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WCBI News at 10 - 09/14/2020

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WCBI News at 10 - 09/14/2020
WCBI News at 10 - 09/14/2020
WCBI News at 10 - 09/14/2020

Centered thanks for staying up with us, i'm cash matlock.

People all along the gulf coast are preparing for hurricane sally.

Right now, the storm is a category 2, but some meteorologists say the storm could be upgraded to a category 3 with maximum wind speeds of up to 111 miles per hour before making landfall tomorrow afternoon.

I'm going to go ahead and turn things over to chief meteorologist keith gibson for the first look at our forecast.


First look stinger first look hurricane sally is approaching the northern gulf coast right now.

Latest trends suggest the main impacts will stay well to our southeast.

Some rain is possible over the coming days but we'll be on the drier, less active western side of the storm as it comes inland.

Heavier rain and flooding is likely across south mississippi and a good chunk of central and southern alabama.

Monday night: variably cloudy with a few isolated showers possible.

Lows in the lower 70s.

Winds ne 5-15 mph.

Tuesday: a quiet morning with some passing showers and storms during the afternoon and evening.

Breezy ene winds 10-20 mph.

Highs in the mid to upper 80s.

Tuesday night: partly to mostly cloudy with rain possible.

Lows in the lower 70s.

Breezy winds continue.

Wednesday- thursday: partly to most cloudy long beach is one of the cities in hurricane sally's path.

Courtney ann jackson has more from the people who live there and what they're doing to prepare.

Take a look.

Bob welch has a system for boarding up his family's long beach home.

"it was built a long time ago by my grandfather."

Welch uses aluminum panels rather than wood and says it's an added peace of mind for a worst case scenario.

"one of the things you don't want to happen is if you lose a window in a strong storm then the whole integrity of the house starts to fall apart.

The envelope starts to fill up, pressurize and then you can lose the house."

Water-wise---he says this house has seen worse than what sally's set to bring.

"we probably will not have a problem at this house with storm surge.

We barely escaped katrina and this storm surge is 11 feet they're predicting.

Katrina is 24-28 feet.

So, we should be a lot better off."

Other long beach residents are making preps for any rising water.

"just that it's slowing down.

The slower it goes, the longer it will be here.

Kind of worries me a little bit but you know we'll come together and make sure everything works out."

A sandbag station set up just off highway 90 was busy monday afternoon.

"we're preparing now.

I don't think we're a scared type people because you can't be scared to be here on the coast.

You kind of have to have some resilience, jump back into motion way about yourself."

And even some families inland aren't taking any chances given the forecast for several inches of rain.

"no water inside is the goal."

Biloxi is not toofar form long beach.

The police department there has plans in place, making sure residents are staying safe during the storm.

There's equipment such as cones, barricades, boats and high water trucks available for use to help residents in the area.

Also, there will be extra officers to patrol common areas that flood.

Officers want the public's help in order to keep everyone safe.

"the only thing we are asking is that people watch the weather and watch the news..see where that storm is going..

Certainly, if we end up blocking off the road because of flooding, don't go around the cones and pay attention.

Don't drive through the high water.

If we don't have barricades up yet, call us and report it."

President trump has approved mississippi's request for a federal emergency declaration for hurricane sally.

Top you got to know when to fold 'em.

All of the casinos on the coast have closed ahead of hurricane winds.

The hotel and casino at biloxi's palace casino resort closed this morning.

And the silver slipper casino hotel in bay st.

Louis plans to stay closed until evacuation orders are lifted in hancock county.

That may be on thursday.

The mississippi gaming commission made the decision to shutter the 12 casinos.

Some hotel operators may stay open to provide rooms for emergency workers.

Wcbi update stinger goes here mississippi sees more positive news on the covid-19 front.

The state department of health is reporting 145 new cases and nine deaths.

In our viewing area, lafayette and lee counties were the only two that reported more than ten new cases.

680 people remain hospitalized across the state with confirmed or suspected covid symptoms. 182 patients are in icu.

The 18-29 age group continues to have the highest amount of cases with over 20 thousand.

