legal route.

I believe in morning donna ... hello john, i ordered and i called the tornado go over mile so roundtree weigel mcgrail, an effective, probably 45 seconds to a minute later a buddy of mine calls nero will not show division thought gauthier all wow now what part of town do yo live in.

Again, tell us ... i live in asia.

Bernard from off the road on those drive.

I i saw the tornado i called news channel 3 and so will their handout report.

Jonathan is the autozone on east brainerd rd.

That was taken out the correct all the dogs were you get a video on the tornado know i know i'm alive as long before the new year and i'll you want to and you looked up in a motion allowed to work in all directions, and i came inside, while the song we were about to but certainly something that you will never ever see the storm what distinction and sweep your educating us.

We are john until march we have time for another call or two before we get into the press conference.

Randy is joining us next.

Randy the morning morning ringgold one street over turkey valley road demo window laying on the ground.

Privacy ... email locally taken care tree work this year all three live the more so i will have much.

Damage were just blessed right here yes we are going to do something else while we had all the lie that we messes what you see is your looking out your window or your front damages, reducing to the nearby property only for my neighborhood seeing you walk don't see anything but williams in the yard for about nothing you my yard and mark landreth had we do thank you fo the call as well.

We understand the press covers just a few minutes away from the extorted picture that is soon as it gets underway.

Start to finish a couple of other things pass along if you just tell joining us.

You may be listing on pwm newsradio who is taking or audio feed as well.

This is been confirmed as the worst outbreak since april 2011 and her talk and asked to only eight tornado jim, we will have more on that hope we win, we had beer on the let's chat starting at 10 and also for our new show.

The national weather service now has two children.

They are looking at surveying the damages and i believe there starting in the spring area which while the accounts that we've been able to gather, is one of the hardest hit of those areas on own smokehouse again and the goodwill complex allergy spray road totally destroyed grace baptist academy.

Barry destroyed east brainerd elementary school may have damages as well.

Many homes relate in that area.

We are to have the very latest on that press conference which wil bring us up-to-date on that in the destruction and i area coming to you in just minutes right now that we have stick it's midnight to midnight.

We got a lot of rain after midnigh as well.

That 3.13 inches surpassed the previous record we set back in 1979 in just over 2 1/2 inches when advisory that is in effect until 2 o'clock this afternoon.

We have several dry days following still into the 50s and a good part of the area when chester over to dunlap southward through fort oglethorpe 63 in scottsboro for the orvis reading at the 7 o'clock hour.

Check out some of these wins gusting close to 50 mph in dunlap and one point earlier it did surpass the miles per hour 34 mile-per-hour winds gusting here downtown.

We have 46 mile-per-hour sustained winds part of the afternoon and evening on sunday 46 sustained winds with 62 mile-per-hour wind gusts cutting through the day.

It's a mixture of clouds and sunshine, comfortable temperatures, even though it does stay below normal, 63 to 60, 63 to 65 for the afternoon high as we had through the next several days, wednesday the drop of the upper 50s that will start warming back up, and i think aside from a very slight shower chant as soon as i if the opportunity of a that off of tomorrow night's will stay right until the weekend had temperatures will be warming back up 70 or better beginning on saturday.

Right now downtown.

We have 590, cloudy skies and breezy condition say to you about some rent or close right now to steer clear.

I will talk a little bit about this red.

I believe you have a graphic to outing you again after around the east brainerd area that seems to be the hardest hit area right now in hamilton county 30 3700 jenkins rd., jennifer gavi jenkins rd., holly hills and jenkins road green shanty at seam drive again.

All these roads are lives at this hour.

We've also got to drive it.

Patent town road and most of them major thoroughfares for most of the major cross result patent hill road are being affected in one way or another will rewrote it scarlet ridge goldwater ringgold road right there.

Quail melt and rolling ridge road at east brainerd.

We also want to tell you about the power outages.

We tell you a little bit about this earlier 6, 000 people without power in the area right now and that is just the epb phone that are without power.

If you are a customer of the electric power board are doing everything they can to get everyone's electricity back up and running georgia power line is also telling us about a number of outages they have 4100+ tryouts somerville area almost 2000 throughout parts of the county whitfield county right at 500 people still without power.

The numbers do draw quite a bit.

Chatsworth only about 100 and only about 150 about 100 and we also want talk to you about murray county, georgia now the highway 286 are near bagley middle schools and apartments collapsed at home.

It's destroyed their we have learned that five people were killed on in murray county, georgia.

During the storms we are waiting to hear from the sheriff of murray county currently to try to talk to him a little bit more about the situation going on.

They are, you know that there is some devastation in cleveland as well.

We talked to someone earlier this morning about the east cleveland church of christ, how they had their roof blown off its morning.

