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Sunday, 28 February 2021

WCBI News at 6 - 09/10/2020

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WCBI News at 6 - 09/10/2020
WCBI News at 6 - 09/10/2020
WCBI News at 6 - 09/10/2020

Intro roll vo in monitor a lamar county, alabama jail escapee is back in jail after police say he robbed a bank in mississippi.

A bare-footed john scott glasgow escaped from the lamar county jail wednesday night.

The 53 year old apparently went home, grabbed some shoes, packed his bags and headed east on highway 82.

But that's where the story becomes even more interesting.

Our stephanie poole was at the scene and joins us in the studio with more details.

This story has everything.

éé a jail break.

éé a bank robbery.

éé and - a daylight capture.éé investigators with the winona police department say the bank of kilmichael was glasgow's final stopping point before potentially heading out of state.éé but when he ran, it was straight towards the police.

éé alabama jail escapee, john scott glasgow, adds more charges to his rap sheet.

Winona chief investigator dan herod says it all began with a phone call around 8 am.

" a concerned citizen spotted the individual leaving out of the bank.

The way this guy was dressed ,you know, it's pretty hot this time of year and he was wearing a big sweatshirt and a hat so he looked out of the ordinary for this type of year."

That's when the witness realized something more serious was happening...a robbery.

" during the exchange of money during robbery one of the bank tellers was able to put a red dye pack in the money.

When the suspected exited the business the citizen saw the dye pack go off in the parking lot.she immediately called 911."

Glasgow gave the teller a note saying "this is a robbery, put all the money in the bag.

No tricks, no one will get hurt."

Winona police say the suspect showed what appeared to be a weapon under his shirt in a threatening manner.

" the teller complied with his demands and gave him the money."

Glasgow left with nearly 2-thousand dollars.

But his heist was short-lived.

A beer truck making a regular delivery was parked in the street, blocking the getaway.

Officers caught him just two hundred yards from the bank.

" we located a truck, a semi-truck and it have been reported stolen out of alabama.

He had a suitcase packed, a cooler with food and drink in it so if it hadn't been for the caller he could've been well on his way to another state or something like that."

Glasgow is being charged with escape in lamar county where he was originally charged with theft and drug charges.

Now he's in trouble in winona also where police are charging him with armed robbery.

" they're going to come over here and they're going to speak with him and that's when we'll begin going through the extradition process and all that stuff."

Bond is set at 500- thousand dollars.

It will be another two months before a judge decides the fate of a contractor who cheated a starkville church out of more than half a million dollars.

Donald crowther, of long beach, was scheduled to be sentenced this afternoon in oktibbeha count circuit court.

He plead guilty in june to false pretense in connection with a failed construction project at second baptist church.

During the hearing today, judge lee coleman said he would give crowther more time to get personal affairs in order.

Crowther was arrested in 2016 in connection with the project at second baptist church.

The church broke ground in july of 2015 for a sanctuary project.

The investigation began after church trustees questioned nearly 400-thousand dollars paid to the contractor when he stopped work.

The judge set a new sentencing date on november 2nd.

Top charges have been dropped against a former lee county deputy.

The mississippi attorney general's office asked for several charges to be dropped against mike mayhew.

Mayhew was accused of threatening to harm sheriff jim johnson.

That alleged incident came after johnson reported mayhew to the a.g.'s office for allegedly submitting false time sheets.

Again, all of those charges have been dismissed against mayhew.

We're learning new information today about a monroe county bus fire.

This is a photo sent us by a viewer.

The bus fire happened on cotton gin port road, near amory, yesterday afternoon.

Monroe county schools superintendent brian jernigan tells wcbi the bus had a mechanical failure.

There were very few students, who were from smithville school, on the bus at the time and no one was injured.

Jernigan credits the bus driver for noticing the smoke and evacuating the students.

The bus is a total loss.

First look stinger first look summary: september has been pretty dry so far but that looks to change a bit heading into the weekend and next week.

Daily chances of showers and storms are back along with cooler temperatures.

Thursday night: mainly clear and quiet.

Lows around 70.

Light ne winds.

Winds ne 5-10 mph.

Top mississippi state students and employees were able to drive-up and be tested for covid-19.

The testing was available by appointment at the palmeiro center parking lot.

Testing is also available every weekday at the longest student health center.

Student test are free.

Recent numbers from msu show 172 students tested positive in the past 14 days, along with five employees.

Right now, 907 students are quarantined or isolated after testing positive or being in close contact with someone that did test positive.

Centered vitalant is showing how many donors have positive covid-19 antibody tests.

