Former 'RHONY' cast member Barbara Kavovit wants to run for mayor of NYC

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Former 'RHONY' cast member Barbara Kavovit wants to run for mayor of NYC

Former 'RHONY' cast member Barbara Kavovit wants to run for mayor of NYC

"RHONY" cast member Barbara Kavovit is "strongly considering" a run for mayor of New York City.

If Donald Trump could be president of the United States,I can be mayor of New York city.I'm a builder, I know how to build, I know how to rebuild.I haven't in the past ever seriously considered it.I say I'd be a great mayor or people would say,you would make a great mayor.But it wasn't until I felt unsafe on the street recently,that I said, somebody needs to make a change in this city.And I have some good ideas about how to do it.So could you tell me what your platform would beand what your ideas are for the city?Yeah.

Number one is rebuild a saferand more inclusive in New York city.So I feel like the city is not a safe place.So if it's not safe,people don't want to come to New York city.People don't want to stay in New York city.So I think crime has to be definitely addressed.It's not being addressed.I think small businesses is not being addressed.I think housing is not being addressed,For instance for housing,one of the first things I would do,is build more affordable housing.And with that I wouldn't only build more affordable housing,but I would create an ownership program, so thatwhoever is in the housing,they have responsibility to where they live.You know they're not going to...if they wreck the place that they live in, then they'reout.

But if you give them ownershipinto where they live,into where they find what they call homeand are comfortable and if they eventually own itthen I believe they would take careof it, you know, a lot better.And then if they didn't take care of itor if they committed a crime, they would be thrown out.So it would be like consequences, but an incentive.So an incentive and consequential program.And crime, I would be a lot tougher on crime.If you are stealing granny's pocketbook,you're going to jail.If there's not enough jail, I'm going to build another jail.So it's that kind of mentality you know, I'm a Democratbut I'm a tough Democrat.I'm not gonna stand for crime.I am going to help businesses.I am going to promote a safer New York city,very structured.So people feel comfortable about being here.So they want to have their business here.So they want to go on the subway and goto work, you know, not have to take an Uber all the time.So these are the things that need to be addressedand I can keep going and I feel very passionateabout this now, because like I saidI am very much considering it and they need a woman.They need a woman in office.You can say that again.(laughing)It's true, true story.Have you started putting a campaign team togetheror anything like that?Yeah, I have.That's so exciting.It's the toughest city in the worldbut the person that's running, is not tough.We need a tough advocate, a tough mayor,a tough infrastructure,tough people that are surrounding the mayorand he doesn't have that.And we need that.We need someone from the Bronx.And man, I'm from the Bronx, you know, I'm used to...You know, my mother was like,go out, get a job.You know, I grew up with nothing.I didn't have any money.Go out and make something out of your life.So I feel like,people are not gettingthat inspirational message.Like you can do it.I'm gonna create more jobs.I'm going to create more business incentives.An easier way for businesses to get loans.I am excited to see what you're gonna do.

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