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Saturday, 27 February 2021

934pm wx cutins 04122020

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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934pm wx cutins 04122020
934pm wx cutins 04122020
934pm wx cutins 04122020

T12 actuator alert on storm tea 12 chief meteorologist patrick the two not only on the beer whether the intent is to move to north georgia for now we have some real flooding issues as flash flood warnings have been posted for a real big swap one to show you exactly who's all covered everything that you see here in the darker green all away from a fan imparts a gilmer almost all of the murray whitfield budget to go walker catoosa on overthrew dade county juvenile portion of of a northern gordon county as areas in this region have seen up to 3 inches of rain we may see a 5 inches of rain before all is that none, sneak in the middle there is that the severe thunderstorm warning that continues as can be racing onto the dalton area that's it under storm i showed you in somerville and try on that has moved through southern and southeastern walker counties now heading into wit your count so this is the area that could have some gusty winds between 5 and 80 miles an hour see what's going on lasch would want warnings now have been issued into bledsoe county someone going take a look at the in the county is issued there and you see it as obviously the sequatchie river is going to be arising pretty fast so that the warning is probably prompted fo that as the rainfall totals already 1 to 2 maybe 3 inches locally and unfortunately as i take the warnings and watches off we do have that line that i talked about this about half hour ago and in just a few minutes ago as well really start to consolidate now over hunt filling out coaching the common plateau in a little band of showers and thunderstorms prett strong when are now developing in the jackson county would surprise me if there can be a warning issued for this as this one has a move pretty fast from my parts of a central and a western upwards of the jackson county now moving near stephenson and near hollywood as well and that will be heading toward ridge port south pittsburgh perhaps some strong gusty winds the mainline though still to the south and west and in courts link is can a make is of note is that the over into the tuscaloosa area there could be a tornado on the ground is moving pretty rapidly to the north and east of the atmosphere very volatile virions that old the air has kinda gotten it kinda gotten that much more humid out there as this area of rain has pushed through southeast tennessee is why conditions are still white favorable for severe weather and extremely heavy downpour theory see the storm that's pushing into the dalton area that's the leading edge of animal stop radar right there is the one that kind of up to the radar awfully put it back on their all stop it and that's the area biggest concern we see that little curl that will bow a little curly cue right there indicating perhaps some turning or some rotation with that cloud that was continuing to move pretty rapidly to the north and east right around 60 to 65 miles or hours so this will roll probably righteousness out the dalton paid probably near the walnut area are just on the other side of the bypass and kind ago in between dalton and chatsworth perhaps heading toward the timing crandall over in the murray county so this is still a pretty dangerous storm perhaps not as strong as it was when it was over chattooga county but still has a signature that has some rotation in that cloud as it continues to push toward dalton so do not be surprised if you have some severe weather or some strong damaging winds i neared dalton along with some torrential rain so this is a real real strong storm a dangerous storm and is can be heading in the general area of the southern dalton the city limits over the next unles they tend to 15 minutes maybe a little bit quicker as this is a real fast mover there's the latest picture indicating what's left of that storm now just a few minutes away from dalton so you're probably experiencing some of the real gusty winds as the storm as really a fast move between 60 and 65 mph's address on to the north and east and that we widen out the picture and the strong and heavy thunderstorms will continue to move to the north and east and dying still see a lot of lingering showers and thunderstorms flood warnings continue we have a new severe thunderstorm warning that is out for cherokee and cherokee county north carolina also pulp county go ahead and take a look at that and i think it's with this thunderstorm here are the one that's going to be pushing up so i can put the watches and warnings and this is the air this being worn because of this thunderstorm here is probably just a stone's throw from you coley probably near parksville can be heading just south of benton and probably into the high wauseon for the next 30 to 40 minutes clipping part of a northern cherokee county though is moving on to the north and east pretty rapidly as well taking a quick look at that under storm shows the the movement between probably about the 50 and 55 miles for our as it continues to move on to the north and he's probably a much of the same thunderstorm complex that is moved to crossnore georgian originated just from outside the birmingham area and speaking of the birmingham area we want to go ahead and show you likely what's happening to the west and the unfortunately the weather is really really bad i from tuscaloosa to birmingham where he perhaps have a tornado on the ground and this is moving rapidly toward birmingham we see some of the really big under storm just north of jaspers can be of urging coleman and that will be approaching guntersville and so you can see how the whole line now is starting to move on to the east and embedded in this line we could have some severe thunderstorms and perhaps some brie spin ups and some tornadoe as the mainline tries to push o through and even if we don't have any tornadoes the probability of seeing some strong gusty winds and