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Sunday, 24 January 2021

Stay At Home Fest

Credit: WCBI
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Stay At Home Fest
Stay At Home Fest
It's pretty common to see festivals throughout out the area every spring.

It's pretty common to see festivals throughout out the area every spring.

But this has been a very uncommon spring.

Now, the arts you normally see at a street fair are playing on your computer.

Wcbi's tyler hull tells us how... starkville should have used sunday to clean-up after the cotton district arts festival.

However, covid-19 put a dent in this year's plans and required organizers to reschedule.

The event normally has plenty of food and music.

With the coronavirus spreading through the community, a new idea to share the arts is making its way to facebook.

"the goal is to provide online content for the public while they're at home wheather it's for entertainment or wheather its to help parents who are home schooling their kids it really serves both purposes and at the same time helps get income into the hands of a lot of artists who've lost their jobs" starkville area arts council executive director john bateman says the virtual "stay at home fest" event also allows artists that have been laid off, due to covid-19, a place to play.

"a good place to start is to go to the stay at home fest ms facebook page.

Because all of the organizations who are participating in that are creating events and posting them there and on their organizations website and in those events it'll tell folks most of the stuff is live streaming through facebook.

There's been a few things that have live- streamed through instagram but to go to that facebook page that's really the best way because then you can sort of see what's going on around the state" "stay at home fest" will continue, with the help of other area arts councils, as long as there is interest.

Tyler hull wcbi news for the schedule of events you can visit our website at


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