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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Bill Signing

Credit: WCBI
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Bill Signing
Bill Signing
With the stroke of a pen, Mississippi's state flag is officially retired.


With the stroke of a pen, mississippi's state flag is officially retired.

Governor tate reeves signs a bill to bring down the banner, less than an hour a ago.

You saw it here on wcbi.

Lawmakers passed the bill two days ago.

The flag, first adopted in 1894, was the last in the nation to contain the confederate battle emblem..

For the time being, the state will be without an official flag.

A commission will be tasked with creating a new one.

There are 2 requirements - it must not contain any confederate symbols, and it must include the state motto: "in god we trust" the new design will be put to a statewide vote in november..


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