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Sunday, 1 August 2021

Small business in North Alabama apply for more government help

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Small business in North Alabama apply for more government help
Small business in North Alabama apply for more government help

Small business in North Alabama apply for second round of government financial help

In colbert county.

New details -- this morning the second round of the paycheck protection program opened up and after the money quickly ran dry in the first round of help, millions of small businesses rushed online to apply today.

Waay 31's casey albritton is live in huntsville after talking to two businesses in desperate need of help to stay open.

Here at cabana wax-- the owner tells me if she receives any money- it will go straight to rent.

Others tell me most of the money will be used to pay employees-- either way, business owners across north alabama say they need the help.

Garrett hardee/ hippea camper "i just recently applied so i could get some kind of relief during this time."

Garrett hardee owns a plant- based food truck called hippea camper.

Monday morning, he applied for the second round of the paycheck protection program.

Garrett hardee/ hippea camper it's really not bad.

Just a one- page form.

But you do have to have your finances in order."

He applied through redstone credit union.

Hardee said he's been struggling to pay his employees since the coronavirus pandemic started.

Garrett hardee/ hippea camper "if we could get some kind of stimulus support we could have some income ourselves."

He's one of thousands of businesses in north alabama struggling to make ends meet.

Alison dennis/ cabana wax "it's more expensive than people who are not small business owners realize.

There's so much that goes into it.

There are so many bills you have to pay."

Alison dennis owns cabana wax.

She applied for the first round of ppp and is still waiting to hear back.

The federal government says her application automatically rolled over into the new fund.

Alison dennis/ cabana wax "the fund ran out and we never saw anything from it."

She says she needs the money to keep her business open.

Alison dennis/ cabana wax "i was devastated.

I mean, i cried.

It was just grief.

That's the only way to describe it."

Both dennis and hardee say they hope to see some kind of help from the government soon.

Garrett hardee/ hippea camper "it would relieve a lot of the stress everyone is feeling right now.

I'd be able to know that i can pay my bills."

If you're interested in applying for small businesses assistance, go to our website, at waay tv dot com.

Live in huntsville, casey albritton, waay


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