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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Pro Surfer Breaks Down Surfing Scenes from Movies

Credit: GQ
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Pro Surfer Breaks Down Surfing Scenes from Movies
Pro Surfer Breaks Down Surfing Scenes from Movies

Professional surfer Kolohe Andino breaks down surfing scenes from movies, including 'Point Break,' 'Blue Crush,' 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall,' 'The Shallows,' 'Surf's Up,' 'Gidget' and 'Big Wednesday.'

- I don't think surfers eat shark,because then the shark'sgonna eat you.

[laughs]Hey, I'm Kolohe Andino, andthis is "The Breakdown."[upbeat music]This is "Point Break."My dad's actually in thismovie at the beginningwhere there's kind ofripping and thrashing around,it's like a lot of close up water clips,and that's my dad and Matt Archibald.They actually drove out theretogether for the casting part.He has a little like, kinda, I guess cameoand where he's supposedlysmoking weed under the towel.- [Guy On Beach] Hey.- I think it's a classic for everyone,but it's just a funnyclassic for my family.[people laughing]- Stop here.- That would not be how youlay your surfboard down.You're supposed to treatit very nicely and like,love on it, so you don'tjust like throw it down.Cause what if there's somelike rocks there and stuff,and then it just gets all dung up,and then you can't even surf it.If there's like a ding init and the water gets in it,and then the foam inside of the glasswill kinda absorb the water?And the board will change weight.A lot of boards have likecarbon in different places too,to make it extra strongbecause percentages of thembreaking are higher indifferent parts of the board.Like for me, I break my boardsa lot in the last third,so there's kinda some carbonaround the rails and stuff.- Pop!Pop!You stand straight up, you'rejust gonna fall right over,so let's try it again.Start over, just do it again.- Kinda got a wire, I think.He's got the popup quick.His stance looks nice and wide,so it'd be hard for him to fall.So she's kinda lyingright there, but yeah.Then he's got his arms in front,like kind of like a littlebit of a style, so yeah,he's ripping it.[man hollers]- Let's do it, huh?- Just do it again, pop up.You gotta stay low, you gotta bite it.- Surfers are just abunch of bullies, right?Kinda, if you're doingthat in the wrong place,Someone would be like,"Yeah, bro, you're ripping."[chuckles] Just the way it is.I've heard a lot ofpeople actually say that.Yeah, I tried to surf, butthen once I got on the water,everyone was just so meanthat I just quit.

[giggles]You know, there's definitelyplaces to learn to surf.And if you're learning to surf at a placethat's like localizedor not to learn to surf,you're kind of like, Hey man,like if you get in someone'sway you run someone overor something like it can be bad.So there is a little bit of sense into it.Like I said, if you justkinda know the spots to goto learn how to surf, then you'll be fine'cause there'll be a bunchof people like you there.♪ It all my hands ♪Nice, turtle shell.So you kinda like flip overand like a turtle has a shell,you kinda hide under your board.Someone that doesn'tknow how to duck dive,which is when you like push your boardand your knee under the wave,that would be like a perfect maneuver.Yeah, but it doesn't look likehe's doing it very smoothly'cause his foot's kinda,you're supposed to kindof hide under the waveand then the wave will kindof go up and pass you by.And then you continue to paddle out.[static]Yeah, this looks like afternoon.Really good time to surf.You can't beat off shoreconditions in the afternoon'cause it's like a big rarity.Early in the morning when it's cold,the wind blows fromthe shore to the water,which makes off shore, cleansup the lines of the wave.Once land heats up, the windswitches and it goes on shore.I'm guessing that is actually Keanu Reevesbecause it just looks like some dudetrying to learn how surf,and yeah, that's for sure.[giggles] Let's go back.He did go to his knee, alittle bit of a safety thingbecause the popup is kinda,you gotta be in control of your board,and you're not necessarilytouching your boardthe whole time, so you justkind of like [blows air.]Even like really, reallytop pro level surfersnever really get the popup thing like perfect.If you look closely, their kneewill drag or touch the boardor something will happen with their knees.So yeah, it's a normal thing.Looks like they're so in love.[laughter]What about that spray reggae flames<It's a little bit on both sides.The last time I watched this movie,I was like reggae flames, that's insane.Two worlds colliding.I should do that.

