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Thursday, 23 September 2021

Justice Ginsberg's legacy for women

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Justice Ginsberg's legacy for women
Justice Ginsberg's legacy for women
Empowering local women to get on the move

Supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg shattered numerous glass ceilings.

The nation continues to mourn her death.

She passed away on friday.

Kimt news 3's annalise johnson is speaking to a local female leader about the legacy ginsburg leaves behind for women in leadership.

She joins us live.


Amy ?

"* from having a credit card ?

"* to signing an apartmet lease without a male co?

"* signer ?

"* to not having to qut our jobs when we have children ?

"* are all rights modern day women have ruth bader ginsburg to thank for.

Olmsted county commissioner sheila kiscaden is one of two female olmsted county commissioners.

She's also also a member of "more women on the move" ?

"* a local organization focused on empowering women to seek leadership roles and run for public office.

As the second woman ever appointed to the supreme court ?

"* and a ferocious warrior for women's rights ?

"* ginsburg set an example for women in power.

Kiscaden says women are needed at every level of leadership to assure all citizens needs get attention.

Those needs don't get the attention they otherwise do when we have women fully at the table so i think its important that local government, state government, county government ?

"* we only have 15 percent of county commissioners are women, congress, supreme court, full judiciary.

Gender balance is important for our democracy and for our decision making now ?

"* a political battle continues over when and who should appoint ginsburg's replacement.

Trump says he would choose a woman ?

"* and biden says he would nominate a black woman.

Kiscaden says gender balance is important ?

*- and she would like to see another woman fill ginsburg's seat.

Live in thank you annalise.

Ginsburg served on the supreme court for 27 years ?

"* the longest serving female justice on the court.

President trump wants to fill the vacant supreme court seat.

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