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Thursday, 4 March 2021


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Columbus police investigating an incident a columbus hotel tonight// it was around eight this evening when police were called to the courtyard marriott on 5th street north// they were called out for a domestic argument that started out in the parking lot and then individuals invoved went inside the hotel// at some point a sprinkler system was set off casuing the fire alarms to off.

Sources tell wcbi a shot was possibly fired.

No one was hurt in the incident// cpd is still on scene investigating// you've heard about the most common covid-19 symptoms---fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell// but as courtney ann jackson explains--- for many, symptoms linger or new ones pop up months after the initial diagnosis// michelle boyd was tested and diagnosed with covid-19 in march.

She did go to the er with chest pain and shortness of breath but only stayed a few hours.

But she's found some symptoms hard to shake.

"from march till about the first of june, my fever would not break.

Your lungs take a hit.

That choking cough, it just lingered."

And the latest symptom she and her mom who had the virus are loss.

"i can't wash my hair without seeing bundles..."

"it makes you wonder, how long will this last?

Will there be something else that's going to come up?"

A similar sentiment from katie benjamin in north mississippi.

"for me, the after- effects have definitely been worse."

She's lost more than 20 pounds...much of that after a severe kidney infection after having the virus.

"since march 23, i haven't been myself, i don't have the energy that a normal 24 year old should have."

She also developed a rash that doctors couldn't quite explain.

"i woke up one morning and it was like i was completely covered and my face and it went from blisters to like these sores."

Both her mom and grandfather who had the virus had a similar symptom months after initial diagnosis.

Another potential complication making headlines recently.

"as you may have seen, there were five big ten football players recently tested positive for myocarditis.

It's an inflammatory condition of the heart related to the coronavirus."

Dobbs says he's spoken with mississippi cardiologists and they are looking to learn more about the link between the two.

There was a cdc report released last month that stated about a third of covid patients who were never sick enough to be hospitalized are not back to their usual health up to three weeks after diagnosis// mississippi's covid- 19 numbers are back down under 1,000 today.// the mississippi state department of health reports 6-hundred-and 12 new coronavirus cases and 22 deaths// the long term care facility outbreaks reported today went down to 178// so far, 69- thousand-986 mississippians have tested positive for the virus// new at ten students at golden triangle early college high school at emcc are back in class.

Our stephanie poole explains how students are staying connected with different learning options.

It's a new school, but 10th grader john tompkins didn't expect for his classroom to be this empty.... "it's been weird so far, classes are a lot smaller.before there were like 10 to 12 people, now i have class by myself and with people online only.

And it's weird.

It's takes time to get used to it."

Tompkins is one of the 72 students on the hybrid schedule for the semester.

" we do better in social interactions.

That's my best way of learning is hands-on of learning is hands-on actually."

Principal jill savely, says the other half of the student population opted for virtual classes.

" simultaneously while they are in class we also have a group of virtual students that work with the teacher and with those students from home during that time.

Usually with the teams program."

Savely says the school year is going to be a challenge with all the new changes.

That's why instructors are going the extra mile to keep students up to speed.

" our teachers are holding office hours each day so that students can login and meet with them one on one or in small groups to kind of follow up or take care of things that they didn't quite understand go back through information so i think communication is going to be huge."

For advanced courses, gtech will mirror the institution's schedule.

"our students are also enrolled in college classes with emcc, we will follow emcc protocol as far as how those classes will offered whether face to face or virtual."

Reporting in lowndes county, stephanie poole, wcbi news.

For safety precautions, the school installed hand sanitizer stations throughout the hallways and only allowing one-way traffic between classes.éé first look stinger first look thursday night: isolated evening storms then a chance of a few lingering showers.

Some additional showers and storms may redevelop by sunrise.

Lows in the low 70s with light wind.

Friday: variably cloudy with a 60% chance of showers and storms. locally heavy rain, gusty winds, and frequent lightning are possible.

Highs will be in the upper 80s to around 90.

Winds wnw 5-10 mph.

Developing stinger top you may notice the traffic cones and signs look a little different on military road.

The traffic pattern on the highway 82 exit and on ramp, at military road, in columbus has temporarily changed.

City spokesman joe dillon says the change is to allow workers to complete the roundabout.

The current traffic pattern will not be permanent.

Most of the construction work is being done at night.

Vo scanning the pier.

Inspection is underway on the pedestrian bridge at the riverwalk in columbus.

This is where the walkway was damaged in february.

A loaded barge carrying limestone struck two of the support structures for the bridge.

Today, 2d scans were made of bridge pier.

The bridge investigators will scan above the water.

Then later today, a diver went underwater to pick up details that need closer scanning.

The east support pier took on the most damage-- it was moved 7 inches from it's original placement.

A final report is expected within the next 2 months.

That's when the city of columbus will find out how much it will cost to repair the damage.

Vo off top members of the tupelo high school football team were building team spirit, by giving back to the community.

Coach ty hardin challenged his team to do a community service project before the start of the school year.

This morning, team members met at milam elementary, and spruced up the grounds.

They mowed, painted decorative fences, trimmed branches and cleaned up flower beds.

Most of the team members attended milam in the sixth grade and said they are glad to give back and make a difference off the field.

081320-sot "it's important because it gives us ability to stay together, stay focused and no matter what happens, what we go through, we're still together."

"builds team chemistry and always bonding together, hanging out, developing those relationships, it's very important, so it's a good thing we are out here this morning."

The football players had a few hours break after the milam cleanup before it was time for their regular practice this afternoon .

Members of the junior auxiliary of tupelo also helped clean up the grounds at milam elementary.

