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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Ironwood Springs offering alternatives for camps

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Ironwood Springs offering alternatives for camps
Ironwood Springs offering alternatives for camps

Starting June 8, they'll be holding horse day camps for kids that comply with social distancing.

And minimize sharing of new on daybreak new for you on daybreak?

Students across the state didn't get to experience their last few months of school.

And now some might not get to go to their usual summer camps either.

Kimt news 3's madelyne watkins joins us this morning to tell us how one organization is making accommodatio ns to help kids still create memories.

Madelyne./// brooke.

Behind me is ironwood springs christian ranch.

Normally hundreds of kids would be on this property to take part in youth camps throughout the summer.

While that won't be happening this year... they are preparing for other things the kids can do.

For example... ironwood springs will be holding horse day camps starting june 8th.

It'll be 12 kids that's separated into two groups to follow the 10 person rule.

You can also enjoy the scenery by taking a trail ride.

Executive director, tracy bashore, tells me a huge part of their money comes in during the summer... so they had to get creative with how to still bring in that income.

While he knows the next couple months won't be the same... he's happy to be able to have customers on the property "a lot of the people we serve are very isolated.

So we definitely want to be able to get through this to bring that back.

Our camps that we're doing, our horse day camps, are faith camps.

So it's not like we're going away from our mission."

Ironwood springs also has a campground for you to stay at.

They won't be allowing as many campers on site as usual to practice social distancing... but that will be opening in thank you madelyne.

He says they were able to pay the employees through june thanks

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