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WCBI New at Six - 09/02/2020

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WCBI New at Six - 09/02/2020
WCBI New at Six - 09/02/2020
WCBI New at Six - 09/02/2020

Open good evening everyone... we begin tonight with a story we've been following.

A 12-year-old boy is at home recovering after he was allegedly attacked with a knife last week at columbus middle school.

The incident happened friday around noon.

While investigators and the school district are not releasing many details about the case, we do know the student accused in the attack is in custody.

Columbus schools superintendent dr. cherie labat says faculty and staff at the school responded appropriately and parents can be assured safety measures are place on every campus through the district.

From an education standpoint, it's not a good feeling to have two children in this situation.

We are praying for the parents in this situation because it has been very difficult for our district, but we continue to provide a safe environment for our employees and students.

Human behavior is unpredictable.

And i learned early on in my education career that you can put as many safeguards as possible in a situation- and those are preventive measures, but you can not control everything and it's a very very hard thing to grasp.

Neither child involved has been identified.

The case is being handled in lowndes county juvenile court.

Stinger wcbi continuing coverage stinger the mississippi state department of health is reporting the first child death related to covid- 19.

During today's coronavirus press briefing, state health officer dr. thomas dobbs also talked about how covid-related deaths are reported.

The new numbers have led many people to believe that only 6 percent of coronavirus deaths have been caused solely by the virus and no other contributing factors.

Some doctors say that's not the case.

Dr. dobbs say covid-19 is an organ killer.

It attacks the body and causes organs to shut down, meaning there's always more than one thing that causes a coronavirus death and never just the virus alone.

"accute respitory failure, secondary to covid-19 and pnuemonia, that's a covid death.

Covid caused respitory failure and pnuemonia... heart disease with covid- 19 and mild cardio infarcion, was not counted as a covid death.

Cardio pulminary disease, heart disease, diabetes with contributing factor of covid, not counted as a covid related death."

Dobbs says the child that died was between the ages dobbs says the child that died was between the ages of one and five.

The child was also healthy prior to contracting covid- 19.

Covid-19 numbers inside of mississippi hospitals continue to improve.

State health officials are reporting 781 new coronavirus cases today, along with 33 deaths.

The number of patients with confirmed or suspected covid-19 symptoms in hospitals across the state drops below 800.

It's been several months since that's been the case.

The number of people in i.c.u.

Drops below two hundred.

In our viewing area, lafayette county has the most new cases with 57.

Oktibbeha county has 38 and lee county is reporting 29.

Monitor intro your mental health and covid-19 could be related.

Counselors say the affects are far reaching...with many people suffering from distress, anxiety, and depression.

As our savannah gaido finds out these challenges can lead to mental health struggles and even thoughts of suicide.

She joins us live in the studio with more... mental health professionals say they are seeing an increase in people who are considering suicide.

That's why its important to know what to do if you or someone you know is struggling// and one phone call could potentially save a life.// this year has not been kind.

Especially to people who may suffer from depression.

Some families are facing illness, job loss and some people are still dealing with isolation.

"so now you are dealing with all this pain and suffering and you don't know how to help it and you are breaking down.

Its okay to reach out for help, even the doctors and nurses need help because they are dealing with this pandemic head on.

We all need help and its ok."

Executive director for contact helpline, katrina sunivelle says in the spring, volunteers there were averaging maybe 7 to 8 calls a day.

Now that is doubled "in june, we had 50 calls and may we had 28 calls, in one week we had 19 calls" "they see our number and they want somewhere to call and talk to someone because they are experiencing things they have never experienced before during this pandemic."

But sunivelle says the call increase can actually be seen as a positive.

She says people who need help are asking for it.

"well the suicides have increased, and that is unfortunate, but our calls have increased.

When you hear our calls have increased, thats a good thing for us.

That means more people are calling, that means they are reaching out for help and that means we are doing the work."

And sunivelle says that can make all the difference in the world.

Tag september is national suicide prevention month.

The national hotline number is 1-800-273-8255 first look stinger first look the woman killed in an oktibbeha county house fire is identified.

Coroner michael hunt says ann oswalt was found dead inside the mobile home by firefighters.

The 9-1-1 call came in just after 11 on tuesday morning.

Volunteer firefighters found smoke at the jody young road home when they arrived.

The state fire marshal is assisting oktibbeha county deputies in the investigation.

An autopsy has been ordered.

An oktibbeha county driver is airlifted to a hospital after crashing into a row trees.

The crash happened about just after one this afternoon on robinson road in the oktoc community.

Volunteer firefighters and deputies quickly worked to free the trapped driver.

It's unclear how or why the suv left the road and came to rest in the tree line.

Oktibbeha county deputies are investigating the accident.

The driver's condition is unknown.

The labor day holiday weekend begins in just a few days and you can expect to see law enforcement out while you're celebrating.

The mississippi highway patrol says its travel enforcement period begins at 12 a.m friday.

During last year's labor day holiday, mhp investigated 131 crashes and three fatalities.

Troopers also made 216 d.u.i.


"we're just out here to save lives.

Last year we investigated, the highway patrol, three deaths, and again, we're not satisfied until that number is at zero.

We really need the public's help in getting that number to zero."

The travel enforcement period will end at midnight on monday.

Wcbi update stinger starkville city leaders vote 5 to 2 to raise taxes in starkville city leaders vote 5 to 2 to raise taxes in the city.

Taxes will be raised about two percent.

That's an additional 2 mils.

City leaders are anticipating losing about 880 thousand dollars in revenue from sales tax.

Half of the tax increase will be to support a grant the city received.

