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Monday, 27 September 2021

WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 06/17/2020

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 06/17/2020
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 06/17/2020
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 06/17/2020

Thanks for staying up with us tonight..

Voices in lowndes county are calling for change after racially charged remarks from board of supervisors president harry sanders go public..

As cash matlock tells us some of those voices are coming from the business community - and others are coming from the courthouse..

"i feel like black lives are extremely important and apparently the supervisors don't agree."

Courthouse protestors calling for immediate action from county supervisors in response to comments made by board president harry sanders.

District 2 supervisor trip hairston... released this statement early wednesday morning.

"i support immediate action to remove harry sanders as president of the lowndes county board of supervisors."

"we cannot reach our goals while being lead by a president with those views."

These goals could include future economic development in lowndes county.

"with corporations looking to relocate here or even locate here with various businesses, those type comments matter, and people take those to heart.

I am concerned about the economic impact of those statements."

Chief executive officer of the golden triangle development link joe max higgins had this to say in regards to sanders' comments.

"we are deeply saddened and disappointed that supervisor harry sanders, a partner who has contributed to the growth of our region, made statements in meetings and in subsequent news interviews which cast a disturbing and negative shadow on our community..."

It was a vote on removing the confederate statue in front of the lowndes county courthouse that prompted sanders' comments to a local newspaper.

Supervisors voted 3-2 to keep the monument where it is.

Now, that could change.

Hairston voted monday to leave the monument in place... he has since changed his mind.

"i couldn't move forward with keeping the monument where it was when there is so much controversy regarding those comments."

"with the cooperation of the mayor, when he offered to pay for half of the move and to accept it in friendship cemetery, that was a big thing."

Protestors at today's rally say it's important for other leaders, especially white community leaders, to take a stand.

"it's important for white people to speak up, and we have privilege, and it's time for us to use our voice to support our black brothers and sisters who need us.

There has never been a more important time to use your voice."

Wipe to vo the backlash is spreading throughout the community one group is calling for harry sanders to do more than step aside as president of the board of supervisors..

The naacp held a press conference at the courthouse..

Calling for sanders to resign from office altogether.

Lowndes county branch president, lavonne harris says sanders comments were not only hurtful.

But also brought back dark memories of slavery... and says she is going to do all she can to see sanders step down.

"we done been down that history.

You don't know where slavery is about.

You have never been whooped, beaten had to get up been raped you know, beat, go to bed hungry he's not used to that.

And harry is living a good life but he he don't understand he's living a good life off of slaves."

The group that gathered this morning all say they care about lowndes county and its future.

As our bobby martinez found, it was a diverse group - with a common goal..

A call for action... "harry sanders must go..

Harry sanders must go."

Was the focus of wednesday's gathering..

These people say the only option for sanders now is for him to step down from his elected position.

" he needs to resign.."

April clayton says sanders comments do not represent the city of columbus.

Sot - april clayton - columbus "the fact that he does not represent columbus in any way shape or form.

What he said about the african- american community was ignorant and inappropriate."

Many people believe sanders comments are tone deaf and could not come at a worse time.

And to zab clayton... enough is enough... "i just think it is important that as a white person i show that harry sanders does not speak for all of us.

We need to show support for black and brown people in our city and our country and tell them that they are not alone in this fight.

And that we can use our privilege as white people to amplify their voices.."

Wiggins also wants people nationwide to know sanders comments don't reflect the state of mississippi..

Sot - zab wiggins - columbus "mississippi is not as backwards as everyone wants to think.

You know there are plenty of young people who disagree with harry sanders' grossly telling of history because that is not historically accurate."

Cataurus shields says he is happy the crowd is diverse.

Sot - cataurus shields - columbus "i believe that it is great that we had a whole multitude of races not just black white but all people to come together.

And that's what we have to do as a community come together to lift not just black people but the whole community up.

We are brotherhood and we are family you have to lift each other up."

Take developing story stinger the atlanta police officer who fired the shots that killed rayshard brooks in the parking lot of an atlanta wendy's friday night will face 11 criminal charges - including felony murder..

The second officer is currently on administrative duty.

Cbs's mark strassman has the latest from atlanta you certainly can't fire a handgun at someone who is running away.

