Indian immigrants hold equality rally demanding immigration law reform
Indian immigrants hold equality rally demanding immigration law reform

A group of Indians on H-1B visa held a rally in Washington DC demanding immigration reforms to benefit those in the country legally.

"I am 17 year old, after turning 18 I am not underneath my dad's protection anymore, that means I will be deported back to India, but this state (US) is my home," said a teen protester.

"My dad is here on H-1B visa that means he is hired by employer and that employer takes portion of his salary that is really detrimental growth of his carrier and mine too, even though I have skill to work, but I am not allowed to, because of my green card status", a teen protester added.

Protestors held placards that read, 'Hate Has No Home Here', 'Senator Durbin Hates Indian Immigrants' and 'Racism is a Disease'.

H-1B visa holders, whose children and spouses get H4-dependent visas, are asking that H4 children should be given green cards.

"These are taxpaying law abiding skilled immigrants who are already in the country for many years, doctors, engineers, scientists professors, and they're stuck in the long green card backlog which will span 150 years.

What we are doing here is protesting Senetor Durban's hold on the bill yesterday and he is making sure that Indian immigrants who are already here would not get equal treatment under the law, which is unfair," said Aman Kapoor, Immigration Voice president.

It is noted that the High Skilled Immigrants Act has passed the House but not the Senate.