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WCBI News at 10 - 08/30/2020

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WCBI News at 10 - 08/30/2020
WCBI News at 10 - 08/30/2020
WCBI News at 10 - 08/30/2020

Thanks for joining us, i'm stephanie poole.

éé some devastating news out of starkville.

éé two people died in a car crash early sunday morning.

éé oktibbeha county sheriff steve gladney says the wreck happened around 1am on 16 section road near camp airport rd.

éé the vehicle was traveling east bound when it left the road and struck a tree.éé at least five people were inside the vehicle at the time of the crash.éé two people were pronounced dead at the scene, 2 were air-lifted to north mississippi medical center in tupelo, and one was taken to och in starkville then air-lifted to umc in jackson.

éé oktibbeha county sheriff department, east oktibbhea volunteer fire department, mhp troop g, and och responded to the scene.

éé the cause of the accident is under investigation.éé the mississippi state department of health reports 647 new cases of covid-19 with14 new deaths.éé there are 158 new cases in long term care facilities within the state.

éé the total number of cases is more than 82-thousand with more than 2- thousand deaths.

éé it's presumed that more than thousand 62- thousand mississippians have recovered from the virus.

éé our wet and stormy pattern will continue to start off the week with chances for rain for the next several days.

It won't be a total washout every day, but there could be periods of heavier rain.

Some of us could see localized flash flooding.

Sunday night: most of the night will be dry, but more storms will start to move in by sunrise.

We'll stay mild and muggy with lows in the mid 70s and a light southerly wind.

Monday: several rounds of showers and storms will be possible through the day.

The morning round looks like it will affect more northern areas a man said to be associated with a right-wing group was shot and killed saturday night in portland, oregon.éé the violence broke out the same night a caravan of supporters of president trump drove through the city's downtown, the site of nightly protests in the wake of george floyd's death.

éé cbs news correspondent tom hanson has the latest from new york.éé after three months of protests, gunfire rang out saturday night on the streets of portland, leaving one man dead.

Reports say the man was shot in the chest, and that he was affiliated with the group 'patriot prayer,' a right-wing political organization.

''this is an active investigation and our detectives are gathering information to determine what happened and what led up to this death.'' it wasn't clear if the shooting was in connection with clashes between protesters and supporters of president trump, who drove a caravan through the city that evening.

''at the end of the day, there was no resolve and no mediation.

And here we are, and now there's a dead body on the ground.'' on twitter sunday, president trump shared video of the caravan heading to portland, and wrote ''great patriots.'' ''he has an opportunity to uplift us and bring us together to move through this difficult situation in our nation's history and instead he chooses to play petty politics and divide us.'' on cbs' face the nation, acting homeland security secretary chad wolf was asked if the trump administration will ask everyone, including trump supporters, to pull back.

''we've been asking the governor and others to send in the national guard to address the violence so that you don't have dueling demonstrations.'' authorities have released few details about the shooting, though they say they are aware of videos apparently showing it.

Protests, sometimes violent, have been held nightly in oregon's largest city since the minneapolis police killing of george floyd in late may.

Tom hanson/cbs news.

Intro this week marks 100 years since the 19th amendment became law - giving women in this country the right to vote.éé cbs's nancy chen introduces us to a group of women who took to the sky to celebrate.éé pkg: not even the sky's the limit for these trailblazing jumpers... who are áall women.

0014 "2020!"

Eleven professional skydivers from across the united states created the "highlight pro skydiving team" to celebrate 100 years this month of women winning the right to vote.

3618 we talk about wanting to inspire women and girls to live bold, brave lives of their own design.

And in order to do that, we have to be doing that, too.

The team kicked off a series of demonstration jumps-- leaping, twirling and flipping -- in locations pivotal to the suffrage movement.

They launched in seneca falls, new york, where the first women's rights convention was held.

0037 this is for all women!

They also touched down in tennessee, the state that decided the fate of the 19th amendment... before dropping by pennsylvania's justice bell, a symbol of the movement.

The capstone -- jumping on women's equality day this week in new york city.

The women landed in woodlawn cemetery in the bronx, the final resting place of famed suffragists like elizabeth cady stanton.

2426 you get to really connect that these are real people.

And in their day, they were doing the bold, brave thing.

The team hopes to encourage more people to vote -- as well as take up skydiving themselves.

But they want their message to carry more broadly for women and girls... to live fearless lives as trailblazers& at all altitudes.

