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Sunday, 26 September 2021

082620 11 pm

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082620 11 pm
082620 11 pm
082620 11 pm

C1 3 convention night two with speeches from senator rand paul...state attorney general daniel cameron...and former covington catholic student nicholas sandmann.

Plus...have you gotten a call from a contact tracer?

You're likely to soon.

What you'll need to do... when they call you.

Jason: one more day of heat and humidity then i'm tracking cooler temperatures and a whole bunch of rain.

You'll see it all in my seven day forecast.

Good evening.

Welcome in.

I'm tom kenny.

And i'm veronica jean seltzer.

We're glad you're here tonight.

First lady melania trump headlined the republican national convention tonight...speaking from the white house rose garden.

Kentucky was well-represented as three kentuckians gave speeches.

Abc 36's monica harkins listened to those and recaps the night in our top story at 11.

### nat pop from rnc opening"celebrating america as the land of oppourtunity."

Kentuckians at night two of the r- n-c gave speeches centered around their own expertise and where president trump aligns with them.... "rand paul:join me in supporting president trump " the first kentuckian to speak tuesday night...u-s senator rand paul ...he.made an appeal to people who are against wars in the middle east.


Rand paul: cause he believes as i do that a strong america cannot fight endless wars.

We must not continue to leave our blood and treasury in middle east quagmires."

" as part of the r-n-c's theme "america, land of opportunity..people across the country from various backgrounds were able to speak ...nicholas sandmann was one of them.

He's a covington catholic graudate....known for a confrontation with a native american man at a protest last year that made national news..

"nat pop from rnc video showing sandmen: make america great again media the news and even celebrities launched a campaign of persecution" he says he was a victim of defeamation...from what he calls a biased media.

"nicholas sandmann: and if advancing their narrative ruined the repution and future of a teen from covington, kentucky then so be it.

That would teach him not to wear a maga hat.

I learned what happened to me had a name.

It was called being cancelled."

Finishing the speech by putting his maga hat back on.

Kentucky attorney general daniel cameron...described as a rising star in the g-o-p... taking on the role of discussing race as it is on the forefront of minds nationwide.

"ag daniel cameron: who says there is no "diversity" of thought in the black community.

Well, mr. vice president look at me i am black.

We are not all the same sir.

I am not in chains.

My mind is my own.

And you can't tell me how to vote because of the color of my skin."

And while he seperates blue and red...cameron also leaned on unity "daniel cameron: let me close with something my mom has always said: that this country's many faces comprise a family, not separate parts to be divided against each other."

Monica harkins abc 36 news.

Other speakers tonight included two of the president's children...eric and tiffany.

...and senate majority leader mitch mconnell is scheduled to speak thursday.

His political opponent amy mcgrath has declined an invitation to debate the senator for at least one debate.

L3: election 2020 white amy mcgrath announces debate schedule kentucky farm bureau says mcgrath will not be attending its u-s senate candidate forum on monday.

The bureau calls the decision disappointing.

Mcconnell has accepted the invitation and will participate in the event.

Mcgrath has challenged mcconnell and libertarian candidate brad barron to three debates.

She says she has picked two so far...the w-d-r-b t-v debate in mid- september to early october in louisville...and the kentucky educational television forum on october 26th.

Lexington police chief lawrence weathers says 160 police officers responded to sunday's shooting at fayette mall... and 200 calls were made to 9-1-1.

L3: top story white chief of police offers insight into response for mall shooting lexington now, that the accused shooter is behind bars... weathers is talking about the department's response...syaing he's proud of his officers...and thanking other agencies that helped in the investigation...sayi ng it truly took a team.

The shooting happened around 4 p-m sunday.

Police say it took nearly five hours to do a complete sweep of the mall to make sure it was safe.

Xavier hardin...a 19-year-old...was arrested yesterday and faces charges for murder and assault.

