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Monday, 8 March 2021

Disney streaming exec set to be TikTok CEO

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Disney streaming exec set to be TikTok CEO
Disney streaming exec set to be TikTok CEO

Disney's top streaming executive, Kevin Mayer, will leave the entertainment and theme parks giant to become the chief executive officer of TikTok, the popular video app owned by China's ByteDance, the companies said on Monday.

Walt Disney's head of streaming - Kevin Mayer- is heading to TikTok to be its CEO.

He'll lead the popular video-sharing social network as well as its Chinese parent company ByteDance, on June 1.

Mayer was the executive of the direct-to-consumer division for Disney.

He oversaw the launches of Disney Plus - adding 50 million subscribers in five months under his leadership - as well as ESPN Plus, and the integration of Hulu.

However, when Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger stepped down in February, Mayer was looked over for the role.

Instead, it went to former Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Executive Bob Chapek.

Mayer's new role with TikTok and Chinese owner ByteDance is already in the spotlight.

Washington has concerns over how the company handles personal data.

Some senators wants to ban federal employees from using TikTok on government phones.


Josh Hawley said on Twitter Monday (May 18) that TikTok quote "previously told me they couldn't attend hearings and testify because executives were located in #China.

But this new executive lives in the USA.

I look forward to hearing from him.

Under oath."


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