Biden Team Feuding Over Online Battle With Trump
Biden Team Feuding Over Online Battle With Trump

According to a story in Politico, senior leaders in Joe Biden's campaign are fighting over how to battle Pres.

Tump's online fundraising machine.

Politico says a rift that comes as campaigning has moved largely online.

Biden is up against a massive deficit against Trump’s unprecedented digital operation.

What's the disagreement about?

Whether to hire most of its digital team internally or to rely on Michael Bloomberg's digital firm Hawkfish.

The battle over Hawkfish is a generational fight.

Older Biden staffers are more receptive to Hawkfish’s pitches than younger, digitally native staffers.

Some argue the an in-house digital team would make the campaign more nimble, save money, and generate more authentic content.

Since the coronavirus shutdown began last month, the campaign has not added any digital staffers.

Trumps team consists of hundreds of digital staffers and growing.