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Sunday, 7 March 2021

071220 6:30 sun

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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071220 6:30 sun
071220 6:30 sun
071220 6:30 sun

>> date night is on hold, but c1 3 lexington police shows officers arresting five people in an act protesters say shows excessive force and racism.

Chemo is hard on anyone.

It's hard on a grown adult, let alone a six-year- old-girl but this six-year- old girl is making it through...and two months and a day after her hospital stay...she's finally home with a big show of support from her community.

### weekend open good evening and welcome in.

I'm tom kenny.

And, i'm veronica jean seltzer.

We're glad you're hear tonight and hope you're safe and healthy.

Our entire viewing area is under a marginal risk of severe weather.

Let's see what's happening right now from our chief meteorologist jason lindsey.

In our top story at 6:30...a busy night for black lives matter...if storms c1 3 don't get in the way.

Protesters plan to gather again in lexington in about 30 minutes to speak out after five protesters were arrested last night.

We'll have more on the new accusations they're lodging against lexington police in a minute.

But first...right now, a group from the black males working academy is gathering downtown for a "save our sons" rally.

Abc 36's bobbi mcswine is live outside the courthouse...where they're meeting.

Bobbi...they're focusing on helping black men in lexington thrive.

### the group..."black men working academy"...says its mission is to educate and motivate black men by helping them rise above institutional racism...police brutality...low academic expectations and more.

The rally is just getting started here.

You can see... organizers say as part of the rally tonight there will be spoken enactment...and singing.

This program serves men from kindergarten through 12th grade...offering mentoring, resources, and life skills that will help them succeed.

I'm going to go talk to some of the people here and i'll have more on this rally tonight on abc 36 news at 11.

Live in lexington, bobbi mcswine, abc 36 news.

#### lexington police are responding to protesters' new accusations of violence and racism with body camera video showing the moments yesterday when they arrested five protesters.

We have our own video of some of those arrests.

Police say the protesters were blocking traffic...standing in the street when the traffic light was green.

Protesters say two black women were arrested in a crosswalk...while two white men doing the same thing... weren't arrested.

Now, i want to play you what happened as seen on police body camera.

Police body cam: 14:12-14:26 it's green.

It's green.


No no no.

Protesters also say officers used a chokehold yesterday during a peaceful protest when police have promised chokeholds are only used in life or death situations.

They shared these photos showing that moment.

Now, here it is from the police perspective.

You see officers heading to arrest another woman when a man tries to interfere.

Police say officers did not use a choke hold on that man...instead they say an officer wrapped his arm around the man to pull him away from another officer...they then took him to the ground and arrested him.

Protesters brought their march to lexington mayor linda gorton's house today.

They say she hasn't addressed many of their concerns...and hasn't said anything about yesterday's arrests...which they believe show the lexington police department has a racism and violence problem.

A statement from the mayor's office says in part: "the mayor is committed to, and is working on, meaningful change, but that takes time."

There's a cluster of positive coronavirus cases in somerset, according to the health department that covers a ten- county area in that part of the state.

The lake cumberland district health department issued an alert about the cluster to everyone in its coverage area.

One of the outbreak clusters is among people who work at the cracker barrel in somerset.

The health department says it's seeing outbreaks in long-term care facilities, factories, churches, restaurants and among people who have traveled.

That cluster is part of a rising number of cases statewide.

...governor andy beshear reporting three more deaths today...including two men from fayette county.

Those men were 71 and 87 years old.

That means 625 kentuckians have now died.

The governor also reported 277 new cases...putting us at at least 19,389 cases in kentucky.

The governor says there's been an almost 50% increase in positive cases since last week ....and yesterday he announced the second highest one day increase in cases...for the second time in a week.

If you think our totals sound like a lot...florida has shattered a national covid-19 record.

The state's recording the highest single day of coronavirus cases in any state...15,299.

Florida has been posting record high numbers for several weeks now.

Several beaches have closed and some areas are pausing their planned phased re- opening.

The sunshine state is just one of 33 seeing cases increase.

### some people in lexington are going to find another place to live for now and a firefighter was overcome by heat while fighting a fire this afternoon.