The other half will help make-up for the shortfall.

Winona leaders also held a public hearing tuesday to discuss the town's budget and possible tax increase.

Mississippians now know the flag that will be on the ballot this november.

The people chosen to select a new flag design did not go with the shield or "great river flag."

Instead, they chose "the new magnolia" flag.

It has red bars on each side and a blue background behind a magnolia in the center.

The flag will appear on the ballot during the november general election.

If a majority of mississippians vote for the new design, it will become the new state flag.

If not, the design process starts over.

We will have more on this story tonight on wcbi news at nine and ten.

Stinger roll a monroe county volunteer fire department gets a new piece of equipment that will help save lives for years to come.

Wcbi's allie martin shows us the new fire engine at hatley vfd and what it means to the area.

Nats getting truck hatley volunteer fire chief evan adams is taking the department's newest vehicle on the road.

Nats sirens engine 41 arrived from the factory this week.

The truck is valued at around 290 thousand dollars and should serve the community for 15 to 25 years.

It has a thousand gallon water tank for fighting fires and it will also be used in other emergencies.

"it is definitely a great asset, this is actually a rescue style pumper that will also contain a lot of rescue equipment for automobile accidents, extracation, but very proud to have this and community should be also."

Standup bridge engine 41 replaces engine 42 which was put into service about 20 years ago as a new vehicle.

This equipment is not only a big plus to the volunteer fire department, it also helps homeowners in the district.

"this will definitely help us maintain our current rating and potentially help us lower our rating, giving us two class a pumpers."

A lower rating means lower insurance premiums for homeowners in the area.

First district supervisor joseph richardson says it's important to give first responders the tools they need to do their jobs.

"we are fortunate in monroe county to have an extremely team of emergency services personnel, our volunteer fire departments play a vital role in that, along with our 9 1 1 disptachers, first responders, law enforcement, we have a search and rescue team, they all will use this equipment here."

All members of the department will train on the new engine before it goes into service.

In hatley, allie martin wcbi news roll vo in monitor the county was able to use money from the state fire rebate program to help pay for the new fire engine.

That money is collected from homeowners' insurance premiums to help fire departments get much needed equipment.

Stinger stinger area juco's announce their football schedules for the season.

Find out who icc plays after the break.

Open there's plenty of hype surrounding mike leach's signature air raid attack....and rightly so.

But that isn't the only change we'll see from the bulldogs.

Defensive coordinator zach arnett is bringing the 3-3-5 defense to starkville.

An aggressive style of defense that should have defenders flying around the field.

Now as both sides of the ball continue learning their respected schemes, coaches and players say the offensive and defensive lines have been getting after it in practice.

"they communicate.

They know where to go.

They're pretty decent at their one on one matchups."

"all of them are really giving me a tough matchup.

We're mixing up everything.

We're going from nose to shave to 3 tech.

Everybody is really getting their rep against everybody.

Everyone is working their hardest to block us.

We're making sure we get the offense better, and they're making sure we get the defense better."

Over in oxford, ole miss continues their preparations for week one with a scrimmage today.

This was the team's second scrimmage of fall camp, but getting to this point hasn't been easy for the rebs.

Head coach lane kiffin spoke on the challenge its been getting the guys up to speed while battling covid-19 and injuries.

Despite the struggles, the team remains optimistic.

"if a guy misses two or three weeks, we barely know them from a person to person standpoint.

Then, they don't know our plays.

If you've been in a program and in these other programs, they've had their seniors for four years.

You've had everybody for at least a year except for your incoming guys.

They already know your stuff."

"just a little but right now we're just one spot.

We're getting a lot of reps for the ones and twos so we'll be alright.

They'll come back and we'll just keep going."

Baseball america released its top 25 recruiting classes for the year.

For the third straight season, mississippi state and head coach chris lemonis make the top 25 at 17.

Ole miss comes in at 21.

Some other sec schools to note....lsu at 2, vandy at 3, florida at 5, arkansas at 9, georgia at 12, auburn at 14, and tennessee at 19.

Earlier today, itawamba community college released its football schedule for the upcoming season.

Icc has a 6 game slate starting with a home opener against coahoma october 1st.

Then icc travels to holmes and northwest the following weeks before returning home for back to back home games against delta and northeast.

Then itawamba closes the season on the road against coahoma.

Here's what the team had to say about the news.

"i think it's a great schedule.

Balanced home and away.

Got 3 and 3.

We're excited about getting going.

It's a lull sometimes because it's taken awhile to get the season to start.

You look up and 3 weeks becomes 2 and 2 weeks becomes 1.

Then you got game week.

We're trying to put emphasis on the little things we're trying to get better at right now.

We know as a coaching staff we still have time to get where we want to go."

"it's about getting in shape and getting everybody tuned up.

We're going over everything.

Blitzes, alignments.

Everything we're supposed to.

Trying to get ready for game one."

Again game one will be october 7th at home against coahoma.

When we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a last look at your forecast.

Annual "get the annual "get swept up" event is in the bag... starkville businesses, civic groups, and volunteers took to the streets to spruce up the town before the mississippi state football season kicks off.

This is the first city-wide event since the covid-19 pandemic.

Organizers at the greater starkville development partnership say it was important to make sure everyone was following c-d-c guidelines and make a few adjustments to along the way.

"this event we only had to make one major modification.

Typically in years past people can kind of gather and our office kind of serves as a hot spot.

You know the meeting central place for the event.

But this year what we did was we staggered those pick up times for supplies before so you know we kept everything within state health guidelines."

This is the 17th year the event has been held in starkville.

Last look stinger last look last look last look last look last


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