The company examined more than 250 thousand donations from june until july.

In what the company considers the tupelo region, which is north mississippi, the antibody positive test rate was two point 51 percent in july.

Vitalant says it is releasing the numbers to encourage those who test positive to consider becoming a convalescent plasma donor.

The plasma donors could help current covid-19 patients with their recovery.

Top governor tate reeves says he wants to expand outdoor crowd sizes.

And he says he hopes to do that soon.

During his briefing today, reeves said he was "exceptionally pleased" with the efforts of the people of mississippi.

But masks are still on.

The governor says he does not plan to eliminate the statewide mask mandate this week.

Reeves also said mandate this week.

Reeves also said more than 2,000 mississippians are now enrolled in the re-skill mississippi program.

The number of new covid-19 cases in mississippi is above 500 today.

The report from the state department of health shows 517 new cases and 33 deaths.

The number of people in hospitals across the state with covid symptoms continues to go down.

683 people are in the hospital with confirmed or suspected symptoms. 185 patients are in i.c.u.

In our area, lafayette county has the most new cases with 34.

Lee county has 33.

Oktibbeha county is reporting 21 new cases.

More than 88- thousand people have tested positive for covid- 19 and more than 26-hundred have died from it.


Roll vo in monitor west point used to be a company town.

It's now been more than 10 years since the largest employer in clay county closed for good.

Since then, finding and keeping a long- term job for people who live in the area has been challenging.

But industry is on the move in the county.

Wcbi's bobby martinez has more on hundreds of new job opportunities.

It was just a few years ago the unemployment rate here in clay county was the highest in the state.

Fast forward to today.

The economic future here might see a turn for the better.

As navistar defense says it plans to fill a total of 500 jobs come 2024.

That's what people looking for work want to hear.

"full time jobs, with full time benefits."

Jobs have been hard to come by in clay county.... according to the mississippi department of employment security, county jobless rates have set records.

From 20.4 percent in december of 2009..

To 23.6 percent just this year in april.

But things are turning around.

New companies have come to the area.

And, existing companies are expanding.

Meryl fisackerly, vp of economic development for the golden triangle development link..

Says good things are on the horizon for clay county..

Sot - meryl fisackerly - vp economics development - golden triangle development link "if you look historically back at yokohama's announcement, picos announcement, and those companies endeavors to bring jobs.

We are looking to upwards of 1500 new jobs being announced in clay county within just the past few years."

Positive news for a workforce still stinging from the loss of bryan foods in march of 2007.

Frank randle, who worked for the company for over 20 years..

Says when the company closed for good.

Sot - frank randle - former bryan foods employee "it changed the whole community."

And from there..

"everything just went for the worse.

I left brian foods making 13 an hour then and when i started back over i started over at $7.99 so it was a big big change for me and a lot of the 3000 folks that worked at brian foods."

As for the type of jobs navistar defense will be hiring for?

"i think you can expect all types of jobs.

Being clerical, admin, engineers, assembly.

With this many jobs i think that there's gonna be a wide variety of jobs available."

And for more information on those job opportunities, i'll have that link for you on our website at reporting in west point.

Bobby martinez wcbi news.

Roll vo in monitor public service commissioner brandon presley has issued an investigative subpoena to a t and t after he claims the company refused to provide information regarding the company's acceptance of 283 million dollars in funding for internet expansion.

Presley, who is the northern district public service commissioner, said the subpoena requests information about the company's claim to have made internet service available to 133 thousand locations in mississippi.

The subpoena demands documents showing the actual numbers of subscribers to a t and t's fixed wireless service within the 133 thousand locations.

Presley is also asking for the number of complaints filed with the company by customers who signed up for the service.

Presley says a t and t said they are not obligated to provide any of the information.

"these are problems and mississippians expect answers.

We expect answers, if you are going to take 283 million dollars of public money, you should owe the public at least some basic answers as to how you spent that money and the success of it, i don't understand why the company refuses to provide these documents" the money was provided to a t and t from the "connect america fund."

That program is managed by the fcc with the goal of expanding internet service in mississippi.

Stinger stand up and be counted.

A look at how alabama is making a push for the census.

You're watching wcbi news at 6.

The deadline for the 2020 census is just 20 days away, and folks in alabama are pulling out all the stops to get their numbers up.

Earlier today, the town of carrollton hosted a special census event at the pickens county community college career center.

The purpose of the event was to bring attention to importance of the census, and get local people involved in getting the word out.

Guest speaker kenneth boswell says more people counted on the census means more federal tax dollars for their county.