Full mug:killed in mall shooting police say hardin got in a fight with kenneth wayne bottoms, junior...shooting and killing him near the bath and body works in the mall...and hurting two innocent shoppers in the process.

We asked chief weathers about recent teen gun violence and what he would say to young people right now about this spike in teen deaths.

L3: top story white chief lawrence weathers lexington police chief weathers:"when i've talked to young people, i'll remind them of what's important even though it may look like they don't have a future.

Everybody has a future and what they have right now is not indicative of what they can have... in the future..from this point on."

Bottoms junior was the fourth teenager to die from gun violence in lexington in just eight days.

A humble hero says she would have run barefoot to help people get out of the mall safely on sunday.

L3: abc 36 news white viral photo of off-duty police officer helping at shooting lexington sgt.

Stacy shannon...a former marine... was off duty...just finishing lunch at the mall olive garden when the shooting happened... so she wasn't in uniform...but in her casual clothes and flip flops.

...but she grabbed a bulletproof vest and started helping.

L3: abc 36 news white sgt.

Stacy shannon lexington police "sgt.

Shannon: i didn't do anything special, any police officer.

Anybody would have done that.

And there were there were more off duty officers know, you're not thinking of something you do see this.

You know that there is something going on you see people that are wearing the same uniform as you.

And then you see other people in your community.

You know, you see kids and adults, you know all ages, all sizes.

They're running out in chaos and you have to help."

L3: abc 36 news white viral photo of off-duty police officer helping at shooting lexington a friend shared shannon's story online.

That post has more than 4 point 4 thousand shares...and six thousand reactions on facebook...with so many comments thanking her for what she did.

### a second man has been arrested in connection to the shooting death of a louisville father and his three-year- old daughter...who was playing in her dollhouse at the time.

Louisville police say kevon lawless is charged with murdering 21-year- old brandon waddles and his daughter...trinity randolph on august 14th.

28-year-old evan ross...already faces charges for facilitating the shooting.

Randolph is the youngest of louisville's roughly 100 homicide victims in 2020.

More than 60 people were arrested today in louisville during a national organization's protest...that included a stop at churchill downs.

Our louisville affiliate w-h-a-s t-v reports protesters put a banner on the gate...and shouted the expletive "f you, derby".

Some people say it's inappropriate to hold the derby next weekend when there's still an unfinished investigation into the police shooting death of e-m-t breonna taylor.

Today...w-h-a-s reports police say protesters ignored police orders while blocking streets...resulting in 64 protesters arrested and charged with obstructing the roadway and disorderly conduct.

### live hd radar here's a look at live hd radar where we are using the power of 5 live radars to track precipitation.

Hour-by-hour forecast here's what you can expect, hour-by- hour.

Short weather ots image:left coronavirus in kentucky coronavirus 5.jpg after a couple of days of dipping below the five- c1 3 percent positivity rate in coronavirus after a couple of days of dipping below the five- percent positivity c1 3 rate in coronavirus cases... the state is back over that mark.

Fs vo bullets:no coronavirus in kentucky source: office of the governor new deaths: 10 total deaths: 89 ... according to governor andy beshear.... the state is now at 5-point- oh-seven percent.

The goal is to remain under five percent for two weeks so restrictions can start being lifted.

The governor is also reporting 10 new deaths...including a 92-year-old woman from scott county.

That brings the state total to 895 the governor is also reporting 668 new cases of the virus...ninety-six of those in children...with the youngest being two 8-month olds.

The governor urged people today to get their children tested.

He says not a lot of children are being tested right now...but it's important to do...especially as sports start again.

The state case total is now at 44,587 confirmed cases since the state of the pandemic.

School starts tomorrow...virtual several districts...including fayette county.

...and as students head back to school...some in can now see information about the covid-19 cases in every school in the this spreadsheet we're looking at live right now online.

There are already some of note in our area...eight students and one staff member currently positive at lexington catholic as we've previously reported.

One staff member diagnosed at pulaski county schools and two students at somerset independent in the county.

