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Monday, 25 January 2021

Starkville groups partner up to provide free art supplies to kids

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Starkville groups partner up to provide free art supplies to kids
Starkville groups partner up to provide free art supplies to kids



King Park hosted Art in the Park allowing children to receive free art supplies and more.


King park hosted a special event to promote the importance of artistic creativity in a child.

Wtva's rhea thornton was in starkville to learn more about art in the park.

Wtva 9 news."

I'm here at j.


King park for art in the park!

Although it might look a little different this year, the man in charge, john bateman, says his biggest concern was to continue spreading a love for art throughout the community.

John bateman: "we feel like this is an investment in the community both just in terms of pure enjoyment but also in building well rounded thinkers."

Today, the starkville area arts council and the del rendon foundation put on their 6th annual art in the park.

Executive director of the starkville area arts council, john bateman, says creativity was the key in allowing the event to happen... john bateman - executive director of starkville area arts council: "this year because of coronavirus, we couldn't figure out how to do the social distancing because all the supplies are shared so it's not just a matter of putting, spacing people out.

So, what we, what we decided to do is expand what we did last year with art boxes."

These boxes contained art supplies like crayons and notebooks... the event also gave away free books to kids.

But one of the biggest changes to this year's art in the park was allowing other organizations participate.

This included yulanda haddix, president of the oktibbeha county branch of the naacp, who came out to promote voter registration.

Yulanda haddix - president of oktibbeha county branch of naacp: "art is the expression of our feelings.

Art is also a form of communication and also a form of our voice.

So art tells us a story as expressions.

So when we go out to the poll, we cast that vote, it says something about who we are."

Bateman said the underlining goal is to continue creativethinking among children.

"we do believe as the starkville area arts council that no matter what field someone goes into, that that art education, that creative muscle is a valuable skill and asset."

Tag: bateman says art in the park rotates between the three major parks in starkville as a way to reach as many people in the community as possible.

Reporting in starkville, rhea thornton wtva 9 news.



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