some torrential downpour's are to be very high with this last line that will move on through probably between 10 and midnight tonight but still the threat of severe weather crossnore georgian southeast tennessee is our biggest concern in the near-term and with that we may have some information on one of these first storms that moved across a parts of north shore, throw it to danielle and she has some information on perhaps some damage over in southern walker county special that's right patrick there had with the added is also the down tree limbs and the road waits flooded and utterance drive at morningside drive utterance drive at morningside dr., highway one when in walker county has had significant damages and there has not been a confirmation of a tornado down yet however the data there's a lot of down trees and out powerlines as well and that a sample of a it in southern part of the county is seen most of the damage there in walker county i'm in there has been worth of flooding in alabama as well 4 inches of water over roads and calm her my boy scout camp run on lookout mountain and that's by county highway 89 most of these roads are very flooded at this time there has been a net there were some telephone poles and tree limbs down into two the i'm about 2 miles south southwest of trianon is well i'm so it seems as though the storm is definitely creating like the lady at the pulling on roads as well as down i'm powerlines is well structural damage has been confirmed and near trianon posted to the county as well i'm these are just rolling in as we are speaking this is from the national weather service as wel as a lot of emergency management offices are rolling this into a there is a tree in the roadway on the urine drive urine dr., east moore street cleveland hwy, lakewood drive time so if you know it's bad for you are you want to stay inside going to go out right now because it still very bad outside time that is all that we have right now or significant damages as a rollin will keep updating you on that part of the storm ... daniela wanted to go ahead and confirm basically what i just got into the weather office on titan radar a report from walker county confirming what you just mentioned that was perhaps damage from a tornado on go- ahead and the read the report here some reports of trees down possible structural damage along highway 151 at south lafayette and in southern walke county pds which is physically a meal was a short video indication that there's been debris tornado debris has been cited on the radar in this location that's what i was pointing out over the last of 45 minutes to an hour and a half tedious as tornado debris cited and that it is in this area right here over into a southern walker county as south of i lafayette probably hugging 27 give or take a couple miles in the walnut road of vicinity so that's so what we have take that off and the basically take a look at some other storm report that we we have the look at a lot of these are the less initial and preliminary obviously is too dangerous to get out but they did confirm that perhaps that was a tornado touchdown over parts of southern walker county and that has been probably the latest of the history of reports of stron when hale and damage all away from alice a chattooga county on your lookout mountain back on overthrew a parts of northern alabama as we widen the scale we haven't not have any damage reports from southeast tennesse but what i am getting now is i'm getting several reports of a flooding and flooding is gonna be a major story with this a lot of areas have a heart he had 234 inches of rain and unfortunately we have two big belts of rain would have to deal with this is the first one is moving through parts of jackson in southern marion county as will loop it just for 15 minutes and you can't get an indication that that's the first line will not in the first line the first lines with a severe weather that now prompting severe thunderstorm warnings for pulp on overthrew a parts of other western carolinas to cherokee and the severe thunderstorm warning that has now moved to dalton so other storm a worst o it is now pushing to the east side of dalton and will be moving into a some of the northern areas of the county an at the northern areas well and unfortunately it will track in the same areas is so warned area polk county so you may get too big thunderstorms within th next 45 minutes over in the northern murray and in the pulp counties and eventually to the hill country in monroe county near the high wants the by looking back to the west to big lines of the areas of heavier rain even thunderstorms with some high gusty winds especially from the state line southward that appears to be where the worst of the severe weather but still working at the threat of a lot of flooding i not only the north georgia but to the entire viewing area just got another warning area flood advisory on now for marion county that's the easy to deduc because you see this stuff a big area of heavy rain heading from long beach and south pittsburg now to jasper and now up and down the 24 through monteagle and now heading out to the nort and east through alice a powells crossroads approaching wit will and eventually this line will swing on to the east probably a affecting hale town and eventually into a southwestern hamilton county and into parts of sand mountain around the other piney woods area and perhaps into the around of a wildwood in morganton and even trenton as this line will swing on through and behind that ther is another line of heavy showers and thunderstorms now moving through huntsville ahead and i look at that try to pull in watches and warnings and force nothing they are some of warnings with this line as the warnings continue to show a ver volatile atmosphere with severa tornado warnings and arts of north-central alabama and there you see the one that the think we've had a confirmed tornado touched down near tuscaloosa an now at that i warned area has shift did and now moving out toward jefferson county and the birmingham so i to big supercell thunderstorms right ahead of that mainline that will