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Thursday, 23 September 2021

Utica Abolitionists protest the 2005 police shooting of Walter Washington

Credit: WKTV
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Utica Abolitionists protest the 2005 police shooting of Walter Washington
Utica Abolitionists protest the 2005 police shooting of Walter Washington

A group called the Utica Abolitionists and the family of Walter Washington, a man shot and killed by a Utica Police Officer in 2005, marched from Oneida Square to the Utica Police Department Wedensday evening to send a message.

Police department today, protesting the death of a man who was shot and killed by a utica police officer 15 years ago.

The same officer who is now suspended without pay due to an incident that happened this summer.

News channel 2's caitlin irla reports.


None standup -- "this group called the utica abolitionists are here sending a message to the utica police department.

They are calling for the firing of sergeant sam geddes.

They also want him charged with murder after the shooting death of walter washington in 2005."

"i hope charges some kind of outcome."

Kayla washington is the daughter of walter washington...the man who was shot and killed in 2005 by sgt.

Sam geddes, who was an officer at the time, when washington pointed what appeared to be a gun at geddes.

The district attorney, at the time, determined it to be a justifiable use of deadly force and did not put the shooting to a grand jury.

The newschannel two archives show the d-a, in 2005, brought in an outside source to investigate the case -- at the request of washington's family.

The abolishonists -- and members of washington's family, are calling for the case to be revisited.

55:05;16 - 55:07;18 trying to get justice for my dad 57:41;14 - 57:47;26 honestly i don't believe that doesn't add up 55:09;02 - 58:16;15 investigation is a start the city of utica (is( seeking to fire sgt.

Geddes....but for a different reason.

The 19-year veteran of the utica police department is suspended for his language and use of pepper spray on a larceny call this summer.

Body cam footage shows the suspect yelling homophobic slurs at the officers....and geddes, who responded as a supervisor, yelled back.

We also see the suspect throwing garbage at him.

"our demands are clear, termination, charges, independent investigations."

The most the city can do is suspend geddes for a month, without pay.

After that... he will be on paid administrative leave until a hearing by an outside hearing officer could take place to rule on thetermination> the mohawk valley health system is dealing with a possible intrusion of