"you either want your federal tax dollars to go to another state, or either stay in your state so that that can improve the quality of life for the citizens of alabama... think about it this way, if your child is 10 years old now, he'll be 20 at the end of ten years, let he or she have the same opportunities that you've had over the last decade and lifetime."

September 30 is the deadline for the 2020 census.

For more information on how to fill out the census, visit our website at wcbi dot com.

He travels the country selling trump campaign gear and giving locals a chance for a photo opp in front of his bus.

The supporter brought his bus to vernon, alabama this week.

He's been parked in front of vernon city hall for the past several days, selling merchandise and allowing people to take pictures in front of the bus.

The driver says he gets invitations from cities across the country.

The bus is not affiliated with president trump's official campaign.

Stinger weather open summary: september has been pretty dry so far but that looks to change a summary: september has been pretty dry so far but that looks to change a bit heading into the weekend and next week.

Daily chances of showers and storms are back along with cooler temperatures.

Thursday night: mainly clear and quiet.

Lows around 70.

Light ne winds.

Friday: partly cloudy with a 20- 30% chance of a few pop-up showers and storms during the afternoon and evening, especially across our southeastern counties.

Highs in the lower 90s.

Winds ne 5-10 mph.

Friday night: variably cloudy.

Lows in the lower 70s.

Saturday & sunday: warm and humid with a 50% chance of scattered rain and storms both days.

Highs from the mid 80s to around 90.

Overnight lows in the lower 70s.

Monday- wednesday: a 40% chance of scattered showers and storms. highs in the mid to upper 80s.

Lows around 70.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app stinger only one rebel can wear number 38...ole miss selecting this year's chucky only one rebel can wear number 38...ole miss selecting this year's chucky mullins courage award recipient...find out who receives the honor, next in sports spx open the number-38 is anything but ordinary on an ole miss jersey each year, one player gets the honor to dawn that number...this year the honor of representing chucky mullins goes to ole miss defensive back jaylon jones for 31 years, the chucky mullins courage award goes to a defensive player that best represents the spirit of former ole cornerback chucky mullins, who became paralyzed from a tackle in 1989 jones becomes the 30th recipient of the award, following a season of adversity in 2018 where jones suffered an a-c-l injury against texas tech, ending his season ole miss head coach lane kiffin saying that jones' story resonated with the award kiffin: "we had a lot of kids who could represent it, but jaylon just stood out by the way he works, plus the adversity before we got here that he had been through with injuries.just really excited for him."

Jones: "when he said my name my heart, my hands started sweating immediately.

Overall, it's an exciting honor just because of how serious this award is.

The legacy chucky left so getting it back in a db's hands is just an honor."

If there's anything that this year has taught everyone is that it's important to be flexible high school football state championships are no exception to that due to scheduling conflicts at mississippi state, the m-h-s-aa has moved this year's state title games to jackson now, the 2020 state championships will be held at mississippi veterans stadium in jackson...originall y this year's title games were supposed to be held at mississippi state on december 4th-5th however, due to scheduling changes and a delayed schedule, the bulldogs host missouri on the 5th obviously directly conflicting with state championships now, title games will be in jackson from december 3rd to the 4th the first full week of high school football gave the first look at how team's will be stacking up amongst each other in mississippi this season the mississippi ap releasing it's high school football poll this week coming in as the overall top ten: at number one...surprise surprise...the starkville yellowjackets claim the throne following their season opening win against rival west point followed by, 2.

South panola 3.

Oak grove 4.

West point 5.

West jones 6.

Madison central 7.

Oxford 8.

Picayune 9.

Madison- ridgeland academy 10.

Neshoba central lafayette also receiving votes in the overall category in terms of individual divison in 6a: 1.

Starkville at number one 2.

South panola 3.

Oak grove 4.

Madison central 5.

Warren central oxford also receiving votes 5a: 1.

Goes to the greenies, west point, may have not won last week but putting up 28 against the top team in the state will earn you that spot lafayette coming in at number 5 that match-up against oxford this week should be a good one 4a: 2.

Louisville earns the number two spot...the wildcats host starkville this week 3a: noxubee county coming in at number two, and houston earns number 5 nettleton and choctaw county also receiving votes 2a: east webster claims the number 5 spot calhoun city and 5 spot calhoun city and east union earning votes 1a: calhoun city and east union earning votes 1a: the nanih waiya warriors earn the number one spot baldwyn at number four and t-c-p-s at number five the warriors and the eagles match- up this week so keep your eyes on that game m-a-i-s -- heritage academy sitting with the academy schools at number four reminder: catch all the highlights and scores every week on wcbi endzone


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