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Sunday, 1 August 2021

Melania Trump makes plea for unity in RNC speech

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Melania Trump makes plea for unity in RNC speech
Melania Trump makes plea for unity in RNC speech

First lady Melania Trump offered sympathy for victims of the coronavirus pandemic and a plea for racial understanding in a Republican convention speech on Tuesday aimed directly at the women voters who have abandoned U.S. President Donald Trump.

"Donald Trump has not, and will not, lose focus on you." U.S. First Lady Melania Trump struck a softer tone at the second night of the Republican National Convention, offering sympathy for those who have been hard-hit by the health crisis and a plea for healing the country's racial and political divide.

Giving the most consequential speech of her brief political career, the First Lady did her best to provide an alternative - and sometimes contrary - voice to her husband and her party.

"As you have heard this evening, I don't want to use this precious time attacking the other side because as we saw last week, that kind of talk only serves to divide the country further." Her speech came in stark contrast to the rest of the evening's speakers, who aimed for Trump's core base.

Some stuck to politics -- Senator Rand Paul took aim at Joe Biden's legislative record.

"Joe Biden voted for the Iraq War, which President Trump has long called the worst geopolitical mistake of our generation." Then White House adviser Larry Kudlow painted a rosy picture of a post-reelection economy.

"Do you want economic health, prosperity, opportunity and optimism?

Or do you want to turn back to the dark days of stagnation, recession and pessimism?" Trump still scores well in opinion polls on his handling of the economy despite the millions of jobs lost due to the health crisis, even as his approval rating on other issues has plunged.

Trump himself will deliver a speech from the White House lawn at the final night of the RNC on Thursday.


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