Tennesse Trooper Rips Mask Off Man's Face

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Tennesse Trooper Rips Mask Off Man's Face

Tennesse Trooper Rips Mask Off Man's Face

TENNESSEE, U.S. — A man who had his facemask ripped off by a Tennessee trooper says he is now considering taking legal action.

31-year-old Nashville musician Andrew Golden posted a video to his Facebook page on July 10 where he details that at around 6:35 p.m.

He followed a citizen who was pulled over by Tennessee State Troopers to film their interaction.

Golden writes that he approached their vehicle from a safe distance whilst remaining on the sidewalk, it's at this point a trooper shouted a warning to stay back.

After an exchange of words, Trooper Harvey Briggs ripped of Golden's mask.

Speaking to The Daily News, Golden said of Briggs, 'clearly, this man is unhinged.'

'It was bizarre.

He just ripped it off my face.

It was just really weird.

I don't think I really knew what to do, knew sure as hell couldn't do anything other than keep filming.

It was just like a regular response.'

Golden has since filed a complaint with the State's Office of Professional Accountability.

He said that he was assaulted and that Officer Briggs should be removed from the Tennessee Highway Patrol and charged with assault.

On August 12, a spokesperson for the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Lt.

Bill Miller said in a statement that an internal investigation is underway, saying 'at this time, we are in the process of reviewing the matter.'

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