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Monday, 12 April 2021

Lowndes County Supervisor Meeting

Credit: WCBI
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Lowndes County Supervisor Meeting
Lowndes County Supervisor Meeting

District One Supervisor Harry Sanders steps down as President of the Lowndes County Board of Supervisors; however, he has not resigned from the board.

In a regularly scheduled meeting this morning, district one supervisor harry sanders steps down from his role as president of the lowdnes county board of supervisors;éé however he has not resigned from the board.

éé this is the first time all supervisors have been in the same room since june une 15th.

éé that's when supervisors voted on a motion to move the confederate monument in front of the courthouse.

éé the vote failed.éé but following that vote, harry sanders made racist comments in response to questions from a reporter at the commercial dispatch.

éé late last week, sanders sent an apology letter to the editor.éé but sunday, nearly 150 business leaders called for sanders to resign from the board.éé our cash matlock attended the meeting this morning and has more on the story.

éé stephanie, not much county business was actually conducted this morning.

Sanders began the meeting by announcing his resignation as board president, but he chooses to keep his spot as the district one supervisor.

District 3 supervisor john holloman is now board president.

In a three/two resolution supervisors jeff smith, leroy brooks, and trip hairston called for sanders to resign from the board completely.

Wcbi reached out to sanders, holloman, and hairston, all three had no comment.

All county business has been pushed back to the next meeting on monday, june 6th.

Supervisor smith says it will be hard to conduct county business until this issue is resolved.

I'll have more on this story coming up at wcbi news at 5 and 6, but for now, reporting in columbus, cash matlock, wcbi news.


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