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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Webinar to help small businesses with adjustment

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Webinar to help small businesses with adjustment
Webinar to help small businesses with adjustment

The goal is to share how small businesses are growing and handling the new guidelines to help others do the same.

This new on daybreak new for you on daybreak, businesses have been working through a lot of different obstacles to make ends meet during the pandemic.

And each business owner has their own experience.

Kimt news 3's madelyne watkins joins us live this morning to explain how the community plays a role in helping entrepreneurs in rochester.

Madelyne./// brooke and tyler.

Later today... business owners will be meeting on a zoom call through their computer screen just like this?

To discuss how their business is doing throughout this pandemic.

It's part of a new series with the no?profit organization "collider" called "inspirational collisions."

Director of communication s, amanda leightner, tells me her goal is to share how these small businesses in rochester are growing and handling all the new guidelines coming their way right now.

She's hoping this will inspire some individuals to pursue their dream of becoming an entrepreneur and let them know they can still make it happen even through a pandemic.

Leightner says without the community though, small businesses wouldn't be "i think the community plays a huge role in supporting entrepreneurs and small business.

I think that's really come to a lot of people's awareness with covi?19 how making purchases locally, how important that is for some businesses."

The zoom call starts at 2 this afternoon and anyone is welcome to join if you're wanting to hear their stories.

We'll have the information on how you can do so on our website kimt dot com.

Live in rochester.

Madelyne watkins kimt thank you madelyne.

"collider" plans on holding these zoom calls

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