And one staff member at woodford county schools.

The governor says the virus is still aggressively spreading...which is why he still doesn't think it's safe for schools to open in person before september 28th.

If you want to see this data for yourself...we have a link to it on w-t-v-q dot com.

### lt.

Governor jacqueline coleman announced today the state has a new initiative to provide low-income students with internet access.

Coleman says the state will invest $8 million to do so.

She says about 5% of kentucky students...32- thousand children...can't get online at home.

### the state is also encouraging people to sign up for food benefits before the august 31st deadline.

Health cabinet secretary eric friedlander says since late may about 173-thousand students who typically get free or reduced-cost meals at schools have been approved for financial assistance to replace those meals.

But friedlander says there are still more than 115- thousand eligible households that haven't applied.

Find out how you can apply on w-t-v-q dot com.

### the governor has signed an executive order commuting the prison sentences of 646 inmates in a continued effort to keep coronavirus controlled in prisons.

More than 1,000 inmates with non- violent...non-sexual convictions have already had sentences commuted.

### as hurricane laura approaches the u- s...see what it looks like...from space...and hear how it could impact us in jason's forecast straight ahead.

And...later...heard of contact tracing?

We'll tell you how it works.

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Our science guy jason lindsey tells is this the world's best sandwich?


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C1 3 humidity levels which increase that feels like temperature to around 970 at times this afternoon and evening i do have some good news cooler temperatures all the way in the meantime together we are lookin life in tar fork bank skyview this is our re-spray foam insulation camera overlooking the hamburg area here in lexington at 700 a mount sterling is 730 right now and number set and 72 over and hazard live hd radar shows you the rain that far eastern sections of our viewing area was dealing with has now fizzled out and continues to move on of to doubt annie's right now is a few scattered showers and portions of virginia money taking far south like as we have a hurricane a brewing right her in the gulf of mexico with the category one hurricane sustaine wind of 19 miles per hour laura has her eye right now right along the texas louisiana border the parishes of louisiana this could impact them as a category three hurricane then she continues to move farther north and it takes a hard right right toward the tennessee and ohio valley this is a if each racket could move anywhere to the north of cincinnati to south of nashville there were just taking a right to the center part of this path let me take you all the way up to space the international space station and show you what nasa captured today some amazing pictures of hurricane hurricane gets it would be a hora if you were in the path of the storm but hurricane laura you'll notice right there some pretty cool pictures not so good again if laura's heading your direction and right now heading toward th gulf states right around louisiana and texas by the time he gets to us here's how much rain i'm expecting 3 inches close to it for richmond about an inch and a half in jackson this is my saturday at 8 pm at about an inch in the williamsburg area hour by hour rain chances show you that that yellow line is pretty low all the way through wednesday but look at this change will start to see a small chance of rain o thursday a better chance on friday saturday that's what i'm expecting the ruminant of lord to move through drying out on sunday and cooling-off we go for 92 on wednesday to 80 may be upper 70s on sunday a better chance of rain after sunday's calm day on monday and tuesday warming up to 83 on tuesday overnight lows in the 60s and hicks: we don't have enough members of congress who understand what it feels like to grow up poor.

Hicks: we don't have enough members of congress doesn't understand what it feels like to struggle to put food on the table doesn't understand what it feels like or struggle to pay for health-insurance premiums. and i know because i was working hard and still poor.

Or struggle to pay for health-insurance premiums. i didn't feel like somebody growing up.

Or struggle to pay for health-insurance premiums. and so i joined the military.

Or struggle to pay for health-insurance premiums. s at the police department.

I went to school all week long at morehead.

I got out of law school, and as it turned out, just having a law degree doesn't make you somebody.

We don't have enough folks in congress just having a law degree doesn't make you somebody.

Who know what that feels like.

And if they ever did know what that kind of stuff feels like, lord, they've been in washington, d.c., too long now, accepted too much of them corporate pac donations lord, they've been in washington, d.c., too long now, to either know or care what it means to the people to be struggling.