In mississippi, only 12 point nine percent of the people that test positive for the coronavirus require hospitalization.

Right now, there 78 thousand 971 people presumed recovered.

This means there are 83 hundred presumed active cases in the state.

Governor tate reeves extends the state's mask mandate but relaxes other restrictions.

The mask order has been extended through the end of the month.

However, he did loosen some mandates on some business operations.

Reeves says restaurants can now seat up to 75 percent capacity.

Eateries can also seat a party up to ten people.

Retailers and gyms can now operate at 70 percent capacity.

Mark welch, the owner of 1883 smokehouse in starkville, says he is excited for the change and welcomes it with open arms but dealing with those changes has been a roller coaster.

"no mask, yes mask, no, you got to walk to your table with mask.

You know, it's just been a struggle.

The customers don't know what to expect and we still have a lot of the elderly that aren't coming around because they're scared and they have a right to be.

So, it'll be back, it's going to take another six months."

While welch says that the increased capacity is a blessing...he still says smokehouse and businesses like it will be significantly hurt by the lack of tailgating when mississippi state kicks off the 2020 football season.

In national news... the ongoing wildfires ravaging the western states have become a key campaign issue for both president trump and democratic presidential candidate joe biden today.

Meanwhile, the 2020 contenders are also pushing to gain support from key voting blocs.

Natalie brand is at the white house with more.

"it's my profound honor to award seven extraordinary soldiers with the distinguished flying cross."

President trump traveled to sacremento -- where he addressed members of the california national guard...after receiving a briefing on the devastating wildfires across the region.

"it will start getting cooler, you just watch.

" "i wish the science agreed with you."

"well, i don't think science knows actually."

The president has suggested poor forest mismanagement is to blame for the historic fires along the west coast.

But during a campaign speech from delaware, 2020 democratic nominee joe biden blamed climate change 2020 presidential candidate "we need a president who respects science, who understands that the damage from climate change is already here.

" "president trump's trip to california was a short detour before wrapping up several campaign events in key western states."



Monday evening, the president held a roundtable with latino supporters in arizona.

The latest cbs news battleground tracker poll shows biden slightly ahead in the grand canyon state -- but the president is within the margin of error.

"you're an amazing group of people, and i love you and i'm taking care of you and i'm never letting you down."

Meanwhile, an organization aimed at getting out the latino vote for biden announced it's spending millions of dollars on bilingual mail and political ads.

"this country is starving for good leadership right now."

The biden campaign has also dropped new political ads targeting black men -- in hopes of recapturing turnout numbers similar to those of former president obama's totals.




The former vice president cast his ballot in delaware's primary monday morning.... with just about seven weeks left to the general election.

Vice president mike pence attended campaign fundraisers and rallies in wisconsin and montana today, while 2020 democratic vice presidential candidate kamala harris held a virtual roundtable in washington, dc.

Harris will meet with emergency response officials on the wildfires in her home state of california tomorrow.

Stinger wx open hurricane sally: the storm will come ashore late tuesday or early wednesday morning somewhere along the ms or al coast.

The remnant low is expected to slowly move north into wednesday southeast of the i- 20/59 corridor.

The heaviest rain, flooding, and tornado threat now looks like it will stay well southeast of the wcbi coverage area.

There is still the potential for 1-3" of rain across our far southeastern areas including parts of noxubee, lowndes, and pickens counties wednesday into thursday but that could even be generous.

In general, no significant weather issues are expected at this time in our area due to sally.

Monday night: variably cloudy with a few isolated showers possible.

Lows in the lower 70s.

Winds ne 5-15 mph.

Tuesday: a quiet morning with some passing showers and storms during the afternoon and evening.

Breezy ene winds 10-20 mph.

Highs in the mid to upper 80s.

Tuesday night: partly to mostly cloudy with rain possible.

Lows in the lower 70s.

Breezy winds continue.

Wednesday- thursday: partly to most cloudy with areas of rain, especially across the southeastern part of the area.

The amounts will all depend on where the remnants of sally go.

Breezy ne winds 10-25 mph.