Paul howard, fulton county's district attorney, will prosecute former police officer garrett rolfe with a mountain of evidence.

Eight videos of the shooting...ten witnesses...and testimony against rolfe from his partner that night, officer devin brosnan.

"he would become one of the first police officers to actually indicate that he is willing to testify against someone in his own department " also in the room tomika miller, the widow of rayshard brooks and mother of their four children.

I'm not causing no problems. the night brooks was killed, initially he was cordial with officers rolfe and brosnan.

I had one drink.

What kind?

A margarita but after he failed a sobriety test.

The officers moved to arrest him.

Put your hands behind your back.

Stop fighting.

Stop fighting.

Stop fighting!!!

Brooks wrestled away brosnan's taser - and ran.

Rolfe chased him.

Brooks, running in the wendy's parking lot, fired the taser wildly.

Video shows rolfe firing three gunshots.

Band bang bang!!!

As brooks lay mortally wounded howard says rolfe kicked brooks and brosnan stood on his shoulder.

After two minutes .

Rolfe began giving brooks cpr "keep breathing mr. brooks."

The medical examiner ruled brooks had "two gunshot wounds his back."

Atlanta lit up in outrage.

The wendy's burned.

Protestors squared off with riot police.

Rolfe was an atlanta cop for seven years.

He was involved in a 2016 shooting, and received a written reprimand.

" hurt it hurt really bad."

Tomika miller says rolfe destroyed her family.

áááái was very hurt i didnt imagine being there cause because i dont know what i wouldve done if i had seen it for myself but i felt everything that he felt just by hearing what he went thru and it hurt it hurt really bad tag: late this afternoon the attorney for officer devin brosnan says brosnan is cooperating with prosecutors.

But he not made a decision to testify against rolfe.

Ms cbs atlanta rolfe and brosnan have 6pm tomorrow to turn themselves.

If convicted on all of the counts, rolfe could spend the rest of his life in prison..

Off top take vo off top if timing is everything, then take a moment thursday to watch part two of better together - a mid morning conversation.

Aundrea self talks with attorney and west point pastor orlando richmond, nadia colom, the former executive director of the golden triangle boys and girls club, tupelo's leah davis, a recent graduate from the university of mississippi and jason roberson, a student at morehouse college.

This group talks about the real meaning behind those terms we hear so often.

Systemic racism.

Black lives matter and what it means to be an ally - a valuable conversation, especially right now.

Sot first look stinger sot first look stinger first look summary: our weather is going to be pretty quiet through sunday.

Better chances of scattered showers and storms will return next monday & tuesday.

Wednesday night: mostly clear and quiet.

Lows in the low to mid 60s.

Calm wind.

Thursday: partly cloudy and warm.

Highs in the mid to upper 80s.

Just a slight chance of a stray shower.

Winds nw 5-10 mph.

Mississippi universities plan to reopen in the fall, but there's a big unknown as they assess their risks// and it's highlighted with a new spike in cases among ole miss students// courtney ann jackson explains.

When a university student tests positive for covid- 19, it gets reported as a case for their permanent county of residence...not that college town.

So, how do universities plan for mitigating the risks when students return if they don't have a full picture?

"if they get tested at a clinic in town, the only way we'd know that is if they picked up the phone and called us."

And that's what the university of mississippi is asking it's faculty, staff and students to do---self-report regardless of where they're tested.

Oxford mayor robyn tannehill was alerted last week to a rise in student cases by nurse practitioner laura hill.

"we had a few students that came up here because they had been around another student who was positive.

So, we started testing anyone who had come into contact, symptoms or not.

90 percent of the positives we've been getting have been completely asymptomatic."

Tannehill checked with three other clinics and found that 162 ole miss students had tested positive in those four locations since june 1.

"as of yesterday, we had a 195 cases since march 19 and so it almost doubled our number in the past two weeks."

And social gatherings may be the point of transmission.

"we are aware that an event took place, a social event in the city.

As soon as we heard about that event, we gave a clear directive that all social and recruiting events are suspended for the summer in all cities for fraternities and sororities."

In oxford, they're trying to be proactive.

"we have created our own form that we will be asking our own clinics to give us information.

Several that i've spoken with have said...i can give it to you once a week."

