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Sunday, 26 September 2021

Local churches reopening

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Local churches reopening
Local churches reopening
local churches reopening

Many churches have been planning how they're going do that.

Newschannel 2's brent kearney spoke with the syracuse catholic diocese, and a local church about their plans.

I was hoping the announcement would be made in the relatively near future t i didn't anticipate that it would be today or giving a immediate permission father joe salerno at our lady of lourdes church says he was delightfully surprised when he heard the governor' announcement and is looking back to welcoming back his paritioners.


None .

None "very much so i'm exciteabout ie operating at full capacity but a 25% capacity that makes a huge difference rather than just worshiping with 10 or less people.

But it will be great to see people back again the fill this church."

"now in terms of when the church kennel operation is back in for in church services father joe says they have to submit a plan to the diocese first before they can do so."

"it's certain a signhat we arreasonabg people together safely.

People are committed to the safeguards, one of the greatest challenges for all of us is to say that we all just may go back to normal.

We may never go back to normal some changes that are going to be made that just makes sense so people can stay healthy."

Father joe says that parishioners will be greetedwits since they last attended service.

Some of those changes include, wearing masks will be mandatory, the church will be completely sanitized before and service, communion will be in bread form and distributed with social distancing, their will be no choir, and no gatherings before and after service.

"we still have keep sae many of the dictives bothf the diese and the sta.

Butat leo gather at at least 150 to 200 people at a time.

Should that many people desire to come to worship."

Father joe says another major change, parishioners will now have to register for services through an online reservation system on the church's facebook page.

Father joe says their is also a number you can call if you don't have access to it.

That number is 315--404-8057 "we can only accommodate 150 to 200 people those people actually have to register tocomf the month to be present to mass itself otherwise will continue to tape and live stream liturgy so people who cannot come or choose not to come can still be part of the worship community."

Father joe says expects the church to be prepared to resume services within the next couple of weeks.

The number to call and register if you cant access the internet is 315- 404- 8057 in utica brent kearnenewchannel> local churches

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