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Saturday, 25 September 2021

Triple Homicide in Rochester

Credit: KIMT
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Triple Homicide in Rochester
Triple Homicide in Rochester
The latest from Law Enforcement

Us for kimt news 3 at five.

I'm george mallet./// topping our news, we're learning more about a grim double murder in rochester, a suspect now in custody.

Kimt news 3's annalise johnson joins us live from where a pregnant woman and her 2?


"*old child were fou dead on sunday.


George ?

"* i'm here at olmsted county law enforcement center ?

"* where rochester police are working on this case.

Authorities believe a man killed his pregnant girlfriend and her daughter at olympik village apartments ?

"* before going to columbia south carolina, intending to kill an ex girlfriend.

The couple were in a recent 6th month relationship and living together here in rocheter.

After family had not heard from her for a few days ?

"* rochester police checked on 23?


"*old keona foote a her 2?


"* old daughter miyona miller.

They were discovered dead in their apartment on sunday.

Police were made aware of videos carter posted to social media killing the two victims ?

"* and a threat he made to kill the mothers of his children.

On sunday evening ?

"* authorities in south carolina found the suspect ?

"* 30?

"* year?

"*ol carter ?

"* at a columbia hotel.

The richland county sheriff says carter held this gun ?

"* said he had a rifle ?

"* and threatened to kill police.

They shot him ?

"* and later discovered the gun was a b?

"*b gun.

Carter recorded the struggle on facebook live.

It was also captured on body camera footage.

Carter is being guarded at the hospital and will be transported back to minnesota.

We want to let the community know that someone very dangerous was apprehended.

He was responsible for killing a pregnant lady and a 2 year old child and he came to klemme to kill someone else so we're very fortunate that none of the officers were injured carter is facing three second degree murder charges... one for his girlfriend ?

"* one for her daughter ?

"* and one for foote's unborn child.

He is not facing charges in south carolina ?

"* but the officer involved shooting will be investigated.

Live in rochester annalise johnson kimt thank you annalise.

Carter is ?


"( the father of the 2 old girl.

The ex girlfriend in south carolina is safe... police were able to warn her and bring her to safety.

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