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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Econ Impact

Credit: WCBI
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Econ Impact
Econ Impact

Economic developers say a new inclusive state flag could bring more business opportunity for cities throughout Mississippi.

Economic developers say a new inclusive state flag could bring more business opportunity for cities throughout mississippi.

They say the confederate emblem has prevented companies from investing in the state.

Stephanie poole speaks with city officials on what this will mean for town revenue.she joins us live with more.

That's right joey, they tell me it's about welcoming all citizens and developing methods of town income.

I sat down with starkville and eupora city leaders to get their take on the recent developments.

"even if it's the right thing to do, which it is, it is economically absolutely the right thing to do.

" starkville mayor lynn spruill says changing the state flag will have a positive impact the city's economy.

" i'm very grateful of the way it's going to impact starkville ,in particular.

In all your college towns there are obviously tournaments and athletics and the message that send to athletes that want to come to our community and make such a difference in how we are perceived and what we can do to better our communities."

Mayor spruill is hopeful a new design will give all residents a sense of inclusion.

" from that perceptive, i'll be glad of mississippi that we can be proud of and that does include everyone and that's what this is about.

It should be a unifying symbol."

It's been five years since the city of starkivlle voted to stop flying the flag.

Oktibbeha county followed six months later.

Ceo of the greater starkville development partnership, mike tagert says nearly 60% of sales increase during msu's game day weekends.

He says with a new flag design, he's anticipating those numbers to grow.

" from our restaurants and our retail organizations we depend on those events as well as others as far as economic impact.

Economic development and job creation, it's no longer a state specific effort.

It's a national and international effort in trying to recruit companies to your community."

Eupora is one town flying the 'now retired' state flag.

Mayor luke dumas says he and board members are making plans to bring it down.

" we will be addressing this issue and during the pandemic we tried to be abide by the rules of the state of ms. we definitely welcome tourism because to survive you have to be economically solid."

Butt sots "with the changing of the flag, which is long due, it's going to have a positive impact on not just starkville and university but the entire state."

Mayor dumas says the board will decide what day to remove the state flag on july 6th.

Reporting live in starkville, stephanie poole,wcbi news.

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