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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Noon 9/4/20

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Noon 9/4/20
Noon 9/4/20
Noon 9/4/20

A tragic day in the hoosier 44news at noon.

I'm -- erran huber -- let's first--take a look at the ongoing struggle the tri-state is facing-- a tragic day in the hoosier state-- five new deaths today-- two new deaths in vanderburgh county two deaths in knox-- and posey county is mourning their first covid-19 death.

In the bluegrass state-- the green river district is reporting forty eight new cases.

Both union and daviess county have fifteen confirmed cases.

Henderson has eight.

The last two days have been the highest record--for the seven county region since the beginning of the pandemic.

New this afternoon--in illinois-- lawrence county--sharing that it's now at a covid-19 warning level.

This--after seeing a major jump in positivity level in recent weeks.

Lawrence--not the only illinois county--with local health officials on the lookout.

As we first told you thursday on 44news at 9 and 10-- the wabash county health department --- expecting to share today-- they are also at a warning level--linked to their high positivity rate.

The community is gathering to help those in need-- tri-state food bank is hosting a food drive to collect donations for struggling families-- 44news reporter marisa patwa has more-- good afternoon.

Since 10 a.m.

This morning cars have been able to come out there and drop off non-perishable items and it's all thanks to a collaboration between the tri- state food bank and eastland mall.

The tri-state food bank is also taking safety into hand and is making the drive- thru contact free.

All drivers have to do is load up their donations into either cardboard boxes or plastic bags and place them in the trunk of their car.

And as they drive through the line, members of the national guard will collect those donations.

Youl never even have to get out of your car.

Some of the items most in need include peanut butter, soup, canned fruits and vegetables, rice, beans, canned mead such as tuna, beef, chicken or salmon, dry pasta and pasta sauce.

Officials with the tri-state food bank say just even one non- perishable item can save someone in need from going hungry.

"many of them have been furloughed or laid off with the shut down and they're still struggling with that loss of income.

And it all boils down to income and having enough money for your groceries and if people are struggling to pay their rent or medication then usually groceries are the first thing to go."

This series will last every week for the rest of september in honor of hunger action month.

But if you can donate today, make sure to stop by before 3 p.m.

Reporting in evansville marisa patwa 44news indiana university - telling greek houses - to re- evaluate their living situations.... with 30 of the 40 houses - now in isolation.... on top of that - positivity rates are jumping past 50 percent - putting the university in a tough spot.....*they can't order greek houses to close - because the houses are owned by the national organizations.... i-u officials are helping students find temporary housing - but it could be weeks before covid-19 is wiped out of greek life.... after having their graduation ceremony postponed - ivy tech grads-- will still have to wait for their commencement ceremony.... the college announcing via email - that due to concerns surrounding the pandemic - the event rescheduled and slated for october--will not happen.... this year's graduates will be invited to the 20-21 ceremony - which will honor both classes.... the long term effects of covid-19 remain an ever evolving mystery as we learn more about the virus... recent studies-- with new evidence--that some athletes who are testing positive for covid--may be seeing further impacts to their hearts... as cbs reporter-- mike sullivan tells us..these complications-- can lead to death.

Nat -?brothers on 3, 1-2-3 brothers?


:50 if youe an athlete..

The short term is simple& you score.

Nat - fishers td :10 big whistle for td (fishers 4) the long term however& nat?let go letgo?

1:48 (arch) nat hu?

(back pedal) :17 (arch) remains unknown when it comes to covid.

3:51:52?we dont know a lot about the impact of covid 19, we are learning about it every da?

Studies have shown that some players are displaying signs of myocarditis& or heart inflammation.

3:46:30?far and away the most common cause of an acute myocarditis is from a viru?

(slow push interview it all i got) ryan serrano is a pediatric cardiologist at riley childen health.

Nat on 3 1-2-3 cats?

2:26 (arch) 3:47:21 (cover)?it is one of the more common causes of death and sudden death in athletes and young peopl?

Serrano saying a player could be playing with the condition and not know.

3:52:00?most people who get covid aren going to have an mri of their heart especially if they are asymptomati?

Whether youe a high school athelete&.

Nat - two lines two lines for 45, 4?

:10 (arch) college athlete& nat -?touchdown indiana?


