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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Deaths of Ruth Bader Ginsburg sparks response on how soon she'll be succeeded

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Deaths of Ruth Bader Ginsburg sparks response on how soon she'll be succeeded
Deaths of Ruth Bader Ginsburg sparks response on how soon she'll be succeeded

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was known for her pro-choice stance, pertinent to women's rights and pregnancy, but her passing provokes questions of which successor is to fill her seat, and when?

Mullooly thanks for joining us.

Many across the nation continue to mourn the loss of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg.

But questions about her successor are on the rise.

Fox 55's mallory beard spoke to local representatives to see how soon they felt someone would be filling ginsburg's seat.

Chairman of the allen county republican party steve shine says the passing of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is shocking to us all.

Steve shine//allen county republican party chairman"it's a great loss for all americans, republicans and democrats that a person of that legal no longer with us now.ginsburg was known for her pro-choice stance when it came to w rights and pregnancy.

But her passing brin to uestions of who fill her seat, and when?steve shine//allen county republican party chairman think those who are in the pro life line of thought see this as the opportunity to strengthen their position on the supreme court if the u-s senate makes that decision by a proving president trump nominee prior to or during the remaight of the year.

To l fe of northeast indiana abig il lorenzen says she hopi successor focuses on pro-life values.

Abigail lorenzen//right to lifee hoping that it someone that interprets the constitution similarly as we do, focusing on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as opposed to an interpretation that looks at a penumbra shadow of the interpretation of the 14th amendment.orenzen recalls when planned parenthood sued the state of indiana for the 18-hour ultrasound notification law but dropped the lawsuit after the june medical supreme court decisions involving ginsburg.

But she says she understands how passing can cause fear for mother who feel unpreapared for children.

Abigail lorenzen//right to life neior a lot of women, the possibility of roe v wade being overturned is scary beca se of that and so rbg passing is sort of another step toward that possibility.

Now going ow who to be appointed.she says right to life of northeast indiana hopes to support any mother who feels more vulnerable now.

Certified nurse midwife stephanie vanderhorst pres dent says donald trump administration will likely be hast in filling ginsburg seat.stephanie vanderhorst//a uburn birthing center certified nurse midwife bet you as soon as the funeral services are done, i give it two weeks and hel have a nomihe says nnounced.

Whil sta ce didn fit the bill for everyone, she served her time well.stephanie vanderhorst//auburn birthing center certified nurse midwife he had one particular aspec that many of us disagreed with that we can take her role as being a wonderful mother, a cherished grandmother...where she placed her family within her career is very important for all think i don anybody can argue or disagree with those character traits.n fort wayne, i mallory beard fox 55 news.

We reached out to the allen county democratic party for comment received

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