They are on yo know water just pouring into the church.

They are we stuck with someone this morning and it's ship talk to gary mack this morning to and i did in and he was talking about his mother wh has enough data for gap road area.

Gary's mom was one of the houses got a huge issue called the bay picture window.

You know what i'm talking about the window imploded instantly and she was sitting in her chair watching television and failed to is a window imploded.

She hit the floor and started praying she had to be carried out by th firefighters just to chill theodore's just another small not small, it's another incredible representation of the great work that our chattanooga firefighters.

All of our first responders put forth in times like this, and even with insurable, we have a lot to be grateful for.

We are truly blessed to have a lot of those folks ... taking on the front line for absolutely get on we were talking to lindsay with attending a fire in earlier you noting yet to a lot of the home that you're seeing in hattie is a tv just to get to the homes t make sure everybody was out of the home that they were responding to every angle call and making sure that everyone i our community with taking care of myself.

I think we had a management we will join this press conference in progress ... lisa parker and trying to contact right now is stay at area is to do ... and of least are usually no now ... ... you were just hearing from tending the police chief david ronnie justin holland with the city of chattanooga, and she will apply meant with the chattanooga fire department trying to bring us up to date o some numbers.

They are cheap.

Hyman did say that when hundred and 50 structures were damaged by these tornadoes in a straigh line when you they're having rescues from people's basements a lot of folks heading to the basement which is so important when we have the severe weather structures that were damaged.

They have been working all night to make sure that they get to every single home in our coverage area.

We want you to stay with us folks, we are to have much more from that press conference coming up right after this short break.

See you in welcome back everyone we are getting the latest updates from the hamilton county emergency management at this hour, we just on seneca police chief david ronnie justin holland, chief hyman with chattanooga fire department were to get the latest on the on dates right now from taylor bishop.

She is standing by live tell us more about what happened and this press here at silverdale baptis church, where long just wrapped up the press, and this is everything that happened overnight and what they're doing to prepare for what's to come later on this afternoon.

Now they are working on during all of down trees.

The working alongside the head of the fire intended lease are all assisting in the cleanup now recovery efforts.

The fire chiefs will this morning says the damage is widespread in some of his responders arcing.

Listed aspen in 2011 and there's no fatalities report reported right now.

Again, there's about 18 to 17 people that the reporting injured and he said the best to do right now is stay indoors, don't go out on the roads.

They're trying to work to clean up some of that debris and those power lines.

If you do see powerlines or trees shut down i your area is the best thing to do is call police and calling her epb local provider to get more information.

Again, crews are going around the streets right now vein the damage again.

There's about 17 people that are reading reported injured.

There's several widespread damage.

They're working on to report later this afternoon wer to continue to keep fat following in tracking the route the morning and throughout the rest of the day reporting live in riverdale baptist church.

Taylor bishop is 12 now thank you so much tyler.

We know you keep us up-to-date morning with statement.

If everybody would have much more hat on news 12 now.

This morning we are taking your calls him a call right now.

Tell us what's going on in your area.

756-1212 756-1212 and we come back were also going to tell you more about the power outage is just to give you numbers right now there are 60 there are 60,000 people ppd are responding to.

At this hour without power can have the very latest on this nor georgia numbers coming up plus for working to get more information murray county, georgia have bee told by people were killed after the deadly tornadoes ripped through last night.

We are working to speak with the sheriff so we can bring you the very latest bear.

We know that there has been an apartment that has been destroyed and also no homes in that area, even if everybody we have much more hat recess the damages brought by last night's tornadoes that swept through the area, especially hard-hit.

East brainerd is k is mentioned down in murray county, georgia, have moral that is throughout source.

The temperatures go, it's prett comfortable.

We're looking at 5 here downtown 59 as well from tellico southward through blue ridge scottsboro alabama extensive damages also reported in jackson county.

You got 61 right now.

Dalton at 60.

Dalton at 62.

We have got the flash flood watch that still is in effect for a doubt another hour rainfall we had yesterday.

Thre point team inches of rain which did set a new all-time record high for ... any day during april, closest record, we had to that previously was like teen 79 jus over 2 1/2 inches of rain.

We do have a winded visor.

He also lives in effect till 2 o'clock this afternoon.

Sustained winds here downtown of some called the but the wind gusting still topping 30 mph.

That too is calling down somewhat from the north of 50 mile-per-hour wind gust we had over the past coupl about 59 here downtown.

The flag flying away see the clouds moving sunrise sunshine rather burning in through the clouds amenity at 82%.

I apologize for the anemometer reading not properly display himself.

Winds are blowing.

We got another batch of cooler and drier air that is sweeping and this is going to help out substantially again.

We're looking for highs today probably 63 to 60 again.

