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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Flag Relax

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Flag Relax
Flag Relax

The action this weekend by state lawmakers to retire the Mississippi flag with the Confederate battle emblem is drawing praise and criticism across the state.

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The action this weekend by state lawmakers to retire the mississippi flag with the confederate battle emblem is drawing praise and criticism across the state.

Allie martin talks with lee county residents on both sides of the issue// as the former flag for mississippi was lowered at tupelo city hall, a cheer went up from the crowd, followed by a song.

Nats daniel jenkins was in the crowd of onlookers.

The 65 year old tupelo resident says he is glad to see this day finally come.

"this is history in the making" jenkins believes lawmakers in jackson took the right step by voting to retire the old flag, and allowing a nine member commission to come up with a design for a new flag.

Voters will decide the fate of the new design this november.

"it shouldn't be a fact we are being separated and divided because of a flag, because of something that don't represent nothing.

Time for it to come down.

" he believes a new flag will promote unity across the state.

"it's a momentous occasion for the city, state and the country but most of all it's just a blessing we can all have some unity now and be together as one people instead of being separated, we have come a long way."

But not everyone believes lawmakers' actions will bring about unity.

"people are angry, people are emotional."

Lauren smith is a lee county resident who is concerned about the developments this past weekend at the state capitol.

Smith, who is a medical professional, says many people feel betrayed.

"the people that were in favor for the flag change, they did get a win this weekend, there is no doubt and there is nothing wrong with that, however, one thing that sincerely concerns me, is how that will be turned , what else is going to happen, what else may come up that gets voted on without our consent."

Smith believes retiring the flag is an attempt to remove history.

"history teaches us something, even though it's not a great history, it's a travesty, things that were done to the black community, it's a travesty, what my concern is, where does that stop."

People on both sides of the issue admit it will be virtually impossible for all mississippi residents to agree on a new design for a stage flag, or any other issue.

However, they encourage open and honest dialogue to help the state move forward.

In tupelo allie martin, wcbi news take


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