continu to bring some really what rough weather to birmingham and areas to the north between birmingham and huntsville, zooming in it's like home and could be under the gun there ecm bow echo right there and the thunderstorms here i'll looks to be one is going severe that just ahead of the old that's out ahead of it and that's us still behind us so we have to deal with this over the next hour to two hours another warning is come so go ahead and check this one out as the flood warning has been reissued for marion county as the looks like we'll have area flood warnings of lost much of the area before all the that done so as we take a look at this radar and put it on what's going on right now want to take one last view of what we have going on when it comes to the current watches of warnings you see the severe thunderstorm warning that now has been extended from whitfield county on overthrew murray county for the next 35 minutes that includes chatsworth teton in crandall unfortunately you folks have had to deal with two or three severe storms now that storm is out of dalton as the a warned area has been left it now mainly across parts of eastern whitfield and to murray county's as can be tracking pretty fast between about the 5 and 55 mph to the north and eas here's the other thunderstorm heading i just outside a turtle town now moving toward tellico plains and the high yc and this hill country strong damaging winds probably the biggest threat with this along with some heavy torrential rains this area right here that you see canada a green triangle i this is a flash flood warning and the this is issued for a very huge area whe it comes a flash flood want to all awake bending from fanning county to date southward through all a chattooga and around through gordon all this eerie right here under flash flood warnings for the next 6 t 8 hours as we had some torrential rains with our rainfall totals just in about two or three hours of over 2 to 3 inches some areas have had locally or inches of rain on the back up the radar and torchlight the severe weather's not over there you see that tornado warned area that we showed you just a few minutes ago and the north-central alabama now heading into the calm and region and unfortunately romans had a history of a torn attic whether over the last 20 3040 years and there's at the warned area just to the west of harming him approaching jefferson county so that's what along with the main line of the under storms and as we take the warnings and watche off this is the main area that were to be concerned with after we get rid of hopefully by this last severe thunderstorm warnin across north georgia will set our site to the west and with this main line of thunderstorm activity in a squall line these will be most likely producing strong damaging winds but the leading edge and some of these little appendages could produce tornadoes as a couple areas are warned over and alabama at the present time from their i'll go ahead and throw to danielle and that she may have some more information on what's going on especially across north georgia patching there are some reports that the tree down in north georgia and there's a tree down and the house and been trying o in the hosteling entrapment there so they are working on training in those people free and try on every take a look at our hamilton county 911 call ctr.

We can see little be here to the air are in accidents on the road flooding as well i'm a road is for east brainerd rd.

I flooded and there is road closure at tunnel boulevard here in hamilton county and there ar debt lots and lots of hazards lee highway in pine hill road as high hazards birchwood hike in bramlett road i'm gun barrel road has more hazards and multiple accidents by the highway and it's just not a good time to be out at this time right now i'm still making sure definitely in high most of this severe weather it says that it pretty pretty bad in dalton right now they are experiencing very strong winds to the national weather service and some lemur to management people are and the winds are very high there's lots of words of trees down i'm especially those of yo that are in dalton and in walker county and there has been some more and because of the rotation has weekend and this is all east of dalton at this time so we are monitoring any reports of trees down any power outages or anything like that and that i have right now patrick what was one of the there okay danielle i wanted to go in korean horse what the at you are talking about they are with a lot of us of damage or ross nor jordan on of went out a few of the areas i've been hardest hit and i don't want to i forget you folks over the county fort payne's ha a couple of trees down a lot of the damage in this with that first storm that moved to ross on just as been pried to a thre hours ago now as is pushed into a chattooga county that have a lot of wind damage with winds gusting between 60 and 70 mph this is the first tornado warned area and that was the potential touchdown that was just south o lafayette right along highway 27 between lafayette and tryon right there the strong winds that was just over dalton that was just in the matter was a 5 to 10 minutes ago danielle was mentioning that that storm has lifted and moved on to the nort and east but we still have a severe thunderstorm warning out a parts of a murray county we still have that warned area as this is a pretty strong storm was in strong damaging winds now wishing in the northeastern paul after the high yc and back into southern monroe county tha will be lifting and rubbing on of the hill country don't want to forget this is this is a little line that's a producing some strong and heavy rains and some strong winds at leading- edge work, bows out like this can kinda see where it both that's indicating some wind gus perhaps 45 to 50 mph and we do have flood warnings with this little batch of rain now what's you probably you know what i was a unusual but what's different from this situation than what we had with the heavy rains in december january and february as we had to 3 inch rains but it was over a 24 3648 hour.

