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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Crowd Reacts

Credit: WCBI
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Crowd Reacts
Crowd Reacts

After today's board of supervisors meeting ended, a large number of protesters were outside the courthouse calling for Harry Sanders to resign from the board.

If he remains.

In other business, the board voted to approve the claims docket and the minutes while pushing all other items on the agenda to monday, july 6.

Today's meeting drew a crowd to the courthouse for more on that we turn to quentin smith..

After today's board of supervisors meeting ended, a large number of protestors were outside the courthouse calling for harry sanders to resign from the board// as the meeting went on, protestors were hoping to hear the news that sanders would step down as a supervisor.


When that didn't happen, they began chanting and calling for his resignation... after saying racists remarks earlier this month, many are saying the county can't continue to move forward with harry sanders on the board... the signs were simple.... " justice and equality for all."

But yet powerful "harry must go."

All calling for harry sanders to give up his seat as a county supervisor after making racist comments two weeks ago.

"i do understand all of the other supervisors, i understand that they are not going to be able to get any work done.

They are not going to be able to get work done with him at the table knowing what he has said."

"there's not an apology for this, he has to go."

Russell brandon was one of the dozens of protestors calling for sanders' resignation.

He says he felt compelled to speak out and join in the fight after multiple encounters with racism from past experiences.

" i didn't do things sooner.

I tolerated this sort of disgusting racism for too long.

I spent too much time at thanksgivings putting off that racist uncle, just saying oh he's dumb or whatever, nothing is going to happen.

This is what happens as a consequence of that."

During monday's meeting, sanders did resign as board president, a position he's held for nearly two decades.

However, many believe that's not good enough.

They want him to step down from the board altogether.

Many in lowndes county believe his presence on the board is continuing to plague the community.

" with him staying on the board, it's just going to be divided and the community is steel going to be divided, so then he's got a lot on his shoulders and he needs to understand.

It's not just the community is economic development.

Going to want to bring something here?


Everybody is going to look at, why should wait.

We still got somebody racist sitting on the board."

His term expires in 2024, but many say they can't wait that long.

They want him gone now, and protestors made a vow to continue advocating for his resignation until it happens.

"we have people here participating to bring forth justice, this is when we have to have."

"this is just one day.

Hopefully he will go to bed i think about it again and decide to do what's best for the county."

"i don't think this county can continue moving forward.

I do not think any county can move forward with someone like him on their board.

I hope that anyone who's watching this right now, i hope you know that if you think the same thing that harry sanders does, you're wrong."

" harry , please resign, go on to the house."

Several of today's protestors... along with the lowndes county chapter of the naacp... are planning for another peaceful protest outside the courthouse for the board's next meeting which is scheduled for monday.... they will again be calling for the resignation of harry sanders..

Reporting live in columbus..

Quentin smith..

Wcbi news..


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