Trump Stayed On Message For RNC. But That Was It.
Trump Stayed On Message For RNC. But That Was It.

In an unusually muted speech at the RNC on Thursday, President Donald Trump accepted his renomination for president by the Republican party.

CNN reports Trump generally remained disciplined throughout the GOP convention and managed to stay on message.

However, that restraint seemed to evaporate b the time he got to Londonderry, New Hampshire, on Friday night.

There, he told supporters — who were not socially distanced and booed when the P.A.

Announcers asked them to wear masks — that he felt free to 'wing it.'

He attacked rival Joe Biden, calling him 'weak' and an enabler of 'rioters' and 'anarchists,' and also went after Biden's running mate, Sen.

Kamala Harris.

And despite needing to regain ground with Black and women voters, Trump launched a baseless attack on Democratic VP candidate Sen.

Kamala Harris.

Calling Harris 'incompetent,' Trump suggested his daughter, Ivanka Trump, would do a better job.

We're going to win.

Does anybody have any doubt?

US President Donald J.