We're looking for highs today probably 63 to 64 and as we get into the day tomorrow temperatures remaining in the lower 60s bit cooler on wednesday with 57 the shower chance here is minimal at best for tomorrow night.

I think we'll be able to take out your over the next few minutes right now.

Plus it back to the desk.

Here's k thank you so much sam while hamilton county emergency services just wrapped up a pres conference at dating eyes on what exactly is happening in th area.

I just want to tell you hundred and 50 structures were damaged and hamilton county las night from the severe storms can get much more now from taylor bishop.

She is doing a live right here in chattanooga can morning taylor ... silverdale baptist church where about minutes ago law- enforcement wrapped up her pres conference talking about the damage that has happened overnight and carried into the morning g5 and reported that there's been a total of give me 14 injury that do not ask that they don't know the extent of those injuries as of yet is important hundred and 50 structures that are damaged.

Th structures range from commercia to written residential building brainerd area is what was hit the hardest teatime and says most of the damage came in around midnight midnight in the damage is pretty widespread when he says there is no ongoing rest is at this time they been able to get people out of basements trees house and petra again.

They are working with chattanooga fire department, th chattanooga police department.

We all responders are on you to contact clear out the road way and the debris.

They also spoke about to do right now.

They sai the thing for people to do is to stay inside their homes don't g out side if you have to.

It's an emergency.

So the cruise can work tirelessly to clean up some of that damage.

Now, again reporting live at tailback's church taylor bishop news 12 ... thank you taylor for keeping us up-to-date.

This morning i just read some photos we are to get an update on what's going on in whatever form in just a moment right now is give a quick check and timesaver traffic appears to ... part you so much for a break.

I you really storms, others don't treat you with portable ramp will still be there.

I 75 s.

Scenic overlook that is backing up traffic a bit in that area watching if you're running down a cleveland scenic overlook roundtree amenity area been talking about.

He sprinted all morning long closed as it is working very very hard in area several other roads are just way too many to mention the wires down everywhere.

Trees down debris all over.

Lots of flooded roads again to work on staying home today aloft tomorrow.

We all clean this up a lot.

Ramsey family insurance.

Are you on a shirt up and you leave your own generally affordable insurance sr 22 allow for frequently by 920 772 899 899-2772, which ramsey sure ... which constant pressure on the item treaded traffic network id.

Thank you.

Just the sort of a recap where we are right now know is amy maxwell tells us not teen hundred calls related to storm the senses on top of their ordinary call and hundred and 50 5950 structures were damaged just in our area which is hamilton county from the storm last night.

They had 500 calls related to structures collapsing.

Some of them include own smokehouse old springer road.

The adjacent goodwill store had a large part of the roof totally torn on phones completely destroyed, yet it really it's boggling the power.

These tornadoes can have.

We are being told, confirm the shut being told possible tornadoes a good sweep through the area.

We do know at least one of those was via to and that this is the worst out accents the deadly tornado out april 2011 when oglethorpe had quite a bit of damage when working and get you some pictures here momentarily, but many of the shopping centers there were destroyed on of the building is just amazing to what happened in that short amount of time chat.

The storm was so fast like yeah some people say you say we get however many years of rain in a relatively short time span.

Yeah we do.

Because some areas got 3 1/2 inches of rain in less than two hours now that is equivalen to someone standing in your yar and shooting you with a water hose full glass.

It is just phenomenal.

The amount of rainfall that we receive.

We se a new all-time april record high rain day yesterday, 3.13 inches of rain.

What makes that so sick that they can only ever see that much rain on any day in april, since some well night team 70 team 79.

How lots of rain.

Lots of devastation throughout our viewing area.

You one of the hardest hit area seven.

I've been talking about all morning is over there across and for gap road gun barrel road you know right and baptist academy just really devastated from this tornado in east brainerd elementaries will that area just really hit hard and you were telling us earlier in the 90s.

There was also tornadoes that went through the area to patient.

It was easter weekend of night 90 97 strong severe storms while the liqueur.

Every easter is amazing the number of easter weekend tornadoes we've seen this goes back to the night teen the early 1900s that down in the triad area.

We've had the existing reports of damages down there in and around try on.

So be sure and be especially careful don't you not go joyriding this morning in the triad area.

It is hall's valley road hall's valley road and the sum of the terms we are hearing by people who don't normally use words like this.

The national weather service office, for example, relentless deadly, extremely damaging.

Those are not terms. they toss around lightly and with good reason.

I also want to tell you about mar county were working to learn more patient and their crs at this hour.

They were devastated by people killed last night by people devastating storms. our number is 756-1212 seven 756 12 756-1212.

We are going to stay on the air.

I believe for about another hour you take your calls and answer questions this weekend and hopefully will be able to answer some of ours as well.

Our number 756-1212.

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