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Thursday, 23 September 2021

KSP Conducts Death Investigation

Credit: WEVV
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KSP Conducts Death Investigation
KSP Conducts Death Investigation
KSP Conducts Death Investigation

On 44news at nine--- developing news out of daviess county-- where kentucky state police are conducting a death investigation.... thanks for joining us tonight at nine---i'm megan diventi.... it happened this morning near the intersection of parrish avenue and walnut street.... 44news reporter jake thomas has been following this story all day--- and has the latest details tonight.

Around 10:00 am on sunday, an owensboro police department officer conducted a routine traffic stop on parrish avenue.

Kentucky state police say during the stop, the officer learned that the driver has an active warrant out for his arrest, and when the officer asked the driver to step out of the vehicle, things took a turn for the worst.?he put it in drive and attempted to flee.

The officer, at that point, was reaching in the vehicle and was dragged a short distance, and at that point, a small pursuit inside, and that where he came to a dead end, essentially.

At that point he fled the vehicle on foot, and had a pistol.

He brandished a pistol?

Kentucky state police say the suspect then began walking on walnut street near parrish avenue with a pistol to his head.?he proclaimed.

He was goiheis life.

He did not want to go back to jail.

As one of the officers turned from parrish avenue, onto walnut, right behind me, he came within 15 feet of the suspect.

At that point, the suspect shot himself in the head, and the opd officer that was in the vehicle that was directly in front of him discharged his weapon from the vehicle.

At this point, we do not know whether that discharge from the officers firearm struck him or not?

And trooper king told me that since this is an officer involved shooting, the critical incident response team was called in as unbiased group to help with this investigation.?they specialize in police involved shootings or any type of shooting.

Theye gonna put some fresh eyes on the scene.

Wee gonna elicit their help to supplement our case to show that we have some outside unbiased people just to look at this case?

The daviess county coroner pronounced the suspect dead at the scene.

Currently opd nor ksp have released the name of the vicitim or the officer involved in the shooting, but wel keep you up to date with all that information as soon as it breaks.

Reporting in owensboro, je thomas 44 news.