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Monday, 25 January 2021

Hawkinsville women walk to honor man shot in Brunswick

Credit: WMGT
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Hawkinsville women walk to honor man shot in Brunswick
Hawkinsville women walk to honor man shot in Brunswick

A recent video has been circulating social media showing the fatal shooting of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick.

For 41nbc news at 6.

I'm tucker sargent.

Shelby coates will join us in a moment.

Our top story tonight at 6: a video was released this week shows 25 year old ahmaud arbery shot and killed in brunswick.

Today, members of a hawkinsville church took to the street to remember arbery.

41nbc's jatrissa wooten has more.

"standup: three woman from house of grace church in hawkinsville walked to honor ahmaud arbey- the man shot while joggin?they say with each step they hope for change" greshian humphries: resident "your should be able to walk and run wherever you want to without fear of anything" these women walked about 2.5 miles friday morning with a lot on their mind.

The murder of ahmaud arbery happened in february, but is now gaining national attention after a video of the incident was leaked tuesday.

According to a police report, arbery was killed after a fightt with two men.

"i feel like he was hunted down like a wild animal" denise williams says injustices like this need to be called out denise williams: resident "the less people know, the longer this kind of stuff goes on.

I believe that what they did was very wrong and i believe they should

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