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Saturday, 18 September 2021

Rochester Man Faces Murder Charges

Credit: KIMT
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Rochester Man Faces Murder Charges
Rochester Man Faces Murder Charges

KIMT News 3's Isabella Basco is finding out how community members are reacting to the deaths of a pregnant mother, her unborn child, and her 2-year-old

3 at ten.

I'm george mallet.

First tonight: it's news that has some rochester residents reeling... renard carter is in custody for allegedly killing his pregnant girlfriend and her daughter... streaming the crime and its aftermath on facebook live before heading to south carolina.

Kimt news three's isabella basco joins live where a candlelit vigil was held for the victims tonight.

Xxx george ?

"* here in martin luthr king junior park ?

"* community members gathered to remember pregnant 23?

"* year?

"*old keo foote and her 2?


"*old daughter miyona.

(describe what you saw and the emotion) they were found dead in olympik village apartments sunday afternoon.

Two people told investigators carter had previously talked about killing the mothers of his children... including a woman in south carolina.

Authorities in that state ?

"* caught and arrested carter last "this is one of the most violent cases i think we've experienced in rochester in a long time."

A gruesome triple homicide... "i struggle to think of a more violent incident ?

"* especially one that's been tied to a domestic relationship."

Renard lydell carter ?

"* the boyfriend of keona foote is facing two counts of second?

"*degree murdr along with a second?

"*degree murder charge of an unborn child.

"the suspect in this case ?

"* somehow ?

"* videotap some of this stuff ?

"* used social media ?

"* to try and preserve some of the things that he was doing."

Residents in rochester ?

"* expressed outrage at the heinous crime.

Veronica has relatives that live at olympik village apartments.

She preferred to not show her face on?

"* camera.

"it's unhumanlike for that to happen to someone.

And i just have no words ?

"* it's very shell?

"* shocking ?

"* i would know how i'd feel if that was my sister or one of my loved ones."

Veronica is concerned for her loved ones' well?


"this is a good neighborhood too, and kids live here, for it to just not feel safe, it's just sad."

On sunday evening ?

"* authorities in south carolina found 30?


"* old renard carte a columbia hotel.

The richland county sheriff says carter held this gun and threatened to kill police.

Authorities shot him.

It was later determined carter's gun was a bb gun.

"i think it goes beyond domestic relationships, i think this person was just particularly violent and court documents suggest carter killed keona by strangling her with a cell phone adapter cord... but the official cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner's autopsy.

Live in rochester ib kimt news 3.

/// thanks isabella.

Carter is now hospitalized and under guard in south carolina.

Eventually... he will be extradited to minnesota.

A gofundme page is set up to raise money for keona and miyona's funeral costs.

So far ?

"* people

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