(iu football 2) or an average joe& nat 1:14 screaming fans (arch) 3:49:30 even for young healthy people, for some people, it will turn into a chronic problem where the heart may never be back to norma?

The severity can range dramatically from person to person&as can odds for a full recovery.

Nat - purdue td 2 cheer 2:09 (2018 purdue) &&serrano says in some cases treatment may simply be rest and withholding from exercise.

3:50:06?it could potentially effect your long term ability to play sports but in the short term it also could drastically shorten your life if you are one of the unlucky one?

It like taking a 4th quarter gamble to play& nat - big interception cheer :24 (carmel lawrence north) and losing everything.

In indianapolis i mike sullivan fox59 news.

Serrano says the scariest part---is that doctors don know how many covid survivors may have this condition --and not know it&.

Especially-- people who were diagnosed early in the pandemic--and were told to just stay home and rest& they---may now-- be back to exercising.

A new report shows - lower and lower supplies at many hospitals - of another drug critical in treating the corona-virus.... the f-d-a authorized rem- dizza-vir for emergency use in may.... the fast- tracked drug--is used to cut down time spent in the hospital.... but - the supply is running dry - and it's causing concerns about patients being re-infected with the virus.... (00:05:56 dr boucher)the longer they're in the hospital, especially in the icu, the greater their risk of getting a secondary infection.

Those can be severe and even fatal //.

So anything we can do to prevent that risk is very important for every patient.

A consumer group is looking into the issues.... the scientist who invented the n95 mask has come out of retirement to help fight the coronavirus.

Michael george introduces us-- to a man on a mission to help others.

(track 1)you may not know dr. peter tsai's name- but you probably know his invention.

25 years ago, he created the n95 respirator.

That's the highly coveted mask now considered the gold standard to prevent the coronavirus.

Dr. tsai is now retired- but when covid struck - he said he couldn't sit on the sidelines.

(sot dr. peter tsai/inventor of n95 mask ) "i felt responsible to help people."

(track 2)dr. tsai set up a makeshift lab in his tennessee home.

He used his oven to test whether heat can sterilize masks.

He used kitchen pots to prove that boiling masks isn't effective.

(sot dr. peter tsai/inventor of n95 mask ) i put the respirator into boiling water.

Then, the shape deformed.

It does not have a good tight fit on the edge anymore.

(track 3)he's running electrostatic fabric tests in his backyard- and he even set up an ozone generator in his van- searching for the best method to kill covid.

Michael george: what is it like to do these experiments in your kitchen or a van, instead of a lab?(sot dr. peter tsai/inventor of n95 mask )it does not make a difference for me to do experiment in my home or a lab.

(track 4)he sends all his research to mask manufacturers, hospitals, and virologists.

He saved lives once before with his invention (sot dr. peter tsai/inventor of n95 mask ) i just feel i need to help people.

(track 5)now, dr. tsai says he has a responsibility to try to do it again.

Michael george cbs news new york.

Dr. tsai says-- while he's working to find ways--to make masks reusable---the best solution is for the u-s to quickly increase mask production.

It is shaping up to be a pleasant start to september--with this upcoming labor day weekend-- looking great weather wise.

Storm team 44 meteorologist griffin glasscock-- joins us for a first check of the forecast.

Griffin--i'm so glad to be rid of this humidity!

New at noon-- a wild kentucky chase ends in a crash--and with a male under the age of 18-- under arrest.

Around eight this morning-- in spencer county-- a young driver caught police attention for speeding.

The driver didn't stop and went across the blue bridge-- before hitting a construction vehicle and wrecking.

The person took off on foot--and was later arrested by the owensboro police.

The driver didn't have a license.

An argument at a gas station leads to a shooting..... and police are still searching for the suspect at this hour.

Crime scene tape outlining a massive area--at an apartment complex off south lincoln park drive.

Police tell us 28 year old malcom mathe-- was shot multiple times.

He was taken to an area hospital and he is expected to survive.

The shooting-- unfolding around 2:20 this morning.

Police say a clerk at a nearby gas station called 9-1-1 -- concerned about two men arguing.

Moments later gunshots were heard.

Police say the shooting happened inside a car.

Again -- an early morning shooting under investigation.

This happening just off south lincoln park drive -- near weinbach avenue.

President trump--says nobody respects america's fallen military heroes more than he does.