Members of the ja's "class crowns" tutoring program will not be able to make in person visits to schools for the time being, so they helped pick up limbs, twigs and trash at milam.

"class crowns" members say while they can't go into the schools because of covid 19 restrictions, they can do other things to help get the campuses ready as students are set to return next week.

Stinger 2-shot wx open summary: another round of showers and storms is on tap for friday but rain chances will lower a bit for the weekend.

Slightly cooler and less humid air remains a possibility by early next week.

Thursday night: isolated evening storms then a chance of a few lingering showers.

Some additional showers and storms may redevelop by sunrise.

Lows in the low 70s with light wind.

Friday: variably cloudy with a 60% chance of showers and storms. locally heavy rain, gusty winds, and frequent lightning are possible.

Highs will be in the upper 80s to around 90.

Winds wnw 5-10 mph.

Friday night: variably cloudy and quiet.

Lows in the low 70s.

Weekend: partly cloudy, hot, and humid.

Highs in the low 90s with lows around 70.

Isolated to spotty storms may occur both saturday and sunday.

The rain chance is 30%.

Next week: odds of rain each day go down but they won't completely go away.

High temperatures are expected to lower into the upper 80s by tuesday and wednesday.

Lows may fall into the mid 60s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app hey everyone, bobby and i are celebrating a big milestone here at uncorked bobby, tell em what we're celebrating today.

We're celebrating our one year.

It does not feel like a year has gone by already.

We have had so much fun.

We've talked about tailgating and wines, summer slippers, hot dogs and wine, and we talked about so much.

Oh, halloween candy and wine.

We've been through so much together.

So alright, so to celebrate, of course we've got to start with bubbles.

Yes, always.

So this is from our women in wine that we filmed in march during women's history month, so this is maysara.

It's the perfect thing to cheers to us having one year right.

Cheers to you what's a little bit of this right behind her?

So she if you remember her parents came over from let's say it was iran on the motorcycle yeah, yes.


Cuz almost asked that a while ago and i was like remember this isn't the one that is?

Yeah i remember how she was eight months pregnant at the winemaker now.

Tamina love it.

I love it.

All right and then my favorite that i picked for us to celebrate with was the love you bunches wine.

Yes, we featured this one a few times with the hot dogs.

With our santa barbara episode.

This is the carbonic sangiovese ad okay, so fresh line.

We love you bunches by stolpman vineyards.

Sarah hedges.

We've heard us mention her a lot as well.

So this is one of our favorite searches.

So this one is from red mountain ava in washington state.

This is her syrah.

This is the descendant illegible dupont, which if you remember her mom came from champagne france, which is where tom hedges her dad met her mom, which is why they're owed to her is the french design on the bottle.

And i love the french design and the end the french name.

It's gorgeous.

It's absolutely gorgeous.

All right, and to celebrate.

Bobby brought something special.

Yes, i'm excited about this wine.

I don't know how we've gotten away so long without featuring greek wines yet because there's some of my absolute favorites.

This is a rose of xinomavro from greece and this is my alfa estate.


So you heard it from bobby.


First we're going to have an episode of greek wines.


All right, so excited.

Well, we're gonna celebrate till next time everyone.


School school might look a little differently this year but packing your kids lunch might be the same// in tonights health talk, we learn what you need to know about making those school lunches// no script stinger onight we are going to go over how to safely pack a lunch for your child follow these tips wash your hands throughly rinse fruits and veggies make sure its easy to clean in side and out a frozen juice box or bottle water could be used join us next time the louisville wildcats are gearing up for the season...the high school football tour continues next in sports tradition.

That's what the louisville wildcats have emphasized this summer heading into the season.

Louisville has won a state championship each decade dating back to the 80's, and this year's team is determined to start 2020 off with one as well.

"this senior class has been working so hard.

We had 98% of our kids participate in summer workouts.

This senior class really wants to keep that tradition going to win a state championship in this new decade."

"we got to keep the tradition going and build the program back up.

Just be like the other programs. it's bigger than us.

We got to keep the winning tradition going like everyone knows.

Get that respect back like louisville had."

Despite an off- season that's been filled with uncertainty, head coach tyrone shorter is extremely confident in his team's chances of making that goal a reality.

"we feel good going into this season with this group of kids.

We've been here.

This is our second year here.

I have the program exactly the way i want it.

The guys are responding to us the way we want them to respond so we feel really good about where we at right now."

"everyone knows the plays.

Running hard.

Everyone is stronger and faster than last year so we're going to look pretty good."

"we're just going to work.

Workout here.

We've been working since june 1st.

We're going to work to not feel that again."

Reason for the wildcats confidence is the talent they have on offense.

Despite losing last season's starting backfield and top two wide receivers, the team expects the offense to shine.

"we got some guys that's going to be more explosive in the backfield.

We have four running backs that i feel really good about.

We have a couple quarterbacks that we feel good about.

They gone be young and inexperienced.

Not going through the spring hurt us a little bit in that area, but we are pleased right now with out quarterback position."

"the defense is stacked.

They're gonna give us a lot of chances to put the ball in the playmakers hands and that's what we're going to try to do."

As the offense builds its chemistry, louisville has one of the top defenses in the state to rely on.

The heart and soul of that group d- line led by the highly touted ty cooper.

"our defense is going to have to carry us.

I feel like we have one of the best defenses in the state.

We definitely have the best defense in 4a so we feel real good about where we are."

"we take full pride about it.

We just work hard until we get recognized as the number one defense in the state" the wildcats kickoff the season with a home opener against columbus september 4th.

With louisville on the high school football tour, chris bolton wcbi sports.



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