Now are seeing 234 inch rains over three and four hour.

That's why the flooding is a lot worse and were seeing flash flooding a lot of it because it's just raining so heavy in a short period of time that's why the flooding is wors than it was in december january and february in the we had a lot of rain it was over a longer period of time to these individual downpours could drop perhaps inch inch and a half almost 2 inches of rain per hour and even though it's moving pretty fast or see a lot of heavy intense rain and he look out to the west of the and wide the picture you going take this rate are full and i'll show you exactly what is going to happen around here over the next lsa hour to three hours as we have this long line that's going to continue to press on to the e style take off the storm report borland all storm reports across north alabama and this is just scratching the surface or is he a torn couple tornadoes a ross mississippi and a real bad tornado out rake i'm sure you'll see in the news towards fortunately some of these tornadoes were long-lasting and devastating type tornadoes with a have wins over 200 mph that'll be probably in the news that you'll see later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning ally the storm reports you thin and why their storm reports her they just haven't been posted i takes little time for people to get out and kind report these and get them to be reported so chances are before all is the number of the several awards and several flooding reports even some lightning has been an issue this is artie been reported in some of these are now starting to trickle into north georgia even some of lightning of problems that has caused fires a ross parts of northern alabama and into the southern tennessee so i'll take that off and this is probably what would have to deal with over the next hour to three hours is not over yet severe threat continues to push a northeastward and now with this mainline of the atmosphere is saturated but the atmosphere is very humid so we still have a potential of seeing some of the storms produce winds up to 60 70 mph in the leading-edge have had a history of producing tornadoes and we still have tornado warnings out and they continue for parts of northern alabama putting the watches and warning that tornado warning has been discontinued over the birmingha area now is a severe thunderstorm warning and over the coleman area at now is a tornado warning and we have a new tornado warning i think it just eat unfortunately i this is over northern on more murray and whitfield county's go-ahead and i get that information already read it says tornado warning northeastern murray and into whitfield county's severe thunderstorm cable producing tornado located near crandall but eight now miles north of chatsworth moving northeast at 55 miles north of chatsworth moving northeast at 55 mph radar indicated rotation and that's with this thunderstorm right here i go and put it on our storm tracker and and i go ahea and try to find out exactly where the storm is and is probably in this area right here as of the storm tracker is showing that there is some rotation up into polk county taking the watches and warnings off go-ahead in the take a look right there you see that curling that twist right there just a probably just a stone's throw from crandall probably two or 3 miles west of crandall right here in this last part the southwestern part of the storm which is prone to having tornadoes warm a restart to see a rotation right there with and put on the sweeping radar see i we can see little that are very see it right there with the curl in the twist perhaps there is some rotation in a follow may b trying form as it moves from a parts of the murderous unit whitfield county into murray county crossing for 11 getting a little closer take a look at some of the other communities that may be affecting obviously you're seeking shelter already a lot of this is farm country rul country but still the storm is very powerful it can as it continues to move on to the north and east with a rotation all away from temple grove on earth to crandall and of the southern edge is writer on econ moving all the way through 411 and will be moving in some of the hill country as we head into the next 10 to 20 minutes but once again i tornado warning has just been issued and will be in effect all the way to the state line for northern murray county for the next stuff i 20 to 25 and it as a severe thunderstorm warning is in part of that area just to the south as well and as a result of all the storms and all this heavy rain we still have the flash flood warnings that are posted in a big probably about an eight county region front stretches from dade on overthrew fanon back to the southwest even includes a piece of floyd county this is through the overnight as outlined in this area seen between 23 up to 4 inches of rain locally in a matter of six hours is too much too soon and unfortunate as to be a couple more adults of heavier rain the wish on in as the warned areas continue with lots of of flood warnings were northeast alabama as well along with that tornado warning one more look and then i'll throw i over to daniel for a couple of minutes and the show you basically this is our high top radar which is kinda interesting it usually does a good job within about a 50 mile radius but what's unusual about this high top radar tonight is picking up showers and strong storms a long way away from the radar what i mean by sometimes it doesn't pick up under storm activity on a given day around murphy too well but it is tonight that