Investigators say a two-story home that is made up of four apartments on east loudon avenue near idlewild court caught fire shortly after two-thirty.

At one point, twenty fire units were on the scene so the fire department could swap-out firefighters because of heat.

We're told only one person was home at the time of the fire and they got out safely.

The cause is under investigation.

We'll show you where the storms are right now and what to expect tonight....chief meteorologist jason lindsey has that, next.

And later...a lexington mother..describes how a disney character is helping her get through the worst part of being the parent of a six- year-old with cancer.

We'll tell you how you can have a chance to win a 400- thousand dollar c1 3 jason lindsey >> david you can see where the cooler areas because of the rain is 79 lexington 74 and fleming's birt is 82 right now and richmond as promised here is live hd radar only take you closer to the storm that's causing the troubl right now you'll notice it righ here around french berg this is an active severe thunderstorm warning its growing heights up c1 3 be the possibility of some hail in that storm there is again an active severe thunderstorm warning for bath and menifee counties until 7 o'clock the time right now is 641 and expecting it in these communities are right around th artville area at creek at 717 hazel green at 725 it's moving onto the southeast about 15 miles broward slow mover dubbing a bunch of rain don't be so rise ... in flash flooding remember turnaround dr. here's a look at the bigger picture here in the track of that reign over the past few hours i'm keeping a close eye on some storms moving c1 3 of the weather maker moves in late week into next weekend temperatures warm back up to above normal 90 on wednesday 88 on friday tom vijay ... well i chance to enough hundred thousand dollars home and $100 in all while helping kids can't ... your election and family celebrating their six-year-old daughter's homecoming from the hospital after her courageous battle against leukemia but it's a battle that is not yet over you need to see the story next c1 3 custom-built home with a one-hundred dollar investment....while helping children with cancer at the same time.

And, you'll meet a lexington family who's celebrating their six-year old daughter's homecoming from the hospital after a courageous battle against leukemia.

It's a story you need to

Break 2 a lexington family is finally together and back at home again tonight.

The last two months... flipping lexington family who's celebrating their six-year old daughter's homecoming from the hospital after a courageous battle against leukemia.

It's a story you need to

Break 2 a lexington family is finally together and back at home again tonight.

A lexington family is finally together and back at home again tonight.

The last two months... flipping their lives upside down.

Nicole hopper took her daughter to the hospital on may 10th...two months ago...because she was having severe stomach pain and throwing up.

A few days later...doctors diagnosed the six old girl...leorah ...with stage four leukemia.

As abc 36's monica harkins reports she's currently cancer free...but still has six more months of chemotherapy to go.

L3: abc 36 weekend edition white leorah hopper 6-year-old battling cancer ### "nicole:the doctor drew her bowel, he drew the tumor on his little whiteboard, and it's just disbelief," nicole hopper... couldn't believe it...when doctors told her, her daughter had cancer.

"now you're telling me there's a tumor and now you're telling me that it's cancer.

Now you tell me she's going to have chemotherapy, it's, it's a lot that goes through your mind as a parent, and and to be alone because of covid."

Feeling she told the oldest of her three children...six year old leorah...has stage four burkitt's leukemia.

"nicole:so she has been through two bowel surgeries.

Lots of bone marrow biopsies.

Lots of lumbar punctures.."

And of course chemotherapy.

"nicole:and so the hardest part is the mom has been seeing times when she loses herself.

When her eyes change and the way she's behaving is not her.

" but they came up with a remedy...using a character from the disney movie moana who is a lava monster when part of her is when leorah isn't feeling herself she flips the necklace to the lava monster.

"nicole:then when she feels more like herself she turns it back around and mommy, on this person, this is me right now.

" here's leorah telling her sister avery about it over facetime.

"leorah: the necklace reminds of who i really am.and avery... you need to remember who you really are, too."

A six year old's strength...that makes her leorah strong.

Saturday july 11..after two months and a day...a milestone...leorah got to leave the hospital cancer free...and finally go home.

"cheers" "nicole: the prayers are what have made the biggest difference, and the encouragement, the positive energy, the prayers.

Thank you, seems so incredibly small, i've said it so much."

I got to meet leorah too.