0155 yeah, we would love to have people join us in the sky and come skydiving with us, you know, and we also really invite people to consider what is bold and what is brave to them and to live into those ideas 0207 drawing inspiration from suffragists like alva belmont, co- captain amy chmelecki also emphasizes the importance of reaching for the sky -- even now as people focus on the essentials.

3148 you have to get grounded, but i hope people don't stop dreaming.

// the dreamers are so important, i mean, none of us would be here if it wasn't for the dreamers like alva belmont and what she did.

It really does make a difference.

A reminder of the summer in the south can come with some pretty high temperatures.

éé in this week's mom to mom here's one way to cool you and your family down.

éé that story after summer in the summer in the south can come with some pretty high temperatures.

éé mandy is whipping up a sweet frozen treat to help cool you and your family down.éé take a look.

éé today on mom to mom, we're going to show you how to make this easy and delicious treat with your kids this summer.

Today, we're going to make kool-aid sherbert.

When it's hot outside, there's nothing better than an ice cold treat like this to cool you down.

And my kids absolutely love it.

It's so simple, so easy, and only three ingredients.

All right, so first you're going to need a pack of kool-aid.

Any flavor, it doesn't matter.

Then you're going to need one cup of sugar, and then three cups of milk.

You're going to get a large bowl, whisk all three ingredients until the sugar and kool-aid mix is dissolved.

Pour into a shallow dish, cover, then place in the freezer for about two hours, or mostly until set.

So after two hours, you want to pull it back out.

It's going to look a lot like a slushie.

You can use a whisk, or you can use a mixer just to kind of mix it up and break it up and kind of stir it really good.

And then put it back in the refrigerator until it's 100% set.

This is such a wonderful summer treat.

My kids absolutely love it.

It's so easy, even they can make it.

They personally love the blue raspberry just because it reminds them of blue slushies at the store, but they absolutely love it.

Any flavor, you can't go wrong.

If you're looking for something fun and different, a nice little summer treat, definitely give kool-aid sherbert a try and as always moms, we'd love to hear those wonderful ideas that you give your kids.

You can post it to our facebook page and we'll see you on the next mom to mom.

Often times during severe weather, rain, or snow, you'll see radar used during the weather forecast.

éé but have you ever wondered why radar is used and how it works?

Meteorologist trevor birchett explains in this week's weather whys.éé weather radar is a very important tool for us as meteorologists.

It's actually one of the few ways we can actually see what's happening in nearly real-time.

Radar was actually first used for detecting aircraft, especially during world war 2.

While scanning the skies for enemies, the observers realized they could also see precipitation on the radar.

This accident has undoubtedly saved many lives.

After the realization, more government funding was poured into developing a radar network for weather detection, and to date, there are 159 radars across the us and it's territories.

Here locally, we use radars in monroe county, memphis, jackson, and birmingham to keep you safe.

But how does a radar actually work?

Well, the radar is actually in what looks like a giant soccer ball on a tower.

Inside, a dish spins around, sending out a signal.

When the signal hits something like rain, it is bounced back to the radar site and shows up as rain on the display.

In the last 10 years, a significant upgrade to the radar network gave us the capability of "dual- polarization".

In laymans terms, this allows the radar to determine the shape of objects in the cloud.

This is extremely helpful because we can now tell the difference between a raindrop and a piece of wood that was thrown up during a tornado, allowing us to determine if a tornado is causing damage at any given time.

Of course, radar coverage is limited, and the radar beam is still hundreds of feet off the ground, so it's important to also have storm spotters to see what's actually happening below the cloud.

If you have questions about how weather technology works, let us know!

You can reach out to us via email address, or on facebook and twitter.

Until next time, i'm meteorologist trevor birchett.

Our wet and stormy pattern will continue to start our wet and stormy pattern will continue to start off the week with chances for rain for the next several days.

It won't be a total washout every day, but there could be periods of heavier rain.

Some of us could see localized flash flooding.

Sunday night: most of the night will be dry, but more storms will start to move in by sunrise.

We'll stay mild and muggy with lows in the mid 70s and a light southerly wind.

Monday: several rounds of showers and storms will be possible through the day.

The morning round looks like it will affect more northern areas while the afternoon and evening round will dig a little farther south toward columbus.

Either way, rain and storms are possible at anytime tomorrow, so keep the umbrella nearby.

We'll stay warm and muggy as temperatures climb to near 90.

Tuesday: more off- and-on storms are possible through the day on tuesday.

Highs will once again be near 90 with morning lows in the mid 70s.

Wednesday- thursday: while rain chances don't go away completely for wednesday and thursday, they will diminish just a bit.