gives you an indication on how high how strong how dynamic these thunderstorms are denied as a push all away as some 60 7080 miles away from the radar's right and now this mainline is starting to get picked up for the close of the radar site so were to start to see realism enhanced and in some of this heavier rain and thunder storm and heavy as is now moved from hunt built now pushing toward guntersville and jackson county and that will be the area of rain and thunderstorms that i'm concerned about in two ways concerned about and producing strong gusty damaging winds and they could be even worse than normal because we've artie had saturation of 1234 inches of rain and so would be easier to knock a tree down and second fold because we've had 1234 inches of rain if this gives us another inch 2 inch and a half of rain within a 45 minute time than the flash flooding could b even worse than what we're dealing with right now so can learn about obviously the sever weather threat the flash flooding threat is going to be an issue as well as we had through the overnight and probably through tomorrow morning as well so if you're thinking wealth as can be better in the morning well in some areas it won't be better becaus the local tributaries local streams you know ditches and gutters and things like that will be running off and though some areas will be worse tomorrow morning and then they are right now so the flooding issue unfortunately danielle is going to be bad and it may get worse before it gets better i have one more warning that i want to go ahead and go and put up this is important when this is the new tornado warning out polk county this is the same one that has a prompted a tornado warning for a parts of murray county and this is the reason why you can see this thunderstorm here up with a warning up real briefly and very see extent always southeastern tennessee let's see how how long it's going to be in effect for and i this thunderstorm will be in effect until 1030 local time so 1030 local time is 10 o'clock now so for the next 30 minutes of this thunderstorm is going to be moving in this direction pretty quick lakes all away from northern murray, c, cmo's like a jigsaw piece of puzzle llamas is also like a jigsaw puzzle but this part right here the little groove right there that's the worst part of the storm that is the worst part of storm right there is a continues to move on to th north and is very rapidly that white will be a warning has been extended and i will put this in motion once again this is a good bit off the radar range when it comes to high top alabama but this is just in the last 30 minutes what the storm has done locale passes moved to daniels mentioning about the strong winds and dalton that the same storm that you do so stron winds now moving through north america would not be said rise if the rotation there is a getting pretty close to forming a final would be surprised if w had a touchdown a with this stuff warned area over the next attend to fit the minutes it i looking up unfortunately very suspicious that there may be a funnel forming with this thunderstorm but a well away from the radar so you think wow is weakening is just far enough away from the radar and is still picking up a rotation because i can see very high in the atmosphere and the an indication on how powerful the storm is as it continues to move from northern murray to be moving across in the southern pole and eventually through the inchoate and perhaps up to the lsa east of bitton in benton station, cutting through the central part of the polk county perhaps over the next lsa 3045 minutes and going put this on real wic this is a c as can be moving faster than that but these are some of the areas that it may b affecting over the next 30 to 4 minutes so i probably since i only got the radar range works for me with the that 25 miles an hour by moving 50 so you can cu off half the times about seven minutes to this area sunoco about 13 minutes to caney creek perhaps 15 minutes arch feel an so on and so on and that's what were looking at when it comes to with the that thunderstorm is a pretty dangerous storm is onc again it has produced a lot of damaging winds from dalton and now it has at suspicious lookin hook as the radar continues to show that even a good bit away from a high top alabama whited out see how hard it is from high top alabama there's high top right here there is the thunderstorm in question so it just doug goes to show you how strong and how dangerous the storm is as it moves into a polk county so danielle will continu to watch this a tornado warned area as a suspicious looking thunderstorm continues to race on to the north and east and a couple minutes will have anothe update on that case and patrick have been monitoring some of these trees down in flooding and in alabama and were pain on 30th st., northeast between avenue williams avenue there has been about four into the flooding the road is apparently closed and or miles west of shuttles mill george of the road is blocked t there's tree damage in a currently in-house damage as well i'm in appletree has been blown down in jellico tennessee i'm also the national weather service has been in that a tornado was located near you ha a wilderness i'm about 14 miles south of time and it's moving a about 50 mile 5 mph and into that there has been considerabl damage apparently reports of homes completely demolished on hall's valley drive and try on we are continuing to monitor this as well and there's another firm tornado located near cisco or about 12 miles north of chatsworth and that storm is probably st.

