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Friday, 30 July 2021

Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge,GA talks about surviving the lockdowns

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge,GA talks about surviving the lockdowns
Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge,GA talks about surviving the lockdowns
Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge,GA talks about surviving the lockdowns

Chip chapman >> let's just ... jordan is morning is david lillard.

David is the orchard manager at first-year orchards.

She was then dollars show here in the times.

First of all, david.

Good morning good mornin dale were doing great.

Give us the 30 second executive synopsi of the story behind your ... i'll give you the down and dirty on intent is a family run art.

We are in our work generation.

We're 77-year-old form located in rolling hills ridge, georgia.

We grow everything strawberries to i was looking out while back at the first or second time geiser willis just at the sheer variety of apples.

Oh well you guys grow its tremendous well so it's really not so you are right, just drop in the bucket and the right.

We have about 40 different flavors about myself will i can tell you everything i've ever had your orchard is absolutely mouthwatering handle actually good will ask you this how is the coven.

I coven 19 pandemic affected your business.

So for well is affected our family and what i mean when i say that is is affected our employees and inspected our customers which is really soulless and such a dynamic situation based ... we took a preemptive step about six weeks ago and shut our market down just in case it was a lot of unknown out there to protect our so is affected a lo also ... is her you folks do sort of consider your employees and you customers as members of your extended ... we sure they really are all ... we will differentiate our are you guys open for business.

He to a partial degree or people able to visit and make a purchase ... we are we have we got the doors back open on may first nine guys got hurt and all cdc guidelines so we are we are open and going business monitored didn't stop so right shoulder store down the working five, si, seven days a week.

Feels so you may first is a different shopping experience is limiting the number of votes in the store were were asking our customers to please respect our employees asked so it is still going strong.

Tell us what is caesar now and what is coming u next ... right now okay so as of about two weeks we started taking on fresno and stronger as you can be to good codes sweet strawberry right from the field is outstanding group freedom and variety strawberry all beyond june charlie ran several hundred gallons at a time.

They quit if folks are not familiar with your operation where you're located.

What is the first day.

What is the must have from zero to i wanted to take back the urine.

So is there, there are very experienced before.

That's a great link when you folks.

To that realization.

It there are people out there in the field will that's really why one poster take back this part of the joy my job is connecting to let the city come to our app on we also sell the single fried pie with my grandmother started out to see people come in and we're rubbed supply robert like so much for sharing your time with us if you want to find out what it's all about is your richards down there and hang ou with david talk to him, find ou exactly what happens from the time the apples and strawberries.

Whatever plan until the time they are in your hand in your mouth.