But a new article is quoting four unnamed sources--saying the president pulled out of a trip to a cemetery for american war dead--calling the service members buried there "losers" and "suckers."

We have more details now-- and the president's response--from the white house.

(track 1)president trump is vehemently denying reports he insulted americans who died in combat.

(sot: president trump)"there's nobody that respects them more so i just think it's a horrible, horrible thing."

(track 2)(gfx)an article published in the atlantic& says during a 2018 trip overseas, president trump questioned why he should go to a cemetery of american soldiers near paris saying "it's filled with losers"&and called the american war dead "suckers" for getting killed.

(/gfx) (/wipe gfx)the trump campaign put out statements from several people on the trip denying the president made those comments.

(/gfx) (sot: president trump)"i would be willing to swear on anything that i never said that about our fallen heroes."

(track 3)the president did pull out of a planned visit to a cemetery to mark the end of world war one.

(sot: president trump)"the helicopter could not fly.

The reason it couldn't fly is because it was raining about as hard as i've ever seen it.

And on top of that it was very, very foggy.

(track 4)bad weather did not prevent german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel macron from attending memorial services that day.

(standup: bofta yimam/cbs news/the white house) the atlantic article also says the president refused to offer support when senator john mccain passed away.

(track 5)the article states that when the vietnam veteran who'd been a prisoner of war died, the president told his senior staffãquote- "we're not going to support that loser's funeral."

(sot: president trump)"i disagreed with john mccain, but i still respected him."

(track 6) (gfx)democratic nominee joe biden issued a statement saying: "the sacrifice and bravery of our troops and their willingness to serve our nation should be honored."

(/gfx) bofta yimam, cbs news, the white house.

John mccain's daughter meghan--- tweeted that the pain of the loss of her father is still raw - and she says that president trump has been "vile" and "disgusting" to he family.

A beautiful start to our afternoon-- leading a great looking trend.

We'll continue to see clear skies and sunshine heading into the weekend-- our storm team 44 meteorologist-- griffin glasscock-- here with the latest on weather-- the pandemic caused thousands i'm amy mcgrath, and i appr.

Mitch mcconnell pretends to .

He praised industry giant gencanna for its "pioneering work."

But gencanna stiffed hemp farmers millions of dollars.

And when washington's bureaucratic paralysis was killing hemp farms?

Uh...honestly i'm... not on top of the latest on that.

Mitch mcconnell.

Letting hemp dry up.

Of businesses to lay off workers.but there are many companies that are hiring.nancy chen explains.

(nats- flips dough in the air) (track 1)ankit (ayn-kit) (ayn like ankle) julka's (jewel - kuh's) prospects were up in the air when the coronavirus pandemic started.he lost his job at a gym when it was forced to shutdown.... then a friend refered him to domino's.

(07:07 sot-ankit julka/domino's employee) "when i first got here i was mostly on the phone, customer service representative, helping out where i can."

(track 2)more americans are finding work.

The labor department says the economy added nearly 1 point 4 million jobs in august.... less than previous months.

(switch to rate) even though hiring slowed down a bit the unemployment rate dropped from 10 point 2 to 8 point 4 percent.

(gfx out) (sot- jill schlesinger/cbs news business analyst) "i think overall the august report tells us a good picture of where we are, we are an economy that is healing.

The economy cratered in march and april, we are clawing our way back."

(track 3)airlines and some retailers continue to lay off workers... but there many businesses looking for employees, including domino's.

(01:57 sot-john hall/domino's franchisee) "we are definitely trying to keep staffing up, we are hiring."

(track 4)john hall is a franchise owner.unlike dine-in restaurants his stores were deemed essential and allowed to stay open.

And he saw higher sales as food delivery became a popular option.

(02:06 sot-john hall/domino's franchisee) "throughout the country we're hiring 20,000 employees."

(track 5) (gfx in)the job placement company true blue says other industries are hiring too.there was a big boost from july to august in job postings for everything from merchandise stockers to computer support specialists and registered nurses.

(gfx out) (nats) (track 6)ankit has been moving up the ranks since joining domino's.

(07:45 sot-ankit julka/domino's employee) "they are training me in the management program."

(track 7)the goal is to one day manage his own store.nancy chen, cbs news, new york.

Check of your forecast..

Thanks for making us your choice in news brian miller-- jessica hartman and the rest of

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