Lawrence movie about 55 miles an hour is well i'm and the trees are just being blown down apparently everywhere especially in northeast storage at patrick ar you in a picking up more stuff on titan radar ... and disco right in this area here are some southern pole county and horsley that the are that are being warned right now and am always i was i was a little suspicious of that thunderstorm that had that kind of doughnut shape or jigsaw puzzle appearance that kind of lead led me to believe that a tornado may have touchdown i'll take the warned area once again now pushing into polk county ca see it now heading to the north and east i'll take the warned and watch areas off and see even from a a four-way site as high top alabama can still see a a real big rotation around this big thunderstorm here as it perhaps does produce some damage and perhaps a tornado touched down see if i can find the area cisco right here as i daniels mentioning perhaps a tornado touched i was in damage and now the storm is pushed onto the north and east of pushing through dugan some of these are our for a pretty rural type and smaller type communities but still they need to be watched and warned as well and obviousl hope you folks have art seek shelter from the few storms tha you had to deal with the war this is about the fourth one in line that has moved through but this one perhaps is the strongest one as this can be i heading across highway 64 perhaps over the next 5 to 10 minutes this is the real danger storm and as a result a tornado warning continues to and tell him about 1030 local time that will push all away through the heart of the counties of polk county if you're anywhere and not ahead of this you need to seek shelter find a basement or find a central part of your hom that is the safest away from windows this is a real danger storm down to the west obviously were focusing on heavy rains of the under storm induced rains are not as common in the parts of north georgia but they've artie had 234 inches on fortunately to the west and now marion county's getting peppere by some real heavy downpours now out of jasper but perhaps the now heading toward whiteside and and back into hale town and eventually this can be moving up and over a signal mountain and affecting middle valley in hixson and red bank and around the chattanooga and the city probably will see this first area of heavy rain probably in the next 30 to 45 minutes and behind it the main area continues to pack a big punch with a lot of heavy rains and unfortunately we've had a lot o severe weather with that as well putting on the other radar which does a a pretty good job of extending how far this line dropped the south and southwest all the way down to the gym of the gulf coast near slidell louisiana to southern mississippi and the line continues will put this in motion and i want to show you one other thing to as we put this and do a motion now put in probably a couple of times and see that the mainline is put pulling on to the east and northeast working at the deal with this on fortunately for the next couple of hours over and see some very heavy rain all totals kind of in the same areas that we see a lot of rain all rated evening birmingham seeing some severe weather coleman wit that little bow shape that we indicated that that was a a tornado warned storm right ther before i want to back up and unfortunately there is a last line of showers and under storm this with the last of the call upper-level system the engine o all the severe weather is now pulling its way through arkansas so we have to deal with one last pencil thin line of strong and severe storms even after this one pushes on through this will be round to 3 o'clock in the morning if this does hold together now the atmosphere is really get used u by this a hopefully this a week and a little bit this line will weaken a little bit as it moves on to the ease but before that were in a have us a more heavie down was the deal with and a bigger concern i want to go ahead and push back in and i get back into polk county as this is been a real danger storm as daniel mentioned the four we've artie had some reports of damag near cisco taken off the composite radar put on the tita radar and see what's going on right now want to see some better news there is a little bit better news but i don't kno it could be just because it's getting out of radar range but you can see this is what's out what's being shown now from our high top radar may go ahead and see if i can ... has been a change radar sources but they around the more sounds can be justice for all things can be much help this is what's going on now the rotation of the cloud is now south-central of polk county as can continue to move basically on to the north and east pretty rapidly and got one other warned area want to g and mention flash flood flood warning for jackson county alabama we've had several of those and i suspect we see a lot of other flood warned areas over the next 3 to 6 hours so this i what this warned areas looking like right now as this can be passing highway 64 perhaps over the next lsa 5 to 10 minutes and the put on the storm track and see if we can find any for rotation they see it continue to rotate through seen several different rotations and some will see that the radars almost getting too busy and can't keep up with all the rotations that are been going on from this are so what's happened over the last say 3 to 4 hours we've had a most a straight line from gadsden near fort payne through chattooga county southern walk whitfield near dalton murray honors to hole into the hiawatha see almost online we've had three or four severe thunderstorms that have produced a couple of different tornadoes this is been obviously the wors hit area from gadsden to fort payne the tryon to somerville t dalton perhaps in the northern erie county now in the pulp county and i even into some of the hill country over parts of monroe county when it comes the flooding all of north george's been hit ready hard i we've had 234 inches of rain so far now are seeing more heavy torrential rains pushed through marion county even parts of a southern