And i think we get some representatives like me in congress, and the folks who struggle and i think we get some representatives like me got somebody on the doggone floor shouting, and we're gonna do stuff that helps these people, my people.

That's what i hope to be able to do.

I'm josh hicks, and i approve this message.

C1 3 so now for a coronavirus update for the city of lexington there are 62 new cases in the city is the total number of cases and now i 129 of the new cases for uk student brings the total number of uk stance of tested positive or hundred and reported eating the total number of definitely three and also reporting more than 4000 people have recovered you probably heard about contact teresa and even talked to tracy yourself but a lot of people still learning about how the whole process works when someone test positive for an infectious disease not just cobra 19 a contact tracer then becomes an investigator to go to work finding out who else may have been exposed if you have been exposed they'll call you and that's an important call that c1 3 kentucky currently has more tha 1000 tracers and may add anothe 250 vehicles were stalling right out of the garage and driveway at police they don't create a crime of opportunity and he is 101 years old a world war ii veteran was on the road trip of a lifetime in one of his stops today in lexington the message he's bringing with him about the c1 3 new coronavirus cases...are in university of kentucky students?

And...what to do if a contact tracer calls you?

There are 62 new coronavirus cases in lexington.

There are 62 new coronavirus cases in lexington.

Fs img txt bullets:no coronavirus cases in lexington source: lexington-fayette county health dept.

Corona ... the health department says the city's total number of confirmed cases is now at 5,129.

Of the new cases... 26 were university of kentucky students.

That brings the total number of u-k students who have tested positive to 475.

There are no new deaths being reported... leaving the total number of coronavirus deaths in the city at 53.

The health department is also reporting, 4,166 people have recovered from the virus.

Ots image:left tracing covid-19 coronavirus 6.jpg you've probably heard about contact tracing...maybe you've even talked to a tracer...but a lot of us are still learning about how the process works.

L3: coronavirus outbreak white how contact tracing works when someone tests positive for an infectious disease, like covid..

A contact tracer becomes an investigator.

They go to work finding out who else may have been exposed... if you have...they'll call you..

It's an important call you should take seriously.

L3: coronavirus outbreak white mark carter exec.

Advisor, cabinet for health and family servt that call their mind immediatel3: coronavirus k white how has more than 1,000 tracersany vehicles were stolenscott county?

And.... he's a... who's on the roadtrip..

Here in lexington.

Thhe grentucky lawmakers are startin "conversion therapy" in the state.

Ar...but republican senator alicsentativr presented.

It aims to change someone's ge lawmakers say the practi could even harm kentucky kids.

The family foundation says banning the practice would block free speech and religious rights.

### the scott county sheriff's office says several people had vehicles stolen last night right from their driveways and garages.

According to deputies...between 1 and 4 car, one s-u-v...and a motorcycle were stolen in the northern part of the county.

All were unlocked with keys the deer lake...mallard point...and moon lake subdivisions.

Deputies say if you have home security systems...check to see if the cameras caught anything suspicious and remember not to leave keys in your cars.

### a living page of history made a stop in lexington today.

L3: abc 36 news white world war ii vet visits lexington raising awareness about shrinking number of wwi ... this was sidney walton when he served in world war two.

Now at age 101...walton is one of america's last surviving world war two veterans.

He is taking part in what is being called "operation 75".... america's longest covid-safe parade.... celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of world war two.

To celebrate... walton is being escorted by police motorcade up i-75 from georgia statehouse to lansing, michigan over the next four days.

He started his trip today.... where he made a stop on east main street in lexington.

Walton is on a national no regrets tour... visiting all 50 states and meeting all 50 governors in a campaign to raise awareness of the rapidly shrinking number of world war two vets.

Mercer county's success last season is proof...continuity can do wonders.

Can its success continue this year?

The 36 blitz