Highs ranging from the upper 70s to middle 80s.

Friday: turning partly cloudy.

Highs in the 80s.

Friday night football weather is looking great!

Weekend: mainly clear and much more fall-like.

Highs in the 80s are still likely but lower humidity should allow overnight lows to tumble well into the 60s if not upper 50s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app stinger coming up... we touch on a topic that affects millions of american's every year.

Health talk with baptist is next.

Stay with us.

Cash 3 lottery gfx goes here a rotten smelling rare flower is turning heads in a california town... and watering eyes!

Jeremy roth has today's take a look at this!

One giant smelly flower is causing quite a stink in california!

"it smells like death."

"we're gonna puke and die" the nearly seven foot amorphophallus titanum ... or corpse flower ... gets its name from it's unique pollenator- attracting odor "it gives off different sulfur compounds" can you be more specific?

The odor of garbage and rotting flesh mmm, glad i asked science teacher cj addington is the flower's caretaker at roseville high school ... the only high school in the world, he says, that's been able to bloom a corpse flower and that funky feat is turning heads and attracting visitors, both online and in person... to savor the sights and smells of this natural phenomenon attington says the foul flower is right at home in a year that, frankly, stinks is sort of like a little breath of fresh air.

Hey you know what stinks?

The new york city marathon, normally run annually in november, has been cancelled because ... 2020 but hey that didn't stop a local legend from hitting the bricks anyway gary muhrcke, winner of the very first nyc marathon in 1970 ... recreated the iconic moment by running a six-mile lap of the original route with his grandson so what fuels this 80-year old's still fit and fast feet?

""i don't know what motivates me, but, i think if i stopped, i would probably die."

But i'm going to continue to run as long as i can."

For talat - i'm jeremy roth it's the tenth leading cause of death according to the cdc.

It affects all ages, races, and genders.

It's not easy to talk about, but today we begin our three part discussion on suicide and how to address this topic.

Here's today's health talk with baptist.

No script billboard attached stinger up next, chris bolton joins us for wcbi sports.

Don't go it was a wild weekend of college football saturday filled with several upsets and the sec hasn't even entered the chat yet!

While teams across the country were starting their season, ole miss continued preparing for theirs with another weekend scrimmage.

Head coach lane kiffin said he missed out on watching a lot of the action as he and his staff are focused on getting the team ready for week one.

But he did give his take on why we probably saw such a crazy weekend of football.

"walking by the tv i saw lafayette and billy napier with a great win.

I was told there were some upsets so i guess a lot of that is due to no spring.

Some teams may have 10 or 15 guys out so i think games will be a lot more harder to predict than they have been before so i think you'll see more upsets because of that.

We have new factors we've never had."

From one position to another.

Over the weekend, mississippi state head coach mike leach announced that last year's starting quarterback for the bulldogs is making the transition to play wide receiver.

Garrett shrader was a duel threat on the field last season causing problems for defenses with his feet just as well with his arm.

Heading into this season, leach is optimistic in shrader's athleticism carrying over at the slot.

"he's excited to try.

Seems real excited about it.

He's a really talented guy.

You hate to leave his talents on the shelf.

He's tough to bring down.

He's explosive.

He's a big target.

Smooth runner.

Good hands.

I think he was excited.

He's discovering that he can run a little more at that position than he thought so he's a factor when he's out there."

With the second week of endzone in the books, it's time to get ready for week 3 but not before we recap the endzone top 5 plays of the week!

Let's get to it!

5 noxubee county vs.


Chrishard rupert over the shoulder dime to antonio fowler for the td!!

Tigers undefeated.

4 new hope tyquantez crowell to richard guy.


Dive into the endzone.


New hope falls to itawamba 3 from the gotw, choctaw's ques mcneal interception, pick 6!!

Big game for mcneal.

5 tds all night!!

Undefeated 2 caledonia's darrius triplett gets the toss.

Reservation for 6 at harvey's!!

75 yard td!!!

1 aliceville- suligent.

Play action.

Ty william to landan ball for the diving grab!!!!

Last look stinger last


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