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Wednesday, 4 August 2021


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Spotlight is on melania trump with her convention speech that was very similar to michelle obama's speech

The republican national convention.

Nbc's tracie potts tells us what we can expect today.

:00 the spotlight is on melania trump tonight.

Her 2016 convention speech was criticized for being too similar to michelle obama's.

She speaks to a live audience from a newly renovated rose garden.

Also tonight: the messenger of president trump's foreign policy, secretary of state mike pompeo.

A political speech during a taxpayer funded trip.

Despite promises of a positive message, monday's speakers featured a lifelong democrat (sot: vernon jones/ democratic voter) "he has been all talk and no action."

And others (sot: senator tim scott/ (r) south carolina) "joe biden and kamala harris want a cultural revolution."

Hammering joe biden.

(sot: donald trump jr./ son of president trump) "joe biden is basically the loch ness monster of the swamp."

They called democrats radical and praised president trump's pandemic response - ignoring lives and jobs lost.

(sot: president donald trump/ no super) "what they're doing is using covid to steal an election.

They're using covid to defraud the american people."

Republicans took on culture critics.

(sot: nikki haley/ fmr. un ambassador) "america is not a racist country."

Featuring the couple who pulled guns on black lives matter protesters.

(sot: mark mccloskey/ st.

Louis, mo resident) democrats no longer view the government's job as protecting honest citizens from criminals.

Democrats shot back.

(sot: senator kamala harris (d-ca) / vice presidential candidate) "donald trump reminds us every day who he is and how much worse it can get with a second term in office."

As hundreds rallied in person, two dozen

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