sick watching county hamilton county near a saudi daisy seeing some heavier downpours and real heavy rain i stretching from just outside a high top now how pushing toward hollywood and got sprue in alabama and i that's going to be heading on to the ease so over the next is a 1 to 2 hours i suspect we can have a lot flooding as this line pushes on through and when the initial line initial line pushes on through will have some wind gust at between 30 and 40 miles hour to that will aggravate our problems when it comes to downe trees and danielle we've artie had a lot of downed trees and rossi area is so far tonight that nitrite patrick and there has been more forthcoming in freshman don north georgia i know that something a lot of different places you might want to get him help your neighbors and it's not advice right now is i said earlier the reports take time to get in even though we might have said it doesn't mean there's not any damage out there i'm there's currently a water rescue going on right now on willowdale road and in dalton i'm an accident intersection of kimberly park drive i'm a car is stuck in water a tree has fell onto a structure on ridgely circle and don our department is on the way to help those who allow there's another tree on a structure on the 200 block of hewitt derive and that just came in from the national weather service is well so it seems as though a lot of these are what the damage from north georgia are definitely some rolling in they keep coming in pretty much every single minute you want to make sure you stay in the house right now even though you know when to get out and try to her neighbors is not a good time at the merton management will handle that situation because it could be worse you don't know what you could be going out and stepping in as well see what makes you taking your time and the signs are not over either that in mind as well you don't want to get out there and get caught in more rain or heading down worth that not only want either the you yourself have to be rescued want to make sure you staying in a house right now like i said there is a water rest going on right now trying to out of car at willowdale roa into art and lots of trees down into of the fire department is very very busy right now as well and that is all of the new updates i have on the tree falls in damages around the area righ now i know patrick and some more about wind damage over there yeah danielle you mentioned hewitt road back to if you don't know where that is th one going show you where there just to the east of dalton rightness area and the eastern's part of dalton obvious at 9:34 pm this is when we got that were court i just all about 45 minutes ago tree reported down on the 200 block of hewitt dr., whitfield county you see a lot of these type reports but it was because of a series of thunderstorms but perhaps this last one that is often the tornado warning that continues to polk county that one is had protect early history of producing wind damage across whitfield murray and now in the whole counties in the new tornado warning that has the continued correction until polk county wouldn't bring this up i the ... take a look ... k i think at 10:13 pm to go ahead and take this off and i wouldn't give you a good reference one as i read this ... this ... i do 1013 i confirm tornado located out 8 miles southwest of denton's with the same understand that we have talked about right there 8 miles southwest of benton and it continues to move on to the north and east law enforcement has confirmed the tornado is to be moving across highway 64 any minute now as can be zipping on to the north and east is right here this is the worst of this weather to the east of parksville and the obviously you need to seek shelter flying debris is a going to be potentially hazardous with this as it continues to move on to the north and east and take a quick little eye loop in history this is the same thunderstorm that moves through dalton that we talked about the damage on hewitt street and i that's the same thunderstorm that's produced damage near cisco and now moving through polk county now we have law enforcement confirming a tornado that that is on the ground or has touchdowns about miles to the south and west of benton so this is that thunderstorm that has caused all the damage from dalton on her to polk county and it continues to be a very dangerous storm as it moves on to the north and east into the heart of polk county between about 55 and 60 and 60 mph so unfortunately are seeing lots reports of damage and unfortunately probably as night goes on you'll see lots of little dots and lots of little indicators of wind damage flooding even some i tornado touchdowns across nor georgian now in the southeastern tennis the worst of the weather east o 75 in southeast tennessee and a north georgia generally's from walker county whitfield county murray county southwest into chattooga county and back in th northeast alabama so hopefully that will be the last of the reports it will get still is packing a punch and can be moving northeast pretty fast so even if you live in the monroe county this can be a pretty dangerous storm they'll have a lot of rotation in it as it doe on to the north and east around 60 miles an hour rain is now starting to pick up and i were starting to see some heavier downpours i'll take off the local storm watch now or start to see some heavy rains and chattanooga proper and these rains are pushing on top of walden's ridge some really intense rain from a just outsid hytop your scottsboro watching this area right here pretty carefully could have some rotation with that leading edge of that thunderstorm and the some of the wins with this the eye thunderstorm complexes can be very very gusty as well as a continues to sweep on in this hopefully will be the last area very intense rain that is really going aggravate the flooding situation that we have across north georgia and a number of marion county and up perhaps in hamilton county as well would not be surprised if we have some flash flood warnings issue for parts of marion and hamilton and bradley in polk county's as this sweeps