Not everyone will see rain, but a few isolated showers or storms will be possible our temperatures will be a bit warmer as temperatures climb into the low and mid 90s each afternoon.

Morning lows will remain in the low to mid 70s.

Friday-sunday: we'll keep a 30%- 40% chance of rain in play for friday and the weekend as a few storms will be possible.

This basically means to go about your day as normal, but be prepared for a quick downpour if one pops up.

Temperatures will be a touch lower with highs in the upper 80s.

To get the latest forecast anytime, download the wcbi news app or visit our website at

You can also get the latest weather updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Our wet and stormy pattern will continue to start off the week with chances for rain for the next several days.

It won't be a total washout every day, but there could be periods of heavier rain.

Some of us could see localized hail state women's hoops will be without a player heading into the season.

Find out who after the break!

Even though we're a couple months away from the start of basketball season, mississippi state women's hoops now knows they will be without a key piece heading into the season.

Senior guard andra espinoza- hunter announced on twitter today her decision to opt out this season due to covid-19 concerns.

The uconn transfer in her two seasons for msu averaged 6.9 points per game.

In the 2018-2019 season, hunter shot 40 percent from 3 as well.

Over on the gridiron, head coach mike leach and the bulldogs are getting closer and closer to unveiling the highly anticipated air raid offense.

In leach's tenure at washington state, he produced a passing attack that ranked top 10 nationally each season including 7 straight seasons in the top 4.

Despite a shortened spring, leach says the team is on track compared to other teams he's coached in implementing the new system.

Leach also noted that he's pleased with the progress of the group that will be key in the air raid's success.....the wide receivers.

"i've been impressed.

I thought that i would say we're a little ahead there of what i expected.

They have good body control.

They do catch the ball well.

Generally, they do a good job of keeping their hands in the same place.

The other thing i have to say is i think they are running routes better at this point than i thought they might."

Across state lines in alabama yesterday, the tide held their first scrimmage of fall camp.

Some familiar faces will take on an even bigger role on offense this season.

Wide receivers davonta smith and jaylen waddle are two key playmakers that come to mind.

However, who will be the one getting them the ball has yet to be announced.

But according to head coach nick saban, quarterback mac jones had a good showing in the team's scrimmage as they continue building towards week one.

"i think mac did some good things.

He had 3 touchdown passes.

He was 21 for 36.

I just think mac has to play within himself.

Be confident.

Be positive.

Not beat himself up when he makes bad plays.

That's a part of the maturity level of a competitor that his game experience is going to help him do.

I think his experiences leading up to the game will help him do as well."

Jones passed for over 1500 yards and 14 touchdowns last season as a sophomore.

Next in sports, the cubs and reds wrap up their weekend series.....will the cubs make my boss derek and the rest of cubs nation happy and get the win???

Find out after the break welcome back!

Yesterday in wnba action the indiana fever played the dallas wings.

Dallas came away with the dub in that one 82-78.

Former teaira mccowan had a nice game for indiana.

10 points 3 rebounds and no surprise here....2 blocks!

Teammate victoria vivians did not play as she nurses a knee injury.

And a name that mississippi state fans won't ever forget came up big for the wings....arike ogunbowale dropped 30 points!!

Also had 3 rebounds and an assist.

We knew when she made that shot in the national title she was going to do big thngs and that she is doing in the wnba.

Over in the nba, the boston celtics took care of business against the toronto raptors in game 1 of the eastern conference semis winning 112 to 94.

Boston dominated the entire game led by jayson tatum and marcus smart who both had 21 a piece.

Tatum also finished with 9 boards and 2 assists.

Former ole miss reb terence davis had seven points along with 2 rebounds and an assist.

Davis and the raptors look to get back on track as the teams play again tuesday.

0-12 top 4th: cubs kyle schwarber hits a solo home run to right .

1-0 cubs 12-23 top 4th: two batters later -- cubs jason heyward gets in on the action and hits a home run to right 2-0 cubs 23-36 top 5th: ian happ ate some spinach before the game....2-run homer to center -- 8th homer of the season.

4-0 cubs 36-46 top 6th: heyward hits his second home run of the day -- he hits a 375ft homer to right.

5-0 cubs 46-57 top 7th: happ would also hit two home runs -- this one 361ft to right.

6-1 cubs 57-1:13 top 9th: cubs must have ate their wheaties this morning...schwarb er hits a grand slam to right .

10-1 cubs.

Final score: 10-1 cubs we're going to take a quick break but when we come back maddie will have a final


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