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Monday, 20 September 2021

Protest in Albertville after officer charged in Taylor case

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Protest in Albertville after officer charged in Taylor case
Protest in Albertville after officer charged in Taylor case
Protest in Albertville after officer charged in Taylor case

- won't face any charges.

Good evening, and thank you for joining us tonight... i'mnajahesherman.

And i'mdanshaffer.

This latest violence - a reaction to findings of a grand jury - who deliberated the facts of the case against the three officers - but did not reach the conclusion that many in the community wanted to hear.

Tonight - protests - some peaceful... breonnataylorwedpkg4 many - not.

Almost immediately after today's announcement - angry protesters took to the streets of louisville.

Clashes with police erupting soon after - many turning violent.

Earlier in the day kentucky attorney general - daniel cameron - announced - only one of the three officers under investigation would be charged.

Former officer - brett hankison - is out of jail tonight after posting bail.

A grand jury voted to indict him on 3 counts of "wanton endangerment" in the first degree - but none are related to the death of breonna taylor herself.

"my team set out to investigate the circumstances surrounding ms. taylor's death, we did it with a singular goal in mind - pursuing the truth.

Taylor - a 26 year old emt - was shot and killed by police when they executed a search warrant.

The officers were investigating a suspected drug operation linked to taylor's ex- boyfriend.

The other two officers - cleared - becuase taylor's then boyfriend shot at them first - hitting one officer in the leg.

"our investigation showed and the grand jury agreed that mattingly and cosgrove were justified in their return of deadly fire after having been fired upon by kenneth walker" breonna's boyfriend has said he thought someone was breaking in - which is why he fired at police.

Both kentucky's governor - and the attorney general calling for peace.

"i would ask that we not engage in any type of violence."

Here in north alabama -- what was to be another demonstration against albertville's confederate monument quickly changed its focus to the case.

Waay 31's will robinson-smith has been covering the albertville protest all day.

He joins us live from outside the marshall county courthouse with how the event unfolded... and how those who came to support the monument say they will continue protesting.


Originally -- today's protest was going to be centered around a call to relocate this confederate monument here at the courthouse.

And at times tonight -- this stone slab served as a dividing line for those on each side.

But after the ruling in louisville -- protesters who gathered here said there was no question -- that would be their focus today.

After the country learned that only one of the officers involved in the killing of breonna taylor would face any charges -- protesters in albertville knew they wanted to be a part of the response.

Anna katherynn taylor, supporting breonna taylor honestly just outraged, upset, i don't understand why from what we saw here tonight -- the protests on both sides of the monument issue will continue until there is a resolution.

And protesters say they will continue to push for more to happen in breonna taylor's case.

Reporting live in albertville -- will robinson-smith

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