Courtney ann jackson, wcbi news other public universities said they're evaluating the best practices for ensuring student safety when they return in the fall// stinger wx open summary: unsettled weather will remain in place through tuesday night with scattered rain and storm chances.

A cold front will sweep out the rain and humidity by mid morning wednesday leaving us with sunny and warm weather for the rest of the week and upcoming weekend.

Monday night: areas of showers will continue but gradually diminish in size and scope.

The threat of an isolated tornado should gradually end during the evening hours but we'll just have to monitor radar trends.

Look for a mild night with lows in the mid 70s.

Breezy se winds between 10 and 25 mph.

Tuesday: mostly cloudy with showers lingering first thing in the day.

A mix of sun and clouds is expected to develop as time goes on but that could lead to a few more showers or storms. highs are going to push 90?

With higher heat indices at times.

Winds ssw 10-20 mph.

Tuesday night: a cold front may spark a line of showers and storms after midnight.

While we can't rule outfew isolated strong storms most spots will not experience anything too rough.

Lows will be in the low to mid 70s.

Wednesday: any rain chance should move east by mid morning allowing sunnier and less humid conditions to build in on the heels of westerly winds.

Highs top out in the mid 80s.

Wednesday night: clear and refreshing.

Lows in the low 60s.

Thursday-monday: mostly sunny to partly cloudy, warm, and dry.

Highs in the upper 80s to around 90 with overnight lows mainly in the low to mid 60s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news each year about 750-thousand americans seek treatment for a hernia// experts believe hundreds of thousands suffer in silence out of fear of surgery// dr. brad beckham, a general surgeon at baptist golden triangle discusses why it's nothing to be afraid of// hi, i'm dr. brad beckham, general surgeon and part of the surgical team at baptist memorial hospital, golden triangle.

Last time on health talk we discussed some common types of hernias and how they form.

Tonight we will talk about some common symptoms of hernias and the risk factors associated with developing a hernia.

The common theme to risk factors for developing a hernia all relate to anything that causes an increase in the pressure inside the belly.

These include being overweight or obese, heavy lifting, chronic coughing, copd, frequent straining with bowel movements, as well as smoking.

If you have had a hernia repaired, smoking is also one of the biggest risk factors for the hernia coming back.

The most common symptoms of a hernia are a bulge or lump at the site of the hernia and some soreness or pain at the site.

As long as the discomfort is mild, the hernia can be addressed without any urgency.

Frequently these bulges will come and go and may be relieved with lying down and gentle massage.

If the bulge will not go down, and the hernia becomes increasingly painful, the skin on top of it becomes red, you begin vomiting, or passing blood with your stool, you should seek medical attention immediately, as these are all warning signs that something from inside the belly has become trapped in the hernia.

Thanks for watching, join us next time for health talk with baptist when we will discuss treatment options for hernias.

Stinger college football season is still 2 months away but covid-19 is always wreaking havoc with the schedule..

Tom has details when we come back..

Spx open take spx full you'll have to wait a decade....but the mike leach bowl is coming to starkville!

Mississippi state and washington state have agreed to a home and home series for august 2030 in starkville...and august 2031 in pullman, washington leach spent the past eight season as the head coach of washington state before taking the mississippi state job kermit davis and ole miss have taken advantage of the transfer portal the past two seasons.... adding dimencio vaughn and romello white this offseason....along with the additions of jarkel joiner, shon robinson, matt murrell, and robert allen who will be available this upcoming season... but the transfer portal giveth, and it taketh away rising junior combo guard blake hinson has entered the transer portal a-l dot coms matt zenitz was the first to report hinson averaged 10 points per game this past season....shooting 40 percent from the field and 31 percent from three hinson joins guard bryce williams as players that are transferring from ole miss kermit davis and ole miss getting a big commitment from the state's top recruit wednesday callaway star daeshun ruffin saying on his twitter account he's 110-percent committed to the rebels... espn ranks ruffin as the nation's 20th best recruit in the class of 2021... the 31st southern heritage classic between jackson state and tennessee state has been canceled due to the covid-19 pandemic that includes all the events and game that was scheduled for the weekend of september 10th through the 12th the hbcu classic is believed to be the first college football game to be

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