[laughs]That was I guess, perfect scenariowhere he kinda just faded out in the back.Yeah, it's funny 'cause surfinghas so many different things.Like you gotta paddle out,you gotta this and that.And then you're finally riding the wave,and you're like, wait,how do I get off my board?I'm gonna hit the sandor I'm gonna hit a cliff.So yeah, you gotta learnhow to end your wave too.- You're surfing!- What did she say?Oh wow.

What a moment.You can get to his levelin a day, for sure.If you're like somewhatcoordinated and paying attention.If I took you out to like the right placewith the right board andstuff and I pushed you in,I did everything and there was no waves,like big waves breakingwhen we were getting outto the lineup, like the board's so big,it almost feels like you'rejust standing up on the ground.You could learn how tosurf better than himprobably in a day.[static]"Blue Crush."I guess it's like a classickinda like funny, you know,in a weird surfing way.- Surf it![dramatic music][crowd cheering]Let me pause it here.One of the things thatseem realistic is like,when you're competingand the waves are big,the people on the beachare yelling, "Go, go, go!"Yeah, that was super realistic.- [Announcer] Gets her rail,makes the drop textbook.Oh, it's setting up perfectly.Look at that beautiful wave.- That's pretty nicely edited, huh?Kinda looks real.[static]I'll rewind this here.Actually the paddling,everything looked real'cause a real pro surfer did it.It was just one part wherethey flipped to her face,and it actually lookedlike she was goofy footon the wave and she's beenregular the whole time.So right here, she has her backto the wave, the whole clip.And then the one clip, shehas her face to the wave.So it's kinda like backwards.Oh, this is Pipeline actually.It'd be on the North shore of Oahu.This is actually where the worldtitle's decided every year.It's the last event of the year.A day like that wouldbe looking for a wavethat's gonna tube, positioningyourself to get deep enoughin the tube to where you disappear,but also come out's a fine line.[static][dramatic music][wave crashes]Oh, she falls.I thought she made that.So that's realistic too,because when she pulled in,and you're looking into the barrel,she was way too deep.Like, because we call the tube monster.It's funny because I haveall these weird little thingswe say, but tube two monster ate her up'cause she was way too deep.You know, when the wavebreaks and an inside herethere's like foam andit's kinda like a ball.Sometimes your ride over thatin the barrel and kinda come out.But if the foam ball's too big,then that's when itbecomes the tube monsterand then it eats ya.

[laughs]I don't remember this part.What happens there is likeevery surfer's nightmarebecause it could be like two feet deep.And if your leash getswrapped around a reefyou could be like thisfar away from the surfaceand you can't get up 'causethe water's rushing uplike this, you're stuck to the bottom.And you can't like whenyou get to your leash,there's only like it's likethat big where your leashkinda sticks out for like a quick releaseor like a last chance thing.People have died like thata lot, even in small surf.Oh, go back right there.Go to where they showedher leash, right there.See that like yellow thing right there?That would be your lastchance to grab and pull.- Where is she?- Come up, Anne Marie, come up.- Oh, she got the thing.[gasps for air]- Does not look fun.That's what happens.It's like you ride one, you eat it,you get pounded on that wave,and then you get threeor four more right after.So that sucks.When you're thinking aboutpaddling out that day,you're like, "Oh, I reallyhope I don't get inside."You could tell that one, it'sjust her head right there.And that thing just likeboom, right on her head.Yeah, that's aggie, wewould say.

[giggles]Up next, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."- Don't try to surf.Don't do it.The less you do, the more you do.Let's see you pop up, pop it up.- Oh, no!- That's not it at all.- He set up parallel stance.So if you're parallel,then your weight is likekinda from rail to rail.It's very like sensitive.So if you go, the board'lljust tip and fall.Whereas if you're like that,I guess your weight is uneven,then it's not gonna really matter at all.So yeah, you don't wantto be parallel stance.What he actually said waslike do less or don't think.His like motto is actuallypretty spot on with surfingbecause it's almostlike the harder you try,the worse you are.[static]- Remember don't doanything, nothing, pop up.- [laughs] That's pretty good.The best way I could describeit as like doing a burpee,but without the jump.So you kind of just jump up, I dunno.The first time he did it,he actually was pretty good,but he just stood up parallel stance.- You know, you gotta do more than that.Just do it, feel it, pop up.Yeah, that wasn't quite it,but we're gonna figure it out out there.Let's go surfing.Come on.Everybody's learning how.[laughter][static]- [Man Off-Camera] In all seriousness,how good of a teacher is Paul Rudd here?- He's pretty good, I think.- [Man Off-Camera] Think so?- He kinda nails it, yeah.He's not bad.It's kinda two different sports too,where you have to paddleout to the lineup.I know this from teachingmy wife how to surf.Paddling out, justgetting out to the line upis like a whole thing.Once you get out there,there's like the waves breaking,and they're like scaredof sharks and they're coldand like the wind and thenlike you're not in a wave poolso waves are just kindabreaking everywhere.It's tough.So the less you think,the more fun you'll have,and that's kinda whatit's all about, right?"Shallows, The Shallows"- [Man Off-Camera] Do youknow anything about it?- Sharks, I think it's sharks.For whatever reason.