on through but hadn't put this on our current radar sweep but on the watches and warnings saying, get a refresher visit storm obviously the storm tracks that were looking at the mainline unfortunate were staying rotation at the leading edge of this squall line it will continue to press on to the east here's what were i going t be looking at when it comes to watches and warnings we have tornado warnings that are in polk county now i have tornado that went to coleman is now pushing onto the north and east can to get unfortunately close to jackson county perhaps over the next 30 to 45 minutes some that we have watch pretty carefully as it moves on to the north and east looks like it's trying to hit toward southeast tennessee may be in that they county in the next hour to hour and a half so these are the warnings and watches what you see and read right here and right here i these are tornado warnings what you see in the account of the spring green or the irish green these are all last flood warnings and look at the big area that's engulfing all of north west georgia also parts of the northeast alabama including southern the cab as this area from dade on everything northern floyd ross into fanning counties this area is really hard to get over the last 34 hours of seeing 234 inches of rain locally so now he flash flooding will be an issue but some of our local creeks and streams and tributaries are to be swollen to just in a matter of a couple of hours of time a lookout creek talk about chickamauga creek talk about th holy creek and a lot of the other a smaller creeks that wil be dumping into these bigger rivers over the next 12 to 24 hours so that's what we have going on right now the name line still to our west and fortunately we have severe weather still ahead of it and hope county where he had a history of a severe weather with this particular storm worn storm that's now quickly moving on to the north and east as the law enforcement have reported a tornado touched down tornado on the ground somewhere in this vicinity here about 8 miles to the south are of a benton in this area here is a continues t move on onto the north and north east the same thunderstorm to produce the severe weather over and cisco and i moved basically from dalton where we had the severe weather i just o the eastern out stretches of th adult right there with the trees down as well so unfortunately it has been a very very stormy and very very damage written night across north georgia from chattooga honors her southern walker where we had one confirm tornado touchdown chances are we will have more than one probably 2 to 3 maybe four before all is said and done when law enforcement and emergency management personnel get out on the scene but that probably won't be until tomorrow morning is far too dangerous tonight tonight is a time for only emergency type rescues when it comes to up hitting out the weather anybody should stay inside they say because it's not over just yet the severe with weather threat will continue not only on the leading edge of this which was the front end of the storm system but now we hav the leading edge of the squall line that's had a history of producing tornadoes across alabama in your coleman and back into tuscaloosa as i'll take the warnings and watches off one more look at that will show the mainline is now pushing in the birmingham pushing past huntsville but every little kink are curl that you see in this line capable producing strong gusty winds even some rotation even some small spin ups and tornadoes that we do have a warrant area right here is moving on to the north and needs so of your watching or listening in a jackson county even to county chances are you may have to deal with this stor before all is said and done as a car runs up the mainline back to the south and west lies severe weather and still there's that one last line that continues to press now toward the mississipp river moving through memphis over the next hour to hour and half to be quick over so believe it or not a problem this line or what's left of it will probably be around here by maybe to 3 o'clock in the morning so look at the distance is going to travel just in a matter of a fe hours it's gonna be zipping to the east and northeast at between 60 and 70 miles or are as this upper-level system the last of the engine of the storm will finally start to pull on a move on to the north and east but not out of the woods because we have this last line of of your weather or potential sever weather is going to be a giving us problems in twofold first we still can have some damaging winds and up perhaps even some brief tornado spin ups with thi mainline and secondly i would have to deal with some heavy torrential rains that will last for only about 15 to 30 minute time and we have rainfall you know potential in a thunderstorm dedicated rain between 1 to 3 inches an hour i a for thunderstorm complexes over your area for 30 minutes to get a inch of rain are quick inch and a quarter of rain it's in some areas of had over 34 inches of rain we just can't take it anymore and obviously that's going to read a problem when it comes to saturating the soul and if we have a wind gust of 3040 miles router will have more trees down so it's kind of a cumulative effect when it comes systems and when the storms last for several hours which this one is first you have the rainfall and you get a quick half inch of rain saturated soul becomes an issue then you have some severe weather you have some trees down you have more rains with those severe thunderstorm that could amount to 234 inches of rain and then when you have a last wall line any sort of gust of wind trees are a lot more susceptible right now than they were just a 10 hours ago so that's a problem that were to be faced with with this last line at continues to move on through to take a littl break and i will be back here just a few minutes and take another look at the radar and take another look at this mainline and also that last one area hope county to see if that storm continues to move on to the north and east and out of our areas

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