"monica: hi are you happy to be home?..smiles and nods her head."

While normally a social butterfly..

She was feeling a little shy..but nothing beats being home again with her least for a little while.

In lexington, monica harkins abc 36 news.

Leorah's battle isn't over...she's scheduled back on wednesday for more chemo...and will continue to go back over the next six months.

The hopper's friends and family have started a few different fundraisers to help with medical costs... you can find those details on our website by clicking on this story.

### this is a good time to remind you too you can help other children fighting cancer by buying a ticket to win the st.

Jude dream home.

Call 1-800-382-7512 or go to dreamhome- dot-org today to buy your $100 ticket for a chance at the $400 thousand dollar valued home.

The money goes to st.

Jude children's reserch hospital, where families never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food.

### two different kinds of horsepower on the track in kentucky today...the horses at keeneland and nascar at kentucky speedway...we'll have that.

And, solid blue fans are wondering if the s-e-c will follow the big ten's lead and modify the fall sports schedule...that's all next in sports.

Keeneland wrapped-up a first today...a five-day race meet in spring meet due to the coronavirus.

The feature was the 175-thousand dollar 't-v-g elkhorn'...a grade two mile and a half race on the turf for four year old and up....and it was a come-from- behind thriller.

Here's the stretch call.

"zulu alpha is coming down the outside to try to catch postulation.

Zulu alpha, nakamura between horses, postulation still there to the inside.

Zulu alpha rallying for tyler gaffalione to win the tvg elkhorn stakes."

Zulu alpha...trained my mike maker...comes from off the pace and runs down long shot postulation who ran a game race...saving ground on the zulu alpha shows his class picking up the win and gives jockey tyler gaffalione...the summer meet riding title.

A different kind of horsepower was on display at kentucky speedway as nascar's top series raced in front of empty stands and on a sunday instead of the traditional saturday night.

Seven-time champion jimmie johnson returned to racing today after missing last week after he tested positive for covid-19.

Kyle busch was on the pole uncharacteristi cally looking for his first win of 2020.

Aric almirola dominated the race early and won the first stage.

Brad keselowski won stage two....but rookie cole custer won the stage that really counted...the last one after a beating and banging late race re- he picks up his first cup victory.

Multiple reports say sec commissioner greg sankey is set to meet with the leagues athletic directors this week.

The topic will obviously be the upcoming season.

Last week the big 10 announced their schools will only play against big 10 opponents.

Most believe this will be a domino affect and other conferences will do the same.

While the decision hasn't been made and details are far from complete, this could mean the cats governors cup game against louisville could be put on hold for one year.

On friday, the khsaa made it official fall sports activities will stay the same through august 2nd.

Right now fall sport athletes have been allowed to attend voluntary workouts, but they must practice social distancing and can only workout in groups of 10.

Khsaa commissioner julian tackett was optimistic about the fall saying fall sports, including football, will happen this fall, but they will look different.

He's tackett during the khsaa board of control meeting on continuing the current guidelines, but also looking ahead.

"i think if we do extend segment 3, it's exactly as it is now.

We need no ambiguity about that.

There is not opportunity for additional pads to beheld and people bump against it.

There's no opportunity.

It's just segment 3 continuing.

I think what we would look at doing based on again a tremendous amount of feedback from you all and our schools, we would look at what date we decide to start then we can start that acceleration.

That may then drive the start of the season.

You there may be some domino effect here."

Former georgetown college point guard eljay cowherd is the all-time assists leader in program history.

Last weekend he had his skills on full display at tbt.

Cowherd finished with 12 points, eight rebounds and five assists he played for the peoria all-stars in a loss against herd that.

Even though they lost, the tournament was huge in cowherd's career going forward.

"this really helped me.

I was close to a triple double and my agent called me directly after the game and let me know some different updates.

And i myself i think has 276 notification when i got back to my phone.

This is great.

And we've got some things in the works for sure."

For abc 36 sports, i'm z3z3r5r5 z1z z1616fz r5y3r51y1y16 y16fyfy r5y3r51y1y16 y16fyfy z3z3wewe zqz z1616fz wey3weqyqy16 y16fyfy wey3weqyqy16 y16fyfy


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