There'slike a lot of really good wavesaround the world wherethere is a lot of sharks.That's wrong.You don't carry your board like that.She has a strap on it.It's like playing the guitaror something.

[laughs]- [Man Off-Camera] You just like hold it?- You hold it like that, yeah.And you don't wear shoes at the beach.It's bad.About three seconds in.[suspenseful music][locking into place]Nice!Let's talk about this session here.It's pretty realistic.She got FCS Two.I ride the same thing,but I was tripping howmuch sunscreen she has.- [Man Off-Camera] What isshe doing with her board?- Waxing her board.Without wax, your boardis like really slick,which we want on the bottom of your board,so it goes over the ocean really fast.But the top of your board,you want it like gooey and grippykinda like grip tape on a skateboard.She kinda had a good look in her eye.She's like really excited.So she pulling it off.

[laughs]It looks like she's maybe in Australiaor something like that.Let's talk about this frame here.Yeah, that's better.As long as you know, there'snot rocks in the sandthat you can't see, youjust shove it in the sand.So only like this much of your boardis in the sand actually,and it'll stick up.But it was sunny out this day.So having her wax up would be actually badbecause the sun will melt your waxand then chemicals like separate.And then your wax justsucks and you slip offand blow your MCL out.

[laughs]Oh, it changed.See that?Now it is fins up.They messed up.Where she's at looks likeit would be a warm place.So that looks like the correctwetsuit choice for sure.But she didn't zip it all the way.She went for the like cleavage zip,which is something I don't think women do.'Cause then water justgets in and like the waterwill just expand and thenyou'll feel sluggish.That's a good wave.That gets me excited.That's a nice wave right there.There's no one around and thisis like perfectly off shorewith it barreling, good spot.I wanna know where, Iwanna go there.

[giggles]Oh, it was a duck dive.I'll rewind this here.You duck dive every session.If you're board's small enough,you could push it down in the water,just like a foot youcan get where the wave'snot as powerful underneath the water,like you saw her like kindof the wave's going over herand then you pop up,like she is right there.Let me jump ahead.♪ I'm looking for troublebut you're looking for me ♪Oh, that's funny.She looks like an alien.They were like, wait what?

[laughs]This is "Gidget."I've never seen it.[upbeat retro music]Oh, whoa.That's a green screen.Well, I don't even knowwhat the guy is wearing.It looks like a skirt or something.And then I don't even knowwhat that is with a hat.So that's pretty rare.You see guys with hats and then I dunnowhat the '50s bikinislooked like or whatever,but that looks kind of weird too.It looks like it could drownyou like get tangled up.[guys cheering]You can tell that those boards are old.I mean, look at the distancebetween the back of the fin to the tail.It was like right there.Now there's like a big gap.So definitely old equipment.They're riding singlefins, there's like single.And then there's twin fins,which is two, thruster, which just three,and then there's a quad.If you have this one fin, itkinda slides side to side,but you could go straight kinda good.And if you have two, it goesside to side really goodand can go on a rail really good.But then you don't have thatback fin to stabilize you.And then three is bothof those worlds combined.You get the stability of the single fin,but then you get thecontrol of the twin fin.Whereas a quad is very fastbecause there's no back fin.They call it like the new school twin fin.So it'd be like two and two.It would be a quad with no single fin.You still do have alittle bit more controlthan just a twin fin.You can kinda ridewhatever you want really,as long as it floats and goes,A lot of like older men ride quadsbecause they just like wantto go really fast and like,not really turn that much, kinda likealmost being on train tracks,whereas like someonewho's nostalgic will ridelike an old log that kindalooks like one of these boards.And like someone who really likes the '80swill ride a twin fin.And someone who wants to surfas good as they possibly canwill ride a thruster.So that's why I ride 'em.[static]Up next, "Big Wednesday."- It's going to be a real hooter tonight.Scored a keg for your party, man.- I don't know aboutany damn party, Waxer.- Come on, Barlow, summer's almost over.Let's get a radical.[static]- Surfers generally think that Hollywoodlike messes up surfing a lot, you know?But, and then I was thinking about it.I was like, maybe justsurfers just think thatand we actually are like that a lot.I don't say radical alot, but I say rad a lot,at least every day.

[laughs]And it's funny because likethat scenery right therejust like hanging out, like the guys,just all like rad with chick,like massaging them, you know?And like the boys aroundtalking about the party.When I was younger and single or whatever,we did that every day.

[laughs]It was radical dudes justlike hanging out at the beach.So like I said, I think Hollywoodsometimes kinda nails us.It looks like they'rejust trying to capturethat whole like '50s Malibu scene.Like in the '50s, therewas no short boards.It was just all longboards.Longboard surfing is likesupposed to be a traditional,and I guess historic in a way.So people who ride longboardswould surf that wayeven nowadays, but peoplewho rode longboardsin the '50s, that's the onlyway they knew how to surf.That would be considered areally good surfer in the '50s.If you're a longboarder, nose riding isone of the big maneuvers you could do.He's not nose riding,but he's kinda up on it.But he gets halfway there.I guess though, like thatparticular maneuver right thereon a longboard being inbetween the nose and the tail,kinda dorky maybe.He's kinda bending at the waist too,which is not good style.

[laughs]Nose riding, it's kindof, I guess it is fun,but I don't know, it'sbeen a maneuver in surfing,I think forever like hanging 10.It's really hard to dolike the whole board.I guess I'll use the remote,the whole board being like this.And there's only one fin backthere and you're up here,like riding the nose withyour toes on the nose.So like half of your foot'sdangling off the frontand the fin's justtouching the water enough,just to kinda guide you,and it's really difficult.I dunno how to do it.So yeah, it's pretty sick maneuver,but it was an interestingclip because this was beforeGoPros and it woulda beenhard to mount the camerawith film on the board.So that's what I sawwhen I saw that.

[laughs]Oh, there it was.So as you see it, that'slike hanging five.Toes on the nose right there, yeah.They have it.I've never seen this movie,but boom, there you go.This is "Surf's Up."[static]This is the best one, I love this movie.It's just like sick.I love it.[static]- [Announcer] Hey,people, big announcement.Cody Maverick, he's back.The wipe out king is back.And I'm going to tell ya,start looking for the sharks.They're gonna be circling'cause there's going tobe blood in the water.Spectacular carnage today.Thank you, Reggie Belafonte.Hey little guy, big hair,big thoughts, big heart.- That's so funny.Everyone has like a weirddude that you're like,why is this guy here?And he's loud and talkingand just soaking it all in.So yeah, it's definitelyrealistic.

[laughs][people cheering]- Woo!- Yeah.

He's the best.He's the best dude of thewhole movie, the turkey.He's like a typical beach bum dude.- [Commentator] About 24surfers battling their way outto the ooh, good golly.- Oh, that's epic.That's funny how they'relike yelling still,like as they're going over the falls.You would never do that.You'd be like trying to getany air you can possible.- [Commentator] What do you thinkis going through Maverick's mind?- [Co-Commentator] Justgonna have to stay focusedand channel that energy into good places.- When are you gonna get a life?[panting heavily]- You are a nobody!- That's pretty funnywhen you're competing,and you're out there, you just thinkof the weirdest stuff that'sever happened in your life.You just think of everything.So that's really accurate.[grunting]- [Penguin Surfer] Whoa, oh!- Let's look at this session here.[screechy rewind]Yeah, that's pretty accurate.And then the shot.I don't know whatthey've tried to do here.Cause you'd never be goinginto the wave, like breaking,where the wave's here andyou're going that way.It's like a behind angle.So I guess what they try todo is he was like paddling,like thinking of all these things,and he's like paddling the waveand then like riding the wave,looking down and thenthe wave kind of breaksand they show the wave breaking.The wave explodes and kinda goes over him.And then that's when they showthe whitewater on the lensor on his eyes and thenhe kinda pops throughand then that's where he is,ripping the wave.

[laughs][cheering]- [Co-Commentator] Whatan amazing first ride.Mind blowing for Maverick.[clapping and cheering]- Big Z, guy's sick.

[laughs]That was my surfing breakdown